Abingdon Pitches for July 2024

Campaign Title: Flatlined

System: Traveller (Mongoose 2nd Edition)
Genre: Science Fiction
Content Rating: Expect occasional horror, graphic injuries and extreme peril. Otherwise, PG.
Player Experience: None required.
Duration: 24 weeks (2 Blocks)
Number of Players: 3 – 5
Game Description: Welcome to the Third Imperium. In these days spirits are brave, the stakes are high, humans are real humans, Aslan are real Aslan and Vargr are real, uplifted by the Ancients, wolves. It is also largely tax free.

Bored with your humdrum life – working for ‘The Man’? Tired of quarterly appraisals, just getting by and a future retirement of grinding poverty? Of course you are! Screw that noise, your future is in the stars. Travel the galaxy, make new friends and piles of credits. Being a Traveller is awesome. First published in 1977, Traveller is a science fiction setting where the player characters journey through star systems, hoping to make their fortune or at least pay the ship mortgage. They must survive pirate raids, ruthless mega corporations, warring empires, ancient horrors and creditors. This campaign will be a set of linked adventures in the Spinward Marches – on the edge of the Imperium.

GMs Note: Character creation in Traveller is its own mini-game. We will have a session zero where all the players run through character creation together. This will allow you create connections between the PCs. Traveller is a simple 2D6, skill-based system; you can come to the table knowing nothing. No need to buy the rule book – although you are welcome to.

Campaign Title: Devils Backbone 27 – The rise of the Thrush – a hostile takeover!

Campaign Title: Devils Backbone 27 – The rise of the Thrush – a hostile takeover!
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy Fever Dream
Content Rating: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people (living, dead or fictional), actual events, tv, films or any official source material, is purely coincidental and should be considered an accident. Mild adult content, shallow humour, poor choices and misunderstood (by the DM) pop culture references.
Player Experience: Experienced RPG players who like the variety of all aspects of the game, it’s a Role Play heavy game.
Duration: Is time a reality?
Number of Players: 5 but full at the moment
Game Description:
Following their return from Maztica, our intrepid adventures (still no group name because they just can’t decide) spend the night in their own beds in their home which they have spent a grand total of 3 nights sleeping in the last 6 months.

They awoke refreshed and ready for some down time……right? RIGHT!!!! With Warlock patrons “asking” favours, letters from the summer court with great opportunities for the receiver, weird dreams, lost time, items attuning people to them and the smell of delicious breakfast, with a slightly drunk and quite powerful wood elf and Tiefling making various drinks in the kitchen. What could go wrong.

After a DM dump of plots for the next few blocks, the adventurous ranked the quests into a priority and decided that not losing warlock powers (we will come back to that), and not annoying the Queen of the summer court were the top two proprieties. With removing curses, killing slavers, getting champions, helping ease the mind of the previously bisected lord of an island and generally killing a god as less issues, or “things we will deal with later”
The Warlocks patron had a bet going for the identification and removal of an item from a collection in Waterdeep before another genies warlock could, following the unsuccessful heist the warlock of the group found out what happens when your patron sulks, no Eldridch blast for you my friend.

After trying to double or nothing the bet the group find out Yampy the enemy of C&V has his hand in all of this and is trying to play everyone off against each other to allow him to come out on top. The group meet the other group they were racing against they met and talked. The next morning they found most of the party dead and Thrush the assassin killer and wannabe main champion of the bad guys running from town using the face of the party as a disguise.

A quick and inevitable retreat from Waterdeep was had through the portal to the Fea Realm run by Stephanie the Troll, a bridge and billygoats used as payment the group start their adventures in unchartered territory. After a walk through the Fea realm and a number of encounters with The wild hunt, a group of slightly undead killers who hunt the most powerful prey to steal their souls to feed an unknown force, the group find themselves within the Winter court to rescue Faergon the proud member of the Summer court who has been held captive.

