Games for February 2018

Campaign Title: History Has Its Eyes On You
System: Deadlands Reloaded (Savage Worlds)
Genre: Alternate history (Weird West)
Game description: The Union and Confederacy are again on the brink of War. After the attempted assassination of Union President Ulysses S. Grant, both countries hold their breath and wait to see if the real culprit can be found before the ceasefire crumbles. To the south Santa Anna’s Mexican ‘Army of the Damned’ tests the Confederacy’s borders, waiting and watching for their moment. The British stranglehold on Detroit continues, threatening the Union from the north. As long as no-one misspeaks, as long as nothing else goes wrong, there’s still a sliver of hope.

Meanwhile Jasper Stone, the Right-Hand of Death, was defeated only to appear again, older and wiser, wielding a black ghost rock diamond known as the ‘Heart of Darkness’. Time will tell if the gifting of this diamond back to Stone was worth the life of a young Navajo shaman or if the cursing of the Texas Ranger High Command will forever ring in the posse’s ears. Utah seems like a good place to hide until everything blows over, for better or worse. It’s positively calm in the forests of the Wasatch Mountains, until the wolves start circling. The hunt is on, after all…

Campaign Title: Into the Wasteland
System: D&D 5E
Genre: Fantasy
Game Description: The magic citadel of Evereast has always maintained the law written in the house of Opal Arcane, “None shall enter the Chorne Amel”.

Not that it takes a lot of work, none would choose to enter the unmapped wasteland, a great basin of land that stretches league after league East the Mori Mountains. None who entered have never reached the other side, the lucky ones return in madness and physical ruin.

But now that law is to be broken: reports of death have come in from all sides: rotten fish in dusty seaweed found in the Northern Ocean, in the East the flesh of livestock festers on the still living animals and now despite all the magical protections of the citadel the water now tastes of iron and the undercofts have no more space for the dead.

You stand on the Edge, the last ridge before the drop into the plain of dust and desecration.

A breeze picks up by your feet raising a cloud of red dust, a grey bird souring ahead screeches to the sky and dives to the ground, and you turn to your rag-tag party… Some of you are here for the promise of treasure, some in hopes of long lost knowledge, some praying for the glory of a hunt to remember, but all know whatever is here must be stopped, before all is lost…

Campaign Title: Chrononauts
System: BRP
Genre: Sci fi/steam punk/time travel
Game Description: Time travel is real and actually not that difficult to achieve. Discovering the secret of time travel is simple enough that individuals throughout history have done it with enough ingenuity or luck. Time machines are portable devices, usually small enough to fit into a pocket. They are very personal and precious items, powered by a small chunk of Chronosium crystal.

A small society of time travellers now exists, welcoming new members who share their ideals. They call themselves the Chrononauts and are led by Ada Lovelace and the Founders, and operate from a base known as the Hub. At the centre of the Hub is part of the largest Chronosium crystal ever found, the Shard, which Ada has turned into a computer to monitor the timeline.

The Chrononauts have strict rules about altering time. They describe anyone who alters time for their own gain (either ideological or monetary) as a Narcissist. It is against these people that the Chrononauts fight, and try to restore the time line to its pre-time travel state (referred to as the Pre-Change Alpha Timeline or PCAT).

To add to the excitement of time travel, some of the Chrononauts appear to be developing Chronopraxis powers, ways to manipulate the time line that grant them special powers. But the Chrononauts now face a new enemy, and with some of the Founders keeping secrets, can anyone be trusted? Will Ada rally her troops in time to defeat whatever is coming next or is time itself about to come to an end?

Campaign Title: Into the Mists (Beginner D&D 5E)
System: D&D 5E
Genre: Fantasy/Gothic Horror
Game Description: Another dull drink at the tavern, like so many you’ve had before. You sit in front of the blazing fire, the familiar voices of the town filling the room. Another boring, wasted night, you wish for anything to break the monotony; a true adventure, a true challenge – hell, even a simple bar fight would do.

