Games for October 2023

This game block will run until end December 2023

Campaign Title: The Devil’s Backbone 24 – Inconspicuous activities!!

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy “This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people (living or dead), actual events, tv, films or any official source material, is purely coincidental.”
Content Rating: Mild adult content, shallow humour, poor choices and misunderstood (by the DM) pop culture references.
Player Experience: All experience welcome (although full table at the moment)
Duration: continuous,
Number of Players: 6

Game Description: After rigging the Miss Neverwinter contest and Reeds “friend” asking him to visit the group decided it was time to high tale out of Neverwinter and see where the seas took them. The landed on the Moonshale islands and specifically the kings court. Weird behaviour investigated and a party to attend the Dwarf and the Elf managed to put on quite a show on the dance floor, after a poison attempt on one of the party they found Frederick (one of the evil cult champions) trying to kill the Lady Skymore, they decided to kill him (for the first time) and ask for their item, it turns out she is the direct descendant of the wizard who locked away the Morrigan and Danu. She is the Keeper of secrets, providing them with information and items off they go never to see her again……. I know foreshadowing events. Following this they use the secret underground passage at the castle to enter the Undertake to try to find The library, no not that library…..THE LIBRARY. With a building that is sentient and items to collect they walk out mostly unscathed, except they have an issue when they come across the Morrigan shrines, why is the warlock holding an evil artifact and why is the cleric using a hell spear to restore the opposition shrine????? Following this venture to Waterdeep, where the laws are strict and numerous. Luckily they have a guest party member Special Officer Honeybottom, head of the newly formed division of “weird undead crap no one else wants to deal with”… including her.

Following a highly successful goat costume glad heist on the house of a key “bad guy” the group have more artifacts and windows. They decide to rest for the night before getting a distress call from Lady Skymore, they are under attack, they arrive to find the castle destroyed following a 3 day assault by a dragon followed by Glenda the Goliths sea attack, which killed the lord and Lady and many of the citizens, Glenda then kidnapped the body of the lady, the parties Dwarf Bards unconscious body and a maid.

So what is the party to do, its obvious really… salt and preserve the 2 halves of the lord and shove him in the back of holding….. I mean what else is there to do. Returning to Waterdeep to help with the undead issue in the city, they “recruit” a new acolyte in the old temple to lime wash the Morrigans shrine daily to keep all sacrifices of it “ no she absolutely hates death and entrails”, ask the keeper of the Hall of the dead to “put the lord back together” and get back to finding the last item and window. After hiring a boat, that turns out to be owned and occupied by 3 of the more enthusiastic C&V party members they find out that there will be an attack on Morgans ridge in the not too distant future so they better get on with things. They decide to deal with Saira the next evil cult Champions who has a number of slaves to feed her crown…. After following her to a cave system they discover she is well on her way to juicing the people, they decide to ask her to stop, they did do that, after they cut of her head and took the crown. They are now in the lion city an underwater city cursed and removed from land, expecting to find the ruins of a the city underwater they find a bubble where the city is in a time loop, can they figure out how to get the ring, when only one of them can remember they have lived the day before, who knows, im sure the satyr in his speedos will not stand out more today than yesterday, and the split the party and take them flowers to the front door plan will work just as well today as yesterday. Will they find the last items?? Will they get back their kidnapped comrade?? What will happen when they take the windows and the items to the temple?? And where are and what are the other evil champions doing??? Who knows!!! But it will be one else of a story when we find out.

GM’s Note: We have a full table at the moment with no spaces

Campaign Title: Waterdeep – Dragon Heist part 2

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: mild adult content
Player Experience: none required
Duration: 3+ blocks
Number of Players: 4-6 (currently full)
Game Description: A heavily homebrewed take on Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. The adventure is set entirely within the titular city of Waterdeep, a heaving metropolis in which the PCs are small fish in a large pond who accidentally stumble into a power struggle between the city’s various quarrelling factions. There will be a heavy emphasis on roleplay, investigation, and (as the adventure goes on) heists.

Campaign Title: The Road Goes Ever On

System: Free League (The One Ring)
Genre: Fantasy Content
Rating: Mild adult content, dark themes
Player Experience: All are welcome (But if we do get a full table I will have to sadly turn away any visitors, well-wishers or distant relations!)
Duration: Trialling for one block, if it goes well, I will see how long it continues.
Number of Players: 4 to 6 with 7 being absolute limit.