Finding him living with his husband in the creep old house that’s full of the souls of all those who die the winter court, a plot of political espionage and quick talking is created. Sir Bittersteap the husband manages to convince the Queen of the Winter court to help and they return to the summer court blaming everything on the Autumn Court and hoping for the best.

Following the path to the spring realm to find the Sisters of Undoing, three women who live alone in a cottage and who help you make deals and change fate. Yes they are hags but they are good one. Reed passes the tests and is staying with them well his curse is removed, its fine……totally fine. ABSOLUTLY FINE!!!!!

With a return to the Material plane without Reed (hes stayed with the hags to get a cure) Reed patron shows back up annoyed she cant contact Reed as shes been having fun playing double agent for the other side. The is to be an accension in 10 days time of Thrush to Head champion of the bad guys. They rush to the Sunset Mountains just in time to see Thrush rise up from the pool of necromantic soup created with the souls of many innocent victims, a ancient slaved black dragon over head and another of the champions at her side.

Assuming they all survive this they will be two steps closer to stopping the Morrigan, did I mention the part where they had to survive.

Will they survive the fight? Will they control the slavers? Will the Rangers dreams get weirder? Will Reed return unchanged? Will they destroy the other champions? Who is Yampy and why is he around? If and I mean if they survive all this, can they Kill a god? And worst of all will they need to ask the loud, not brightest, unpracticable, never take things serious and often intoxicated C&V to help them???

Campaign Title: The Edge Chronicles

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Steampunk Fantasy
Content rating: Typical D&D mild adult content – 15+ with descriptive combat and mild horror.
Player experience: Role play is prominent and current players lean heavily into their characters & backstories
Duration: Estimated 4-5 blocks (1st block complete, still ‘feeling this out’)
Number of players: 5 (at capacity and current players take priority)
Game description:
The grimy, damp, rot-stricken city of Snowhaven is on its knees. The Empire’s final sky-worthy ship arrived in glorious fashion barely 4 days ago, ruthlessly slinging the Captains brother into the harsh Frozen Mire and leaving destruction in its wake as it crash landed in the depths of the city. The Emperor has been left seething and, after seeing their heroic escapades in the aftermath of the crash, has promised our ragtag group of adventurers that all of their dreams will come true should they be able to bring him proof of the Skyrot origin, with it having so unabashedly ruined everything he had built.

And so our heroes of the day were put up in one of the few remaining lodgings in the city as they began to (to some members disappointment) already search for a means of income to allow them to buy a Tram Train ticket north, out of the city and towards The Deepwoods and Freeglades beyond. With so few ‘adventuring types’ remaining in the city, many of the more fruitful jobs remained free for their choosing, and they got to work making a name for themselves and learning about both the city and each other in the process… At least, to whatever extent each individual felt comfortable sharing with their new makeshift party.
In the 3 nights that the group had been in the city, they had already ruined a secret sting operation, unsuccessfully returned family heirlooms, indiscreetly delivered a letter, and returned a bakers market share to its original standing. But it was what was going on beyond the jobs that had really begun to peak their interest – Is Captain Eleanor’s brother still alive? What was going to happen when Mercer’s Tram arrived? Why do the elf and wild-man keep talking about the stars, what have the streetlights got to do with anything, who’s getting forced into marriage and why did my rope come undone?!

GM’s Note:This is a homebrew world with added lite rules, heavily influenced by ‘The Edge Chronicles’. I’d particularly encourage players to sign up who are interested in building their character and crafting a story to integrate into the world around them. I will do my very best to continue to weave players creations together and allow your creativeness to shine.

Campaign Title: Avatar: Upsetting the Balance

Campaign Title: Avatar: Upsetting the Balance
System: Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: Family Friendly, but may include mature elements depending on player preference
Player Experience: None Required
Duration: At least one block
Number of Players: 4-6
Game Description: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Only the Avatar can master all four elements. For everyone else in the Four Nations, balance comes through understanding and co-operation. However, harmony is not always so easy.

