Games for October 2018

Campaign title: The Art of the Compromise (Part 2)
System: Savage Worlds (Deadlands: Reloaded)
Genre: Weird Western
Players: Full
Game description:
The summer of 1882 is as hot, sticky, and humid as the last ten combined. Sailing upriver on the New Dynasty paddle steamer sounds like a grand idea, but those boarding her soon discover that the rumours that dog her wake are more than hot, humid, air. Even so, alliances are made that may stand the testing times ahead.

There are many mysteries to solve on this steamboat and in the river valley it sails along. There’s the recurring dreams of her passengers, the covered-up murder of the woman in room 48, and how the alligators that follow behind her, fed by the occasional accident on board, grow so large. Every town has its problems, every other person a hacking cough or fever; every day the Mississippi Valley grows a little darker and more fearful.

Armed with Jezebel Whateley’s map, a group of former strangers find it within themselves to find out more. The Sisterhood, the Pale Ones, unheard of gods, the ‘real’ Royal Court; there’s a Gordian knot here that they are well-placed to untangle.

They might dream of a brand new start, but they dream in the dark for the most part; dark as a tomb where it happens. No-one else is in the room where it happens.

Campaign Title: The Fall of Evereast (Into the Wasteland Part 4)… and Other Stories
System:D&D 5E, then as needed.
Genre: High Fantasy Adventure, then as needed.
Players: Full
Game Description: The city is falling. After a chaotic homecoming, the adventurers convinced the Council of Evereast to begin the process of evacuating the city and in doing so uncovered a lethal plot that started with the ruin of Casterfell and re-wrote history to feed one man’s ambition.

With Lilith destroyed and her contract revealed, the adventurers must now face the dangers of the Dark Archive – an ancient catacomb that contains the tombs of the city’s most powerful wizards and the secret to the floating metropolis’ magical existence. A carefully-timed plan to deactivate the arcane crystals should slow the inevitable descent of the city… but at the heart of the catacomb lies the final resting place of the wizard king, Amen Seul, who is now in the grips of a devil from the Nine Hells.

Will the adventurers vanquish their deadliest foe and escape the falling city before time runs out?

Followed by: Want to try DMing for the first time? Wanna get more experience but can’t commit to a full session yet? Want to run a few weird scenarios to get some practice in? Want to discuss your general DMing style with others? Then join the round robin and have a go at DMing sessions as desired.

Campaign Title: The Devil’s Backbone 3: Three Sheets to the Wind (Part 3)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy with maritime and treasure-hunt elements
Players: Full
Game Description: The archipelago known as the Devil’s Backbone is a long and winding string of islands, most of which are uninhabited, and some even unexplored. They are a draw for fortune seekers, adventurers and treasure hunters who believe the Islands are full of secrets. Do you have what it takes to make it in the race for fame and fortune and face the islands’ treacherous dangers?

The game will focus on treasure hunters, fortune seekers and explorers and will use official and unofficial D&D published material as a basis for parts of the story. The game will follow character development through the heroic tier levels (5-10).

Campaign Title: Adventures in the Hyborian Age (Part 2)
System: Conan 2d20
Players: Full
Game Description: In the Vultures of Shem a group of disparate travelers from across the world of the Hyborian Age found themselves in the aftermath of a bloody battle. Seeking the missing royal wagon and it’s riches, they found themselves rescuing a Stygian royal from being sacrificed by ghouls to their ancient god below, before barely escaping with their lives.

Separating for a while, in the Elder blade of the Tribe provenance brought the group back together again at a meeting of mercenaries, at which they were offered great wealth to brave the dark forests of the Picts and escort a Khitani mystic to his mysterious destination. Much bloodshed later and after a brief sojourn in the land of dreams they found themselves on the coast, no riches to be had but now in possession of a pirate galleon!

Now, sailing up the coast to the frozen lands of the Nordheimers begins the tale of the Lords of Thunder…

This is Hyborian Age, in a time between the sinking of Atlantis and the great cataclysm that shaped the world as we know it today. Will you brave the terrible dangers and unthinkable horrors from time before man to carve a name for yourself with blade and bow?