Game Description: It is the year 2965 of the Third Age (1365 Shire Reckoning) and the Shadow is returning. Twenty-four years ago, an alliance of Elves, Men and Dwarves defeated hordes of Gundabad Orcs and Wargs under a sky darkened by Giant Bats between the valley of The Lonely Mountain and the Ruins of Dale, inaugurating a new era of prosperity for the Free Peoples of Middle Earth. Alas, twenty years is a long time for peace to last and in many dark corners of the land a shadow is lengthening once again…rumours of strange things happening outside the borders of civilised lands are spreading with increasing regularity, trade caravans from the City of Dale and the Kingdom of Erebor are beginning to reduce in number, sightings of Warg packs running down from Angmar to Cardolan are becoming increasingly common, war drums and war horns blow frequently from the lands of Rhudaur and Dunlend and rumours monger about ruins of the lost realms containing treasures to make a man rich until his death bed…most brush these off as simple chitter chatter to scare children who misbehave; but not all. These are restless warriors, curious scholars and simple wanderers, always eager to seek what was lost or explore what was forgotten. Ordinary people call them adventurers and, when they prevail, hail them as heroes. But when they fail…no one will even remember their names…

Campaign title: Alfheim vol. 2: Snakes on the brain

System: Old-school Essentials (Basic/Expert D&D)
Genre: Fantasy
Content rating: Mild innuendo
Player experience: Open to all – B/X D&D was designed for anyone to pick up.
Duration: Open-ended
Number of players: 4-6 (2 spaces available)
Game description: Having proven their mettle against the Black Wyrm of Brandonsford, the party have discovered a snake cult in the heart of the peaceful town of Nanlet. But were the Serpentine Sisters acting alone, or did they have backing from someone high up? This is a sandbox campaign in which the players set their own goals, investigate any of the many (many) hooks the GM throws at them like crumbs of bread to a raft of ducks,* and potentially alter the fate of millions. Players can expect lots of opportunities for roleplaying, fast but usually avoidable combats, whimsical magical items and absurd regional accents.
*Don’t feed ducks bread.

Campaign Title: Ravenloft: Into the Mist (Season 4)

System: DnD 5e
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror Content
Rating: 16+ Player
Experience: All players welcome, no experience required.
Duration: Multiple blocks Number of Players: 5-7 (currently full)
Game Description: Having struck at the Dark Lord Strahd in his own castle-fortress of Ravenloft (and lost a beloved member of the party in the process), and slain the Abbot, breaking the spell over Krezk, the stakes could not be higher. In his rage, Strahd has opened holes in the mist, thinning the barrier and bringing all sorts of horrors through. All is not lost however, for the players have found a new ally, and unravelled some of the dark secrets of Ravenloft and Barovia. Now the time approaches for the ultimate question, do the heroes have what it takes to defeat the dark lord once and for all and free Barovia from the darkness.

Ravenloft is a horror-based DnD 5e campaign, based on the Curse of Strahd adventure. At present there are no available places.

Campaign Title: Betamax Blues: Second Term

System: Tales from the Loop
Genre: Sci-Fi/Mystery
Content Rating: Mature – mild threat, frequent innuendo.
Player Experience: Any, open to new players
Duration: Expected to be final block, but potential for one more.
Number of Players: 3-6 (1 space)

Game Description: As the school year trundles on, our kids find themselves with more questions than answers. Who is behind the robberies in town? Why does an underground facility have so many windows? Is there a murderous ice cream man on the loose? Motivated by a desire to uncover the truth, the gang search for clues whilst simultaneously balancing blossoming friendships, annoying bullies, and busy parents. You play kids in the 1980s, who are between the ages of 10 and 15. Living in Cornwall near the Loop, a giant particle accelerator built in the 1960s, strange things seem to happen. The adults seem oblivious to these occurrences and so it is up to this group of kids to explore and investigate the weirdness associated with the Loop.

GM’s Note: This is a role play heavy game with no official combat and no player character deaths. Ed will be GM for the majority of this block.

Campaign Title: Battlestar Myriad 7

System: BRP
Genre: Sci Fi
Content Rating: 16+
Player Experience: All players welcome
Duration: Multiple blocks
Number of Players: 4-7 (2 spaces)

Game Description: The Cylons hadn’t been seen or heard from for many years, which was why their attack on the 12 Colonies was so unforeseen and unplanned for. In the space of 24 hours, the Cylons wiped out millions of humans and destroyed the 12 Colonies. A small fleet of human ships has survived against the odds, but its challenges are not over.

The Cylons tricked the fleet into rescuing the Battlestar Charybdis and then found themselves under enemy occupation in the Cylons’ latest project of “Co-habitation” with the humans. Co-habitation seems to be another way of describing Cylon occupation, but plans are afoot to throw off the yoke of the oppressors. Gallagher is plotting with terrorist cells and communing with hybrids, and is the only one to make real headway in gathering arms. Justinian has linked himself into every network he can, despite his loss of his governorship – he protects Lena, the child everyone is looking for. Byron desperately plays for time and understanding, hoping that his past choices are good enough. Tileus appeases the new overlords to give himself space to work against them behind their backs, although his impending marriage is an unusual offer of alliance from their captors. Astrid looks for her daughter in the shadows, whist trying to find meaning in the chaos, keep everyone alive, and perhaps also find a boyfriend.