The Legends system has a very emergent style set up, character creation ties each player character together and determines the “inciting incident” which led to the party’s formation. For this reason, I’m not expecting to know the plot of the game until after the first session. The party will be taken through the introductory adventure included in the book to begin with to help get to grips with the system.

GM’s Note: New to GMing this game, it may take some time to get to grips fully with the system

Campaign Title: Crystal Clouds Conundrum – Slab Edition

System: Numenera
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any experience, including new players
Duration: 1 Block more
Number of Players: 3-6 (Currently 7)
Game Description: A group of strangers have been brought together to undertake a secretive mission by The Bureaucrat. The options of mission or death meant there was complete commitment to the mission. The problem is that until they got to a certain location, they were not going to truly know the objective which was revealed by a recording from the Bureaucrat’s Box.

Due to the sensitive nature of the mission, only the following can be revealed:

Sea voyage had sea monsters and a particularly bad trip to the hairdressers;
Opening peaceful negotiations led to a slippery bridge and genocide;
Buttons used to make inappropriate words do not cause the force field to work;
Chins are a suitable grip for flight;
The game of Shindare has been created;
Refusal to lick may cause repercussions;
Causing willful damage creates the Emerald Trio;
Licking ceilings causes collapse which someone else has to clear up;
Dance is a valid mode of communication in all dimensions;
Opening stasis chamber adds to the group;
Stone sphere vehicles can be driven ridiculously, however it may cause problems;
Do not put a fork in a barrel of light as it leads to rioting;
Be careful when trading with a Nevajin;
Touching damaged crystals that connect to the datasphere causes downloads into brain;
The Abi’ngd-on crystal climb is commemorated in sculpture;
The primary tool for investigation is a tongue lick;
The Voices are in their heads but they have found Whispering Green.
There are concerns about the mission that they set out on and things are not what they first seemed. Have they released the Voices, gods of the datasphere, from entrapment in the crystal? Are the suggestions correct that the device which is the object of their mission should not be found, or if found then it must not be given to the Empress or indeed anyone in power?
Who first told them about the vertice and the node and why do they want them to enter the datasphere?

The group have difficult decisions to make yet lack the necessary information to make a wise decision. If they continue to follow their hearts, tongues and instincts they may be celebrating at the slab-rock party of the millenia…

The Ninth World, where 8 great civilisations or events made the previous worlds, the remains of which form the landscape of this world. For the population of the Ninth World, these previous eras are incomprehensible and the technology is mystifying. There are some who have embraced their talents and abilities and use these to explore and discover new things about the world. These are Glaives (warriors), Nanos (magic-users), Jacks (Jack of all trades), Arkus (leaders), Wrights (builders and crafters) and Delves (extreme explorers).

GM’s Note: Free-flow story very dependent on the PC actions!

Campaign Title: One Shot/Short Shot Block

Systems: Broken Shield, Cathulhu, DnD 5e, Lancer, Mothership, Pokemon FATE, Salvage Union, Star Wars: EOTE, Twilight Emperium RPG, The Odd, The One Ring.
Genre: Hopepunk, Rustpunk, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Pokemon, Horror/Call of Cthulhu, Cats
Content Rating: Given the range of games we’re doing, it’s probably best to say Late Teens/Adults. Even though we’re doing one shots/short shots be prepared for: Horror, Death, Substance Referencing, Violence, Cat allergies.
Player Experience: Any experience/who want to dabble into a new system; but is uncertain about taking up an entire block with one.
Duration: 1 Block (12 weeks)
Number of Players: 5-6 (not including GM), Roads players have priority.
Game Description: With the ending of “The Road Goes Ever On” fast approaching, a proposal was made to the table on what should happen next, all of us had at least a game we wanted to run, yet we wanted to trial them and see how the system faired. So we decided as a group the best way to do this was to run a whole bunch of one shots/short shots! Each member of the (current) group will be GMing at least once during the block and we (if everything goes smoothly) be changing every one or two weeks who’s in the spotlight to run their game! By doing this it allows us as GMs to prepare and try our own system as well as introduce it to others, the last part being especially good if we want to go on and run a campaign for multiple blocks later down the line. See this as a silly team trialling/building exercise with a lot of stuff to try!

