Abingdon Games for April 2024

This game block will run until end June 2024

Campaign Title: Crystal Clouds Conundrum

System: Numenera
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
ontent Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any experience, including new players
Duration: 1 Block
Number of Players: 3-6
Game Description: Unbeknown to the general populace, the call had gone out to those discrete academics, politicians, major merchants, retired delvers and others of importance amongst the land of the Steadfast and the Beyond. It was an impossible mission even for the best in the land, providing they survived the journey across an inhospitable landscape, and it was the best that the Empress of the Pythoran Empire demanded. The Empire’s foremost bureaucrats had carefully read each reference sent, and ranked those nominated to ensure that without doubt the Empress was getting the very best. In the mysterious ways of bureaucracy, each nominated person was tracked down and the best were brought before the Empress so that they could be given this highly confidential quest in person. The group were taken to the Sea Kingdom of Ghan and the King arranged onward transport from there. Once the group had reached the designated point, they were left to continue their quest alone.

For an impatient Empress, the wait was interminable, especially as she could not be sure of success at the end. She turned her mind to trying to reclaim the original lands of her ancient empire, causing ructions, turmoil and upheaval within the Steadfast. At least this covered any knowledge of the ongoing quest, and after many years only the Empress’ most senior bureaucrat remembered the group that had been sent out.

Standing outside a tiny office is a gathering of people, eyeing each other suspiciously. The door opens slowly and a very old man shuffles forward and calls names in a wavering voice. Those called enter the office, whilst the others curse and shout at the old man’s back as he closes the door. The guards see off the rabble that remain, unsure as to what is happening or why.

Inside the office, the man picks up a piece of synth with writing on it, checks it briefly, then looks at the people in the office. “You are deemed to be the best of the Ninth World….”

Welcome to the Ninth World, where 8 great civilisations or events made the previous worlds, the remains of which form the landscape of this world. For the population of the Ninth World, these previous eras are incomprehensible and the technology is mystifying. There are some who have embraced their talents and abilities and use these to explore and discover new things about the world. These are Glaives (warriors), Nanos (magic-users), Jacks (Jack of all trades), Arkus (leaders), Wrights (builders and crafters) and Delves (extreme explorers).

GM’s Note: Numenera uses a d20 roll-above system (Cypher). Characters are created by using Descriptors (adjectives eg Charming), Type (nouns eg Glaive) and Focus (verb eg Controls Beasts). It’s a simple system with many possibilities. The first session will be character creation and starting out.

Campaign title: The Edge Chronicles

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Steampunk Fantasy
Content rating: Typical D&D mild adult content – PG with descriptive combat and mild horror.
Player experience: All welcome. This is my first time running anything beyond a one-shot, so I’d ask experienced players to be accommodating and new players to be understanding.
Duration: Estimated 4 – 5 blocks
Number of players: 3 – 5
Game description: The Edge, an isolated, suspended rocky outcrop of perpetual winter where steam and gears rule both mud and skies. Surrounding the land on all sides, rolling clouds hide an unknown and unending abyss, sending the wind and snow whipping up from below, threatening to steal anyone who dares to gaze down upon it for too long. Skyships, utilising the mysterious properties of the native flightstones, facilitate trade and commerce from the city of Snowhaven in the south to the open plains of the Freeglades in the north. The Deepwoods and The Frozen Mire separate the two, consolidating the fact that skyflight is the only way for both safe and consistent trade. Meanwhile, Skypirates do their best to interrupt the status quo aboard their Skygalleons and Skyfrigates. Life had been rich for years for most on The Edge… Until the Skyrot began.

First, the smaller flightstones succumbed to the mysterious disease, crumbling away to mere fragments within the steam-machines that had utilised them for power. For most it was nothing more than a minor inconvenience – Industry slowed, production had to become managed, and commerce lacked supply.

Then the first Skyship fell.

Chaos ensued and The Edge panicked. Skyship after skyship lost their buoyancy, their masts and hulls becoming decoration across the Frozen Mire. Within weeks, alliances faltered and incoming supplies to Snowhaven halted. Skyrot had taken hold. The remaining sky-worthy ships were commandeered by the Empire in an attempt to retain the final remnants of trade that existed; Life became tough, and disdain for all those in more privileged situations grew among the people. Snowhaven had become a husk of its former glorious self, and the Emperor became desperate for a solution.

