Games for May 2017

Tyranny of Dragons
The Cult of the Dragon is stirring all across the Sword Coast of Faerûn, its interference becoming more serious as time goes by. Nobody is able to stand against the raids they stage and the brutality they show — nobody, that is, except for the Knights of the Floating Wizard.

Through great tactics and perfect strategic planning (or, possibly, by sheer luck), this band of adventurers have acquired a reputation. Their discoveries about the Cult’s activities are finally starting to spur other factions into action, and no doubt their meddling has not gone unnoticed. The struggle continues…

Tales of the Yawning Portal
Pst. You. Yeah, you. The short guy in the armour. How’d you like to be rich? See, there’s this old tomb in the hills outside town. Full of all kinds of treasure. Coins, jewellery, magic weapons. You name it. Ripe for the taking. Just need to go in and get it.

What? Why’s no-one else done it? Well, people say it’s full of monsters. No problem for a tough guy like you.

Huh? Yeah, you could bring a friend. If you think it’s risky. Nah, I’m certain that everyone else who’s gone is just fine. Can’t be more than a couple of goblins in there.

Dungeons and Dragons
There was a time when monsters roamed and terrorised the land. People lived a simpler time, but these simple times were hard, this meant hard work, hard graft and you hoped for a bed and a meal at the end of the day. Magic was a great tool and resource, both for good and evil.

Alongside magic, science and even religion, there were great developments. Technology grew, and grew fast. The Golden Age of Terra lasted for centuries, with people becoming more and more enlightened as more and more technology developed. Arcane Mages worked on greater constructs and eventually AI, scientists harnessed the power of lightning into a power source. Druids creating fertile land with perfect irrigation systems, the world was seemingly entering a paradise.

The year is 2472 AD, AD in this instance standing for “After Dragon” meaning this is after the date the last dragon was slain.

AI, virtual reality, planes, space flight, to name a few things that have been created and worked upon on this world. People still work, but there are fewer remedial jobs. All checkout staff, food service (except for high class places) jobs are taken by AI or robots.

You, for whatever reason, are based in one of the main cities of Cyford on the continent of Corenia. Due to your particular skill set you are summoned by the town’s Mayor – James Herald

Rumours have been going around the city that there have been unauthorised beings spotted but again, these are just rumours………..

Between Stone and a Hard Place
Tombstone used to be a safe town. Sure, the Cowboy Gang were a nuisance, but the Earp’s knew how to keep them in line. Then Stone, the ‘Deathly Drifter’, settled down with them for a bad ‘ol time of robbery and murder.

Wyatt and Virgil Earp set out with ‘Doc’ Holliday and a posse of hired guns, thinking they’d put an end to the Cowboy Gang once and for all.  It didn’t turn out that way, though. While the posse decimated the Cowboys, Stone planted both Earps and Holliday in the bone orchard with nary a by your leave.

In the meantime, the Bayou Vermilion railroad has taken it upon itself to ‘protect’ Tombstone in the Earps absence. Good thing too, as it looks like war’s brewing between the Confederate States and Mexico. That border ain’t gonna be safe for long. The buzzards are circling, and fire insurance premiums are going through the roof.

And above all else…

Jasper Stone’s gotta die for what he’s done.

Supernatural S2
A few months ago the Green Man tried to return to the world, but a plucky band of Hunters, supported by the means of Baroness De La Fontaine, managed to stop him. Unfortunately in the process one of them was possessed by Herne the Hunter, another was nearly sacrificed to the Green Man, one was almost cut up by animated by skeletons, and there were two separate break ins at the Pitt Rivers museum. An angel nearly lost his Grace and an important book went missing from the Bodleian.

However, a new evil is now arising. Omens are appearing, Oxford has seen a spate of suspicious murders amongst the university community and a child has gone missing. The Baroness is once again looking for Hunters to help her fight the supernatural.

Ad Hoc One Shots
Catryn – D&D5th (Intrigue)
Mike H – Cortex Prime (Sci-Fi), Paranoia (Dystopian Comedy), Tearable (TBC)
Simon Canter – Homebrew (High Fantasy – Mystery)

Beneath a Neon Sky
The year is 2080. 30 years ago the world collapsed under the weight of global consumerism and climate change; in the wake of which the surviving corporations stepped forward in order to pick up the pieces and rebuild. These, now all powerful, megacorps rule the show, with national governments reduced to little more than puppets. Amazing advances in technology have been made — cybernetics, AI, weapons and medicine to name a few — but at the price of total corporate control.

In this world you will be outcasts and outsiders living in the slums of the London city-sprawl. This might be through choice as a radical anarchist, through necessity as a criminal, through no fault of your own, or for a myriad of other reasons. To survive you will need to take jobs pitting yourself against the corporations, criminal organisations or even other crews.

What secret tech are the big London corps working and how will the inevitable power plays and betrayals shape the landscape of the city and the lives of its inhabitants?