By Crom!

Campaign Title: Tales from the Crystal Seas (Part 6)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description: The frozen glacier of the Vash’kuhn has cracked, spilling sheets of ice into the Argent river. The remains of those who serve the titanic wyrm shift in response to an ancient calling, rising in their undeath from the crevasses. The presence of those Dragonkin can now be seen across the snow covered mountains, threatening the fertile lands of Torindor beyond.

A stalwart expedition has been gathered to seek out allies both new and old. The Dwarven citadel of Khom Buldor may hold the secrets of the Selathril, ancient guardians of Torindor, but there are others who vie for control of the extensive ruins.

And from the high peaks of the Bonepeaks, the enigmatic giantkin of those frozen wastes keep watch, awaiting the aftermath of their divinations.

Campaign Title: A Green and Unpleasant Land (Part 1)
System: Call of Cthulhu (~5th Edition)
Players: Full
Game Description: The Great War has ended.  People are trying to forget the horrors and atrocities they witnessed to rebuild their lives and regain their sanity.  Surely nothing could be as destructive or insane as that war? Surely?  Yet there are crueler darker things in the cosmos than humans.  Things that will tear a man apart with a flick or reduce one’s sanity to nothing with a mere glimpse.

Campaign Title: Velocity (Part 1)
System: BRP Modified
Genre: Sci-fi/Space Opera/Cyberpunk
Players: Full
Game Description: The year is 2715 and humanity is emerging from the ashes of its first interstellar war. The Millennium Federation has fallen, corporations and local governments have filled the power vacuum. Survivors look to rebuild, creating a rush for the technology and resources left behind in the ruins of the conflict.

You are a member of the Alanaska Ren Corporation (ARC) RACE Team. A group of explorers, scientists, engineers and soldiers that forges the path for others to follow. With its revolutionary Dark Light Drive, ARC is the guiding light of humanity. It leads the exploration of the new frontier, but this is not without danger.

12 hours ago, ARC lost contact with the Seshat, its premier exploration ship, sent to study the satellite defence network over Vespa 151. The last coded transmission stated principle scientist, Chen Zii, had successfully cracked the IFF and was conducting a live test. No one knows what happened to the craft after that. Some suspect the experiment failed, others espionage or even sabotage.

Whatever the cause, ARC wants its crew and its ship back. It’s your job is to go get them.

Campaign Title: Seekers in the Swamp (part 2)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: High fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description: The stormy Lucidian Ocean crashes furiously against the rocky coasts of eastern Tal’Dorei, chewing inlets into the coastline and waving vast banks of impenetrable fog across the waters. Most ships that brave the tempests dock at the port town of Stilben, doing brisk trade with the burgeoning republic. The city is nestled in the sticky depths of the K’Tawl Swamp, and the lingering stink of marsh water and sulfur mingles with the humidity and the ever-present buzz of insects to produce an air of misery around Stilben’s outer districts.

Our heroes have been wading through the intolerable stench of the swamp on a rescue mission, and the hardships endured together have brought them closer to each other. They have finally found and liberated their target, stumbling across a dark conspiracy in the process. And even though they restored the influence of the Moonweaver to a part of the swamp, it is still filled with danger, and not all of its denizens are friendly…

Who are the Golden Grin? What caused the darkness in the swamp? Why is even a strong ocean breeze not enough to dissipate the dreaded stinkmist? All this and more, on Season 2 of Seekers.

Campaign Title: A New Winter’s Harvest (part 1)
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Players: Full
Game Description:  Welcome to Faerun, land of plenty. Flora and fauna, ripe for taking. If you have the skills required.

Traveling about the local town of Arabel you notice a small bullet has been placed up on a number of boards. It seems that the Herbs, Hordes and Ore Harvesting Company (HHOHC) are looking to launch a franchise in the town.

‘Herbs, Hordes and Ore Harvesting Company
New Franchise Opportunity
Applicants seen on 3-2 from noon in the Manticore Inn.
Ask for Flintmore.
Any herbalism, foraging, mining, alchemy, craft or tracking skills will be valued.’
Best prepare a CV.