Our players will enter the game amidst a struggling world that had grown accustomed to – and rich from – skyflight, forced into darkness and poverty seemingly overnight; Welcome to the end of the First Era of Flight. Welcome to The Edge.

GM’s Note: This is a homebrew world heavily influenced by ‘The Edge Chronicles’, with added lite rules to suit the theme. I’d particularly encourage players to sign up who are interested in building a character and helping to craft a story for both themselves and the world around them through their actions and decisions – My general style will lean towards storytelling and descriptive play, and I will encourage as much RP as possible, but combat & challenge situations will absolutely feature if that’s more your thing. I will include a Session 0, but aim for this to be character introductions, not character creation – I am happy to work with you over Discord to assist character creation pre-game.

Campaign Title: Devils Backbone 26 – Bright birds and snake promises

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy Fever Dream
Content Rating: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people (living, dead or fictional), actual events, tv, films or any official source material, is purely coincidental and should be considered an accident.
Content Rating: Mild adult content, shallow humour, poor choices and misunderstood (by the DM) pop culture references.
Player Experience: Experienced RPG players who like the variety of all aspects of the game, it’s a Role Play heavy game.
Duration: The end of time
Number of Players: 5 but full at the moment
Game Description: After Brightbirds human cousin came calling to say the Black Blood is back in the lands of Maztica, and the issues with the new cult who’s motifs are 1) death, 2) bird feathers, 3) little more death, 4) purple butterflys, oh and lets not forget 5) more death are causing in her land, Brightbird “asks” the champions of Danu to go look at the issue. With a little help from Hope the group find themselves across the other side of the world in little more than a drunken mumbled spell and a push into a portal. They find themselves in the hot jungle climate of Maztica, Car’li as their guide and riddles to solve. Soon find themselves with what appears to be two issues, a necromancer who wants to rise up a dragon, and the Morrigan followers. (Spoiler, might not be 2 threads at all).

Following the clues the group start their journey through the jungle to find the fire finger a long existing monument with magical beacon on the top. Finding dead Aarakocra tilled in an old ritual of disgrace, where they have had there wings torn off and dropped from a great hight, to the monument, with the Morrigan cult putting a lot of new shrines up this is just one of many old relics destroyed for her purpose. Fighting ensues to get top the top of the monument to find, a new evil goddess has taken over and a black feathered Aarakocra called No Colour (here in the jungle Aarakocra are brightly coloured) is trying to raise assist with the raising of the Dragolitch. He kidnaps one of the champions and Special Officer Honeybottom and the chase begins.

Following along to try to get to the kidnapped comrades, the trail of dead bodies and ransacked towns continue, it turns out No Colour is working not only with the necromancer but also slaves, and yes dear readers Slavers have been an issues for a while for this group.

When traveling down the river they group notice (finally) after way to much time that they should have taken, a small but adult green dragon following along, she tells them her month is the one that they are trying to raise and that her and her brothers where taken by slavers as babies and had been enslaved. Following discussions of how she lost her magic colour the group went to meet Aunty a giant Couatl who offers them assistance where she can sents them off after the weapon that can not only kill but erase a champion of the Danu or Morrigan (and has in the past) with knowledge that the other side also want that key and the damage they could do.

With a farewell and a promise to return to help Aunty out later from Car’li (and yes the obvious thing is going to happen although neither player or character realised at the time) the group start to make there way through the jungle to find the weapon in one of the lost cities.

With a set of mausoleum and a door pulled of by a large creature with claws (the survive check showed about the size of a small dragon but cant be a dragon) the group may have found their destination and hopefully their kidnapped friends.

But well these weeks in the jungle have been happening, whats going on with the other Morrigan champions, the original voice in Reeds head is getting grumpy about the other occupants, the slavers are still working overtime and who knows what Yampy is up to or what he looks like.

Oh well I’m sure they will find out in time!!!!

