Club Code of Conduct

We hope everyone who joins the Guild of Adventurers will find a welcoming community and enjoy gaming with us. We ask all members to adhere to a basic code of conduct.

Welcome everyone:

Our community includes a range of diverse people. No matter who sits down at the table, members should make them feel welcome.

Good gaming behaviour:

No matter what happens in the game, we keep things friendly, respectful, and fun.

Follow the rules:

Follow all club rules in order to create an experience everyone can enjoy. Members should also observe the rules of their game and any house rules agreed with the GM.

Take care of our space:

A good gaming experience includes looking after the spaces we play in. Each of us should help maintain a clean and safe environment for all.

Any member or guest of The Guild of Adventurers who does, or is involved in, any of the following types of behaviour shall be in breach of the code of conduct:

  • Breaching the venue’s rules
  • Failing to comply with a reasonable direction of a club official
  • Harassment of any other person (see the harassment policy)
  • Acts of discrimination, racism, or sexism
  • Acts of bullying or manipulative gaming behaviour
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Acting in an unlawful manner
  • Acting in any other manner which brings The Guild of Adventurers into disrepute

Procedure for Complaints:

Any member may make a complaint regarding the behaviour of another member of the club. Complaints should be made to the Club Manager in the first instance.

Complaints will be investigated by the Club Manager and another Guild officer. All complaints will be kept confidential during the investigation phase. The investigators will speak to the involved parties and decide if there is evidence of a breach of the code of conduct. If the two investigators are satisfied that a breach of the code of conduct has occurred, then either:

  • The breach is minor. The investigators will request a discussion with the member(s) involved, and facilitate a resolution.
  • The breach is major. A hearing will be convened of the Complaints Board.

If a complaint is not upheld then this will be communicated in writing to the complainant with any further steps that may be taken.

The Guild Complaints Board will be composed of either:

  1. The Club Manager and one other club officer


  1. A director and one other club officer

One of the two board members must have previously not been involved in the complaint procedure.

If a member disagrees with the decision of the board then they have the right to appeal. Appeals will be heard by a Guild director not previously involved in the complaint, or two impartial club officers if a director is not available.

If a member is found to be in breach of the Code of Conduct, one or more of the following penalties may be given, depending upon the severity of the breach:

  • Informal or formal warning. An individual may only receive three warnings before their membership is revoked, as part of a three-strike rule.
  • Removal from current gaming group, either temporarily or permanently.
  • Membership revoked, either temporarily or permanently.

All individuals who are a member of the Guild have the right to seek advice, support and assistance from their Member Representatives, and may bring a supporting individual with them to all interviews, meetings and appeals.

The Committee shall give its decision to the individual in writing as soon as possible after the completion of the hearing. For confidentiality reasons, the Committee is not required to publicly state its reasons for the decision to club members.

The Guild is unable to deal with complaints made more than three months after the incident in question, and appeals must be made within one month of a written decision being provided.