Didcot Games for July 2024

This game block will run until end September 2024

Campaign Title: The Old Is New Again

System: Songs For The Dusk — based on Blades in the Dark if you know that one
Genre: Science Fantasy Post-Post-Apocalypse (it’s about rebuilding rather than disaster)
Content Rating: 15
Player Experience: Anyone.
Duration: One block, maybe more if things go well
Number of Players: 2-4

Game Description: The cataclysm was a disaster — but destruction isn’t always the end. As the worst horrors of the fall faded into the past, we crawled out from our bunkers into a bright new world. With a mix of scavenged electronics, old manuals, and rederived natural principles, we set out to make a new home in this place, carving out what pockets of safety we could among the ruins and the overgrowth. Things were strange, then — we hadn’t quite adapted to the fact that magic ran through our bodies, and we weren’t prepared to find it suffusing the world around us either. Some of the old Radiant tech still marched on, locked into fighting a long-past war; new creatures threatened us in ways we had never adapted to; and our own mortal flaws got in our way time and time again. But, slowly and surely, we built anew. The people of the Starfire Pelagic built boats to share fish and farming techniques, Malvarose’s citizens constructed new technology out of old scrap, Serafinites rebuilt their digital and physical architecture, and people learned how to live again. There’s a lot still to be done. That’s where you come in.

GM’s Note: A lot of the details of the game are the result of collaboration between the players during session 0, so exactly what the game’s about will be determined then.

Campaign Title: The Magpie Society

System: FATE (Spirit of the Century + the Fate Horror Tool Kit)
Genre: Pulp Action will supernatural and mystery elements. Think, films like The Shadow, Dick Tracy, The Indiana Jones films and Hammer Horror
Content Rating: Mature, mild gore and action movie level violence. Some innuendo
Player Experience: Anyone is welcome. I will do an introduction if people are not familiar with the FATE system. Duration: Between 1 to 2 blocks
Number of Players: 3 to 6
Game Description:
On an Earth that is not quite our Earth, the year is 1920, the Great War is behind us and for some the new century is looking bright. Ventropolis is a city on the move! From her glittering heights to her darkest depths, she truly is the city of tomorrow. She is a city of innovation and industry, but old-world monsters still hide in her underbelly. In Ventroplis, the young and old alike all know of the legend of The Magpie, the dashing gentlemen thief, rumoured occultist and champion of the common man. But 50 years ago, after the biggest job of his career he vanished leaving no clue to his whereabouts. That is until you find yourself in possession of a mysterious letter bearing his seal. Will you answer the call to adventure? There is danger and horror hiding in every shadow, but the rewards are beyond imagination. Explosions! A concerning number of rats and very suspicious booze .Will our brave heroes put a stop to the demon drink that has been flooding the city . All will be revealed in the next chapter of The Magpie Society .

GM’s Note:
This is not going to be period accurate at all. The city of Ventropolis is set in a fictional and time and place that never really existed in our world. If you have any game related questions, please drop me a message. Full credit and thanks for letting me use their setting to David Chandran.

Campaign Title: Into the Wastes

System: DND 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: 15+ Violence.
Player Experience: No experience required
Duration: At least 3 blocks Number of Players: 3 to 5 (1 space available)

Game Description: Aeons ago a great magical disaster tore through the world leaving a wasteland in its wake. In the shadow of this calamity, great walled city states rose and grew High Hope is one of these cities. From this city a small group of heroes have heard the call of adventure. Having launched a successful if perilous foray beyond the city walls, they now prepare for even more adventures…Into The Wastes. This is a high fantasy campaign with a home brew setting. It involves exploration of the Wasteland as part of uncovering a deeper mystery.