Campaign Title: The Northlands Saga / Candlekeep Mysteries

System: Northlands: Hyperborea (AD&D 1e); Candlekeep: 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: Mild innuendo
Player Experience: All levels
Duration: Open-ended
Number of Players: 4–6
Game Description: In the far north of the Lost Lands, a hardy folk make a living fishing, farming – and raiding nearby villages. Although bound by a code of honour, jarls strive against each other for the choicest pickings of this harsh environment. You are in the service of one such jarl, Olaf Henrikson, who has a task for you: escort his three daughters to a nearby meadow to pick flowers. A simple task, no? The events that follow that afternoon will see you sailing ships to the frozen north, battling cultists in castles of towering ice, and leading armies against an ancient enemy.

And between adventures, while you warm your toes by the roaring fires of your jarl’s longhouse, you dream of a far-off land and (the image is strange to you) a… library?

Candlekeep, a place for knowledge, study and, apparently, mystery. Our dreaming adventurers find themselves in a place of peace and calm, where brain beats brawn, honesty prevails, and a battle axe left at an inn table will still be there when you come back a day later. It’s no wonder this is the dream of our vagabond vikings. But all is not as it seems in Candlekeep: the hunt for knowledge, even in dreams, can become an adventure all of its own. They say books have power – it’s time to find out just how much!

GM’s Note:Players will be playing two editions of D&D from opposite ends of its 50-year history. The main campaign, the Northlands Saga, will be structured around adventures taking a number of sessions; in-between, Lucy will GM shorter adventures from the 5th-edition anthology Candlekeep Mysteries.

Hyperborea is a streamlined take on the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, dripping with sword-and-sorcery flavour.

Campaign Title: Battlestar Myriad 9

System: BRP
Genre: Sci Fi
Content Rating: 16+
Player Experience: All players welcome
Duration: Multiple blocks
Number of Players: 4-6 (1 space)
Game Description: The Cylons hadn’t been seen or heard from for many years, which was why their attack on the 12 Colonies was so unforeseen and unplanned for. In the space of 24 hours, the Cylons wiped out millions of humans and destroyed the 12 Colonies. A small fleet of human ships has survived against the odds, but its challenges are not over.

Trapped in the middle of a war to finally break the cycle of creation and mechanised rebirth, the leadership of the fleet has struggled valiantly to maintain course towards the Aphrodite’s Veil Nebula and the lone planet within, Proteus. They face new unknowns on Proteus, where a great treasure is supposedly hidden and a great danger lurks. The Ancestor has already destroyed a Cylon base star and its crew, and now a raptor is missing with 4 crewmen and its pilot, Freefall, on board. If only they knew what the Ancestor is, or was, but the two Cylon survivors of the attack were in no shape to talk.

This planet is the final signpost, the last of the waypoints left behind by those that fled Kobol so long ago. They are so close to finding potential safety. But the rot continues to grow inside Myriad, where the darkness twists its way into the guts of the last battlestar and the fleet’s main protector. Not even Vincent’s superb control of his new powers has been able to stop it, and it seems it will need everyone to be in tune with their inner selves and the journey that they are on before the darkness can be defeated. Perhaps that goes for more than just the tree in the cargo bay.

GM’s Note: This is an ongoing game and priority will be given to existing players. So say we all!

Campaign Title: The Road Goes Ever On

System: Free League (The One Ring)
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: Mild adult content, dark themes
Player Experience: All are welcome (But if we do get a full table I will have to sadly turn away any visitors, well-wishers or distant relations!)
Duration: Multiple blocks
Number of Players: 4 (lowest) to 6 with 7 being absolute limit (2 spaces currently available).
Game Description: It is the year 2965 of the Third Age (1365 Shire Reckoning) and the Shadow is returning. Twenty-four years ago, an alliance of Elves, Men and Dwarves defeated hordes of Gundabad Orcs and Wargs under a sky darkened by Giant Bats between the valley of The Lonely Mountain and the Ruins of Dale, inaugurating a new era of prosperity for the Free Peoples of Middle Earth.