GM’s Note: For administrative ease, I will be staying “Table GM” on discord and let people know if we’re running or not.
We are losing one of our players sometime during the beginning of the block so we are currently at 5 players (not including GM) and will be going down to 4 players (not including GM). Every GM will run one game and it will be taken in turns until we find ourselves back at the start. This is a very basic dive into the systems so won’t be particularly lore heavy, that will only happen if people decide to go on to run the games as campaigns.

Campaign Title: Waterdeep – Dragon Heist, part 5

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Swashbuckling Fantasy
Content Rating: some adult themes, PG
Player Experience: none required
Duration: ongoing
Number of Players: 4-6 (currently full)
Game Description: A heavily homebrewed take on Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. The adventure is set entirely within the titular city of Waterdeep, a heaving Renaissance Venice-esque metropolis in which the PCs are small fish in a large pond who accidentally stumble into a power struggle between the city’s various quarrelling factions.

As tensions rise in the city of Waterdeep, our budding heroes have been making connections both high and low as they prowl through (and commit arson to) midnight black markets by night, and hobnob with the landed gentry by day. A request by the noble Cassalanter family has sent the party on a quest into the deadly trap-filled dungeon known as Blue Alley in search of a macguffin that might save the souls of two innocent children… but will the prize be what they expect? And can the Cassalanters be trusted to fulfil their end of the bargain?

Campaign Title: Capriccio

System: DramaSystem
Genre: Realist Drama
Content Rating: Teens or above (player dependent)
Player Experience: None required. Note that this game is an interpersonal (and inter-player) drama, with little or no physical conflict.
Duration: 1 block
Number of Players: 3-7
Game Description: The members of a struggling, formerly prestigious classical music ensemble with their own desires and envies as they attempt to restore the group’s glory.

GM’s Note: As its name implies, DramaSystem is an RPG of interpersonal drama with stakes, goals and scenes set entirely by the players.

Campaign Title: The Northlands Saga / Candlekeep Adventures

System: Hyperborea 3e (AD&D) / D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: Mild innuendo
Player Experience: All welcome
Duration: Open-ended
Number of Players: 4-6 (full) Participants in this game will be playing two editions of D&D from across its 50-year history.
Game Description (Northlands, Scott): The party have earned the favour of their jarl in a daring rescue of his three daughters. But an uneasiness has settled on the land: spring has not been bountiful, people are starving, and rumours have reached the party of new threats – giants, a new faction of vicious raiders sailing black-sailed ships, and a strange cult of winter in the far north.

Accompanying their jarl on a trading expedition, the party got separated from their companions, stuck on an iceberg dominated by a terrifying palace boasting sadistic, demonic imagery. They defeated the castle’s undead lord and caught a glimpse of his master, but the threat is by no means dealt with. With the iceberg collapsing, the party found themselves adrift in the frozen seas. Luckily, a ship found them, a ship with black sails…

The Northlands Saga uses Hyperborea, a modified version of the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Game Description (Candlekeep, Lucy): Clearly the party has been feasting on too much goats cheese and beer following their various endeavours as they have been experiencing dreams of an unusual land full of books. Somehow these books open them to further adventure in this strange land while they snore under animal skins and by fires. Something about the adventures of these dreams makes the party eager to return to their land of books and see what else awaits them in the annals held within Candlekeep.

Candlekeep Adventures uses the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Campaign Title: Covert Actions

System: Call of Cthulhu 7e (World War Cthulhu: Cold War)
Genre: Spy thriller (with monsters)
Content Rating: 16+
Player Experience: All players welcome.
Duration: Approx 2 blocks
Number of Players: 4-6
Game Description: It is 1970, and the Cold War is in full swing. A freelance journalist is about to go public with secrets that they should never have had access to. As agents of the SIS, you are called in to deal with the situation.

