How the Guild Works: Game Pitching and Voting

The club runs several tables of games and, to facilitate new players joining and existing players moving between games, we run these games in “blocks”. At the end of each block GMs pitch new games or indicate that they are continuing their current games, and players vote for what they would like to play in the new block.


A game block lasts 12 weeks, but its duration maybe altered for seasonal holidays. Very long campaigns may be pitched across multiple game blocks. Approximately 5 weeks before the end of each game block we post an announcement on the club’s various social media sites where we request pitches for the next game block.

We aim to give members around 5 weeks to pitch any games that they would like to offer to players. A reminder will be sent out a week before pitching closes. Games can be pitched by email to the Guild Chair, or to the Pitches Discord Channel.

All pitches are also posted on the website.

When pitching please use the format:

GM: Your name
Campaign title: A title for your campaign
System: The System the game uses (eg D&D 5e)
Genre: The type of game (eg Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror etc.)
Content Rating: Is your game family friendly, okay for teens, better for mature players or for adults only?
Player Experience: What type of player is the game suitable for? New players, casuals, dedicated weekly players, seasoned role-players.
Duration: Number of weeks (rough idea of how many weeks you will run, doesn’t have to be precise)
Number of players: How many people you can accommodate (eg 4-6, lowest number should be the number of people required for your game to run, highest should be your hard limit so that we know when a game is full)
Game description: A rough idea of the setting and plot of your game.
GM’s Note: Any short comments the GMs wish to say, it may be useful to say if this is part of an ongoing campaign for example.


Voting time occurs roughly two weeks before new games are due to start. The specific dates will be available in the pitch request announcement.

We use a Google Doc online voting form to collect member preferences on games. This will be sent out to members individually by email.

  • Players will be asked to rank their top 5 games with number 1 being their preferred choice.
  • Members who pitched games are required to select their pitch as their first choice and then select other games in order of preference.
  • If a game is part of an on-going campaign, priority for places will be given to players who have played in the campaign in the previous block.
  • Where games are over subscribed, places will be allocated to members who have previously played in that campaign and then on a “first come, first served” basis.
  • Please make sure you put your first name and surname in the name box, as we have a few people with the same first name.

The form has a section for comments, these can be extremely helpful. For instance if a member does not wish to play D&D, only play D&D, is new to role playing games, if they will not be available for part of the block (especially important) or will have irregular attendance.

If a member does not vote, it will be assumed they are not playing in the game block. Members who do not vote and then wish to join a game will be allocated a space only where available.

Games will usually run if they reach their minimum number of players on first choice votes. If a game is over-subscribed then some players will be asked to move to their second choice game and so forth.

We try to give as many people their first choice game as we can.

Voting is confidential and will not be shared.

Game Assignment

After the Guild Chair has assigned players to games they will check with GMs the week before the new block starts.

Where reasonable cause is given and at the discretion of the Guild Chair, GMs may request a change to the assigned players for their game where this does not disrupt the club’s operation.

On final agreement of the games, GMs will then receive player contact details by email and games will be announced in the Pitches For Next Block channel on Discord.

All Discord channels and Roles will then be updated accordingly.