Alas, twenty-four years is a long time for peace to last and in many dark corners of the land a shadow is lengthening once again…rumours of strange things happening outside the borders of civilised lands are spreading with increasing regularity, trade caravans from the City of Dale and the Kingdom of Erebor are beginning to reduce in number, sightings of Warg packs running down from Angmar to Cardolan are becoming increasingly common, war drums and war horns blow frequently from the lands of Rhudaur and Dunland and rumours monger about ruins of the lost realms containing treasures to make a man rich until his death bed…most brush these off as simple chitter chatter to scare children who misbehave; but not all. These are restless warriors, curious scholars and simple wanderers, always eager to seek what was lost or explore what was forgotten. Ordinary people call them adventurers and, when they prevail, hail them as heroes. But when they fail…no one will even remember their names…

Campaign Title: Waterdeep – Dragon Heist, part 4

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Swashbuckling Fantasy
Content Rating: mild adult content, PGish
Player Experience: none required
Duration: ongoing
Number of Players: 4-6 (currently full)
Game Description: A heavily homebrewed take on Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. The adventure is set entirely within the titular city of Waterdeep, a heaving metropolis in which the PCs are small fish in a large pond who accidentally stumble into a power struggle between the city’s various quarrelling factions.

Emerging as champions of the Fleetswake Tourney and the proud owners of an (only partially) derelict and haunted manor, the PCs are contemplating their next steps in the city as they attract the attention of ever more powerful members of the city’s elite.

Ravenloft: Into the Mist (Season 6)

System: DnD 5e
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror
Content Rating: 16+
Player Experience: All players welcome, no experience required.
Duration: Multiple blocks (Final Block)
Number of Players: 5-6 (currently full)
Game Description: At long last the time has come, the heroes have finally come to understand the true nature of Strahd and how he came to be. Armed with this new knowledge and new allies they have picked up along the way, the heroes stand ready for the final chapter: A quest into Castle Ravenloft itself to confront the dark lord, and put an end to his reign of terror.

Ravenloft is a horror-based DnD 5e campaign, based on the Curse of Strahd adventure. At present there are no available places

Campaign Title: The Dracula Dossier

System: Night’s Black Agents (GUMSHOE)
Genre: Modern Action/Horror
Content Rating: Teens or thereabouts; horrors are predominantly fictional
Player Experience: Suitable for new players and old
Duration: Probably 1-3 blocks (continuing)
Number of Players: 3-5
Game Description: You were a shadowy soldier in those fights, trained to move through the secret world: deniable and deadly.

Then you got out, or you got shut out, or you got burned out. You didn’t come in from the cold. Instead, you found your own entrances into Europe’s clandestine networks of power and crime. You did a few ops, and you asked even fewer questions.

But now it’s time to start asking them again. Because it turns out that Dracula isn’t a novel; it’s an after-action report of a nineteenth-century attempt by British intelligence to recruit a vampire, and it’s getting people – people you care about – killed.

The crew has poked a hornet’s nest in the UK, and fled to Romania, to find more questions than answers. Who’s working for whom? Why are there chests containing bombs being covertly shipped around Europe? Why did Dracula offer them a job?

Night’s Black Agents is a rules-modest investigative action game, where you play former spies fighting a vampire conspiracy. This game revolves around players reading an annotated version of Dracula and deriving clues and information from it; it also features hidden goals and so (possibly) light player-versus-player content.

GM’s Note: Suitable for any players; a love of modern spy fiction, or (re-)reading Dracula, is a plus.

Campaign Title: Whispers of the Ancients – FINAL BLOCK

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Fantasy/Action & Adventure
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any
Duration: 1 block (FINAL BLOCK)
Number of Players: 3-5
Game Description: The Creegan Archipelago is in crisis.

The fires of destruction, chaos and madness roar intensely. The whisper once carried on the winds is now spoken clearly for all to hear: “Death to the false Gods. We shall have our vengeance.”

Tasked with a holy quest by servants of the Gods themselves, the adventuring group known as Just Cause have travelled far to stop The Cult of True Creation, a mysterious cult that seeks vengeance on the Gods for ancient wrongs. Entrusted with forbidden knowledge, Just Cause learned that the cult may be seeking to free a powerful ancient being known as Ululate, whose origin dates back to Statera’s creation, from its demiplane prison. In addition, the magical stones they’ve guarded and that the cult have been using in their rituals are pieces of the Appratu Aurorae; remnants of tools that the Gods once used to sculpt and create the multiverse before sundering and scattering them.