Suddenly, the door swings open. The chilling night fog sweeps in, silencing all it touches. You hear heavy booted footfalls and coins jingling as a form parts the fog, winding through the townsfolk. He stands proudly in front of you, grandly gesturing. “I have been sent to deliver this message. If you are a creature of honor, you will come to my master’s aid.” He pulls from his tunic a sealed letter, addressed to you in a flowering script with a beautiful, unfamiliar crest emblazoned on the front. He gives you quick directions to reach his master in, what he describes as, the beautiful land of Barovia, and recedes into the fog, leaving you seated amidst the stares and silence of the tavern.

You the adventurers will find your way to Barovia, whether by eagerly accepting the invitation, or by other means. The messenger had said it was a beautiful valley, and anyway, he seemed a nice bloke, hadn’t he? Surely those rumors aren’t true; the ones of werewolves and vampires, and the never-ending screaming darkness and the fog that melts your flesh? Why, what nonsense. Fibs told by imaginative youths, of course.

Campaign title: Tyranny of Dragons (Season 6)
System: Dungeons & Dragons (5th edition)
Genre: Fantasy
Game description: The Knights of the Floating Wizard are heroes of the realm, their deeds the stuff of legend. Who else has resurrected the worship of a presumed-dead God, slain two dragons, passed many trials (divine or otherwise), infiltrated flying castles and been a continuous thorn in the side of the Cult of the Dragon? Sure, they may have somewhat alienated their Elvish allies, but who needs elves when they can have cloud giants?

And yet, the Cult of the Dragon makes inexorable progress against its goal: Summoning the Queen of Evil Dragons bodily into the world. Though declawed and defanged, they still command unfathomable arcane power, and have the favour of their goddess. Their attacks against the Knights grow bolder, but time may be running short… What weapons can be brought to bear against a deity, anyway?

Campaign title: Storm King’s Thunder – Winter is here!
System: D&D 5e
Game description:Ages ago, giants and dragons wages wars across the Savage Frontier. These battles are long forgotten by the human civilizations of today, but ancient relics remain. And now, the land shudders once more with each thunder of giant footsteps.
The adventurers’ have been roaming the savage frontier for news on the giant sightings, making the commonfolk’s lives a little less dangerous and find exotic new varieties of cheese. However, a friendly giant (well at least to the humanoids!!!) has started them on the path northwards to answers……… or an impending legal case!

Campaign Title: Crystal Seas – Torindor (Part 3)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Game Description: At the frontiers of the Imperial provinces lies the vast, mountainous realm of Torindor, an almost impassable series of sharp peaked mountains and craggy woodland that serves as the southern most border of the Empire.

At the forest’s heart lies the ancient city of Tel’Anarath. Abandoned eons ago due to circumstances unknown, the crumbling city lies overwhelmed by the twisting roots of unchecked wild growth and towering crystal formations from the encroaching sea.

The nearby magocracy of Highgate, independent city-state and college of all things magical, has set itself the task of resettlement within Torindor. Scores of labourers, soldiers, scholars and adventurers have descended upon the ruins of the old city, to clear the land, recolonise the city and unearth whatever secrets it may contain.

But true archaeology may have to wait. The world has descended into winter and a fine, frosty mist has descended over the craggy landscape, leading all those who wander within astray. The ever present crystal monoliths now ebb with ancient, wild energies, drawing new threats towards this world’s boundaries, whilst those from those beyond wait patiently for their moment.

Campaign Title: The Curse of Strahd (Season 2)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Game Description: Heroes, haunted by their own past, find themselves trapped in the dark realm of Boravia, under the brutal tyranny of the Strahd Von Zarovich, who rules the realm from his fortress of Ravenloft. Will they defeat the fiend and bring light to the darkened land?

Campaign Title: Jack’s Back
System: Rippers (Savage Worlds)
Genre: Horror (Monster Hunting)
Game description: The latest recruits to the London lodge of the Rippers have been making a name for themselves around the city and further afield. Now a string of murders draw them back to London. Murders which bear the disturbing hallmarks of an old foe; Jack the Ripper! Is Jack back or is this a depraved impersonator? Join up and help the Rippers keep the world safe from the monsters that terrorise the night whilst investigating the deeper mysteries that might lie underneath.