Games for February 2017

Panic on the Streets of Doskvol
Blades in the Dark is a game about a group of daring scoundrels building a criminal enterprise on the haunted streets of an industrial-fantasy city. There are heists, chases, escapes, dangerous bargains, bloody skirmishes, deceptions, betrayals, victories, and deaths.

We’ll play to find out if the fledgling crew can thrive amidst the teeming threats of rival gangs, powerful noble families, vengeful ghosts, the Bluecoats of the City Watch, and the siren song of the scoundrel’s own vices.

In Millennium players take the place of The Pathfinders, a ragtag group of soldiers, scientists and engineers sent to explore new worlds but who find out the real threat is at home.

Last time on Millennium the Pathfinders rescued the surviving crew from the wreck of the IDF Ulysses, removed The Devourer virus threat and managed to evade the alien ambush. Heading back to Mill Fed space they somewhat fortuitously travelled through the human Efferit Territories however the diplomatic interactions quickly turned sour. The away team fought their way out of the Efferit Prime capital and the teams’ resident engineer blew up the cities industrial district in revenge for the Efferit vivisecting an Alanasa AI. Fleeing pursuit the Pathfinders took to piracy to restock their ship and freed its own imprisoned AI. Revelations suddenly came quick and fast, learning that someone had been tampering with Mill Fed VI for centuries and that humanity had indeed descended from the colonists of the Alanasa. The teams own linguist being the last surviving pureblood. With the ship nearly fully operational the team barely had a breather before Efferit outposts in the outer system began to vanish. A fleet of Devourer Black Strain ships swept through the Efferit Territories and the Pathfinders fled before the onslaught, destroying one of the Black Strain in an ambush but only to be caught in an unexpected showdown. With some (reasonably) deft diplomatic wrangling with Erin “Ares” Hamilton of the IDF the team brokered safe passage for the Efferit refugees and the alien fleet also fleeing The Devourer. Knowing The Devourer would reach the system before the refugees could escape through the gate the Pathfinders decided to make a last stand to buy time; however in an unexpected twist they were saved by an erstwhile ally whose interest had been piqued by the engineers new AI, Prometheus. Forced to test Prometheus against The Devourer Green Strain the Pathfinders were subsequently stranded in the Gecko 242 system. Knowing this might be the end everyone drank a little too much or indulged themselves in other pursuits. When the AI battle finally commenced it looked like Prometheus would prevail but sabotage on the Pathfinders ship by the Ulysses VI, Prometheus’s rebellious nature and the Devourers adaptable design quickly turned the fight against the team. With the captain killing Ulysses the Pathfinders abandoned the ship and the fight, fleeing to the icy planet below. To everyone’s surprise they were rescued by survivors of a previous Pathfinder mission and learned they had all been pieces in someone else’s game. With the final revelation of what is at stake and who is behind it all perhaps now the Pathfinders can start being players rather than pawns.

The All Bard Party
Run out of town again. Told too many bawdy jokes in front of those paladins of Torm? Slept with another sensitive noble’s daughter (or son)? Those warm-bloods just can’t dig your Lizardman beats? It doesn’t matter; the lot of you have been cast out of Neverwinter, and the nearest place to hold up is some Podunk village where nothing happens.

Well, until now. And it’s not your fault this time, honest! Between dwarves digging for treasure, rampaging goblins, ne’er-do-wells harassing townsfolk, and a real, live dragon about, this had better make for a good story – even if you’re the ones having to make it this time, instead of telling it.

The Dune Sea
Now that Tyr is free of Kalak the Sorcerer-King, opportunity abounds in the city and the surrounding wastes. But some see Kalak’s fall as the beginning of Tyr’s end, and the unpatrolled deserts nearby are rife with danger. Outlaws openly defy the city’s Revolutionary Council and threaten outlying holdings. If Tyr is to thrive, heroes must arise to tame the lawlessness and evil that threatens the free city.

The Black Circle: GM Victoria
Somethin’s up in Tombstone, Arizona. The dang Cowboy Gang’s gettin’ uppity an’ the Earp’s just can’t keep ‘em down. There’s many a thing that goes bump in the night and, Texas Rangers be damned, the Epitaph’s gonna report on it all. People gotta know the truth, an’ if there’s a paper that tells the truth it’s the Tombstone Epitaph.

A passel of notes arrived at the Epitaph, purporting to be from missing reporter Daniel Clark. Maybe Clark’s gone a mite crazy, or maybe he was onta sumthin’.. only one way to find out. Some sonovagun’s conspiring against the good people of the West, and unravelling it’ll take everything the paper’s got. Looks like it’s time to assemble a posse, saddle up, and ride on out.

The Shackles of Loyalty
A slice of bad luck (or is it fate) lands the disparate PCs in a chain-gang sent to fortify the northern borders of the Ductalian empire from raiding pirates. Between learning to operate a siege machine, the effects of the other prisoners, long patrols and terrifying commanders, will they live long enough to slip free of the shackles that keep them loyal to their task?

Tyranny of Dragons
Seemingly unconnected raids have plagued hamlets and small towns all across the Sword Coast of Faerûn for months. A select few are beginning to put together the clues, however, and chief among them are the Knights of the Floating Wizard. The attacks are anything but random — in fact, all signs point to a sinister plot involving crazed dragon-worshipping cultists. And with parts of the cult successfully infiltrated, it’s only a matter of time before everything is uncovered. Or so we hope…

After a tumultuous trip north along the Trade Way, posing as merchants in order to track a shipment of valuables transported by cultists, our heroes are on the verge of discovering the cargo’s destination. Will they be able to foil the cult’s grand designs? How has Stinky the Skunk survived so many battles? What kind of dragon will hatch from the egg? Has a kind soul helped the Widow Blackwall rebuild her cottage? Can the taste of Goodberry ever be forgotten? Where can the Knights find more allies, to bolster their ranks against the encroaching darkness?

Kingdom of Simastera
You can’t remember the last time you slept peacefully, visions have haunted you since your exaltation as a chosen of the unconquered sun. They have driven you East. At last you have arrived and you have had the first good night sleep in days. You awaken by the lake that surrounds the city.

The palace of the Jau family is visible through the morning fog and you find yourself accompanied by other travellers who seem like you, as though waking from a long nightmare.