Most recently, Just Cause have found themselves at the forefront of the continent’s official response to the Cult of True Creation. However, the situation has taken an extreme turn. While planning the next steps to stop the Cult of True Creation, an enormous magical barrier was suddenly conjured around the Aretez Mountains. The barrier spans an area close to 100 miles wide, has caused extensive damage, and split communities and families apart. The situation beyond the barrier is desperate; a vast number of lives are at risk. Intelligence from the Lodge of Arcansits has identified The Aretez Academy, a school of magical excellence in the heart of the Aretez mountains, as the epicentre of this activity, and concerns that the Cult may finally act on their plans to free Ululate are at an all time high.

Faced with their most extensive, dangerous and urgent mission yet, Just Cause must band together with the forces offered by the nations of Creega to assault the Aretez Mountains and put an end to the Cult of True Creation once and for all…

GM’s Note: Ongoing game. Group at level 16 entering the final block. Homebrew world and campaign. Current players have priority but welcome new players.

Campaign Title: Guilds of Emberwatch – Season 6

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Able to play a Level 11 character
Duration: Ongoing campaign
Number of players: 3-5
Game Description: In the last millennium, the Realm was ruled with iron fist by ancient dragon Argon and his ruthless stewards. Since then, the world has belonged to the humans. Dragonborn were persecuted and, three centuries ago, the remaining few took refuge in Sladefort, a ruined cliff fortress on desolate coast, hundreds of miles east from Emberwatch.

Last year a party of adventurers left the bustling city of Emberwatch to seek fame and riches in the Peaks to the east. They retrieved the Sceptre of Argon from ancient draconic ruins and sold it to Baron Everard, the powerful ruler of Warlton Keep. This sceptre raised hopes (and armies) in Sladefort, as it is one of the four artifacts they need to combine to summon Argon and bring the human rulers of the Realm to their knees.

The artifact helped Warlton Keep and the dragonborn form an alliance, which resulted in both parties dividing control of the whole land east of Emberwatch between them. But Prince Orghard of Sladefort seeks the other three pieces of his puzzle. One of them, the Crown, turned out to be in his own treasury for centuries, so he just seeks the Pendant and the Ring described by ancient legends.

As it comes, the Pendant of Argon has recently been found in the Underdark by our enterprising adventurers. They try to keep its possession secret, and the fiery power of the Pendant helps them in their battles, but for how long can it remain unnoticed?

The adventurers need powerful allies to keep the artifact, and the world, safe. While trying to avoid the armies and the officials of both Warlton Keep and Sladefort, they ended up employed by Lavrael, a rich and powerful independent necromancer. He might be able to help, but at what price?

GM’s Note: The campaign setting is a homebrew dark fantasy world. Characters are currently at level 11. This is a continuing campaign, and current players have priority, but there will likely be two spaces for new players.

Campaign Title: Moondrop Season 5

System: Torg Homebrew
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any experience
Duration: Until the players campaign is done (maybe).
Number of Players: 4-6 (1 space available)
Game Description: In the age before memory, the moon shattered as the gods of humanity died and the world was ravaged by cataclysm. The survivors clustered around the only safe places, the old temples, and sites of power. Sanctuaries in a world filled with primeval wilderness, corrupting mists, and nightmarish creatures. It has been 3000 years since the cataclysm and the comet of the three stars has heralded the fall of the Moondrops. Remnants of the dead god’s powers and consciousness. Giving those that find them a chance to become the god’s champions and restore them to power.

It has been a busy time for the Champions. Plays at the theatre, partaking in competitions and exploring Amai Mizu gave way to fleeing Nightmares and encountering a Gator Cult. Connections have been forged with the Black House and there is the potential for an alliance. The wreck of the White Runner has been cleared of the undead. The captain’s soul saved from an eternal limbo. Funds have been procured and a new Sister of the Prophetess is now seeking to aid their cause.

But there are hard decisions ahead. The Wolf Brigade, the Grey Houses shock troops, are searching for the group. The Princess of Amai Mizu is seemingly under house arrest. The Kissing Girls are keen to invite the Champions to an audience. Rumour is spreading about what happened at The Gator Farm, the ship, and the sale of the skins. Will the Champions risk going to the closing ceremony of The Blossom Festival? Are the nightmares still present on the town’s outskirts? What happened to the Sea Otter and its mission outside the Golden Crescent?

And above all, what is Hush doing?

GM’s Note: This is an ongoing dark fantasy game with horror elements, mature content, political intrigue, feuding families, moral questioning, and player character choices having a big impact on the world.