Didcot Games for April 2024

This game block will run until end June 2024

Campaign Title: The Magpie Society

System: FATE (Spirit of the Century + the Fate Horror Tool Kit)
Genre: Pulp Action will supernatural and mystery elements. Think, films like The Shadow, Dick Tracy, The Indiana Jones films and Hammer Horror
Content Rating: Mature, mild gore and action movie level violence. Some innuendo
Player Experience: Anyone is welcome. I will do an introduction if people are not familiar with the FATE system. Duration: Between 1 to 2 blocks
Number of Players: 3 to 6
Game Description:
On an Earth that is not quite our Earth, the year is 1920, the Great War is behind us and for some the new century is looking bright. Ventropolis is a city on the move! From her glittering heights to her darkest depths, she truly is the city of tomorrow. She is a city of innovation and industry, but old-world monsters still hide in her underbelly. In Ventroplis, the young and old alike all know of the legend of The Magpie, the dashing gentlemen thief, rumoured occultist and champion of the common man. But 50 years ago, after the biggest job of his career he vanished leaving no clue to his whereabouts. That is until you find yourself in possession of a mysterious letter bearing his seal. Will you answer the call to adventure? There is danger and horror hiding in every shadow, but the rewards are beyond imagination.

GM’s Note: This is not going to be period accurate at all the city of Ventropolis is set in a fictional and time and place that never really existed in our world.

Campaign Title: Insert Superhero Team Name Here

System: Sentinel Comics RPG with bits from Spectaculars bolted on to it.
Genre: Superheroes
Content Rating: Let’s say teen-rated. Think typical Marvel movie or comic.
Player Experience: I’ll run for whoever; I can explain the system as we go and in fact will probably have to because I’ve added some stuff.
Duration: One block, maybe two depending on how things go.
Number of Players: 2-4
Game Description:
Keystone City is a bustling urban centre in the Pacific Northwest (of the US), a bit like Seattle if Seattle was inland, surrounded by woods, and full of super-people. You are super-people in Keystone City — the newest high-profile team, to be exact — and there’s plenty to be getting on with. One of the conceits I’m stealing from Spectaculars is that we make up the setting as we go, which is why details are a little thin on the ground here. I’m also stealing the ‘Explorers of the Unknown’ arc from Spectaculars, which is basically very Avengers/Fantastic Four in tone. Big threats, weird science, aliens, powerful artefacts, that sort of thing. As far as tone goes, I like interesting stories with personal challenges but I also like tyrannosaurs with jetpacks, so expect a mix of both.