However, you are the servant of two masters, and also work for Section 46, a covert organisation within a covert organisation. It is staffed by members of the SIS and CIA, who can be called to locations anywhere in the world. It is useful to have a cover and this situation with a journalist is perfect to investigate some other strange goings on in London.

The dominant mood is paranoia and mistrust. The East and West are on the constant brink of war. One wrong move could lead to the Cold War turning hot and the end of civilisation without any input from the horrors of the Mythos.

Campaign Title: The Fall of Anakorum

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: Teens and adults
Player Experience: Suitable for all types of players
Duration: Hopefully around 7-8 weeks, timescale could change due to moving house!
Number of Players: 4-6
Game Description: Auniria is in troubled times. Its countryside ravaged by civil war, adventurers from near and far gather in its capital, Antalas, to pick up the work previously carried out by the Royal Guard. With the Royal Family now ousted, held captive in their own palace and the new Lord Protector trying to assert law and order, tensions in the city run high. Citizens of the capital are disappearing, and a strange new religion is exerting itself on a populace desperate for guidance. Our heroes in focus will find themselves embroiled in a plot that takes them above and below to find out the secrets of Auniria’s politics and past.

GM’s Note: This is a homebrew campaign using D&D 5e. I’m currently in the process of buying a house in Chester, hopefully ready to move around August time, so I wanted to run something for the current Ravenloft group before I depart. Due to the nature of moving house this could run on a bit longer or wrap up quite quickly!

Campaign Title: Moondrop Season 6

System: Torg Homebrew
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any experience
Duration: Until the players campaign is done (maybe).
Number of Players: 4-6 (0 Spaces Available)
Game Description: In the age before memory, the moon shattered as the gods of humanity died and the world was ravaged by cataclysm. The survivors clustered around the only safe places, the old temples, and sites of power. Sanctuaries in a world filled with primeval wilderness, corrupting mists, and nightmarish creatures.

It has been 3000 years since the cataclysm and the comet of the three stars has heralded the fall of the Moondrops. Remnants of the dead god’s powers and consciousness. Giving those that find them a chance to become the god’s champions and restore them to power.

Having agreed to meet Felix and Angelica Black in Tara the Champions have travelled far in little time. Meeting Xera in Idetsu and procuring a ship of their own, The Voyager. Intrigued by Oscar’s performance in Amai Mizu the Primal Champion Lasha took an interest in the young lad. Though flighty of character she was soon distracted when the group discovered the lost Sanctuary of Reality. The remainder of the journey brought close brushes with corrupted pirates, the source of Sakai’s protections and worrying news. For Tara is a town under siege.
The Amano army has been decimated by Warg attacks from the cult of Hush and The Kissing Girls now bolster the armies ranks. Vampires are infiltrating the Great House and perhaps worse, The Blight Boys have a ritual site nearby. Their plague has already caused the death of one family and the lockdown of the town by a Wolf Pack of The Grey.

Despite these obstacles the Champions have been resolute of purpose. An alliance has been brokered with the Kissing Girls and a temporary cleansing pool created to cure the plague. Felix and Angelica are infiltrating the Great Houses estate to track down the vampires. And the Champions themselves have taken the fight to the cult of the Blight Boys. Killing one of their priests and descending into the earth to destroy the ritual site and the source of the plague.

For the sake of everyone in the town the gods can only hope they succeed for the situation in the Golden Crescent is uncertain. What of the of the pirate fleet? Is The Grey army involved in the civil war in Glimmermoor? Do the Ash know they have a Champion among them? Will someone try to collect the bounty on Oscar’s head? And what did the prisoner mean when about the war?

GM’s Note: This is an ongoing dark fantasy game with horror elements, mature content, political intrigue, feuding families, moral questioning, and player character choices having a big impact on the world.