Wilson’s presence, although departing, is still felt in the fleet and what is gone may not be forgotten. His actions have had consequences for everyone. In the background, the tree of life bears fruit, the crown of stars shares knowledge and, against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.

GM’s Note: This is an ongoing game and priority will be given to existing players. So say we all!

Campaign Title: Guilds of Emberwatch, Season 4

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: All welcome
Duration: Multiple blocks
Number of Players: 4-5

Game Description: Welcome to the Peaks. The area east of Darkwater, where adventurers, exiles and criminal gangs cross into, usually not to ever return. A party of five adventurers were among them, but now they know the reasons many choose not to go back to Emberwatch. Four decades ago, a secretive elven baron founded a city at the foot of mountains, which has by now developed into a richer and more powerful city-state than Emberwatch or any other town left of once-mighty empire of Alfric the Purifier.

The Baron hired our adventurers to find an ancient draconic sceptre. Overcoming many challenges, they retrieved the artifact from the tomb of Razzir, a dragonborn Steward who had ruled the Realm in name of ancient red dragon, Argon, more than a millennium ago. The rewards included several magic items and a substantial amount of gold.(edited

Adding to this picture, on the far east coast of the Realm lies the fortress of Sladefort. It is held by the dragonborn exiled by Alfric two centuries ago, who plot revenge on heirs to his empire. It is thought that they are seeking four relics once belonging to Steward Razzir, which, when held together, will allow them to return Argon to the material plane.

Baron Everard’s Warlton Keep is now celebrating the Midwinter Festival. The Baron has just announced an alliance with Sladefort. The sceptre has been gifted to the dragonborn as part of the deal, otherwise favourable to the Baron. This, however, brings Sladefort closer to achieving their goal. Our adventurers plan to seek the remaining three relics. What are they going to do once they find them? Are they going to destroy them? Keep them safe? Deliver them to Sladefort? Use them and summon Argon themselves? Or just sell them to the highest bidder?

These decisions will need to wait, as for now the city is celebrating a giant party. Everyone is welcome at the Midwinter Festival. Problems start when ‘everyone’ includes an infamous exiled necromancer and an influential monk with a long history of rivalry with Baron Everard.

GM’s Note: This is an ongoing campaign and current players have priority. Please note that despite using D&D 5e mechanics, it is a dark fantasy campaign with much intrigue, morally grey NPCs, encounters where running away is the only way to survive, and some mature content. PCs are currently at Level 7.

Campaign Title: Moondrop Season 3

System: Torg Homebrew
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any experience (my first time GM’ing Torg so we’ll learn together!)
Duration: Multiple blocks
Number of Players: 4-6 (2 spaces available)
Game Description: In the age before memory, the moon shattered as the gods of humanity died and the world was ravaged by cataclysm. The survivors clustered around the only safe places, the old temples, and sites of power. Sanctuaries in a world now filled with primal wilderness, corrupting mists, and nightmarish creatures.

3000 years later in the year of the three stars a comet heralded the fall of the Moondrops. Remnants of the dead god’s powers and consciousness. Giving those who found them a chance to become their champions and restore them to power.

The last 12 hours have seen dramatic events unfold in the depths of Ebonstown. The Champions have routed the Skin Walkers and engaged their cult in a pitched battle in the catacombs. Her Ladyship Phylla Ebonsova and soldiers fending off the waves of cultists as The Champions slayed their leader and dispersed The Mists.

Yet for all their successes, immediate questions remain. What was the cult planning to do in the ancient temple beneath the bathhouse and what did Wen find in his analysis? How many of the cult remain hidden among the general populace ready to spring their revenge for their leader’s death. Is the groups ghostly companion ready to pass to the other side? Who is her Ladyship Phylla Ebonsova? Why does her sword resonate with darkness from the days when the moon shattered.

And what of the Ritual Site bleeding the corruption of The Mists into the world. Dare the Champions attempt to destroy such a place in the presence of non-believers? The Champions next actions will decide their fate. Align themselves with a Great House of the Golden Crescent, become mercenaries or face the wrath of Phylla and her soldiers.

GM’s Note: This is an ongoing game with horror elements, mature content, political intrigue, feuding families, moral questioning, and player character choices having a big impact on the world.

Campaign Title: Whispers of the Ancients

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Fantasy/Action & Adventure
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any
Duration: Full block+
Number of Players: 3-5
Game Description: Welcome to the Creegan Archipelago, a thriving continent in the northern hemisphere of Statera. Since its colonisation around 1000 years ago, civilisation has spread across the continent, founding 16 countries. Creega boasts astounding natural beauty, new discoveries and an atmosphere that thrums with magical essence. Though not all is well in Creega… Dark plots are taking hold in the shadows and war continues to threaten the eastern isles. The whisper on the winds has morphed into a murmur and the fires of destruction, chaos and madness burn steadily.

Tasked with a holy quest by servants of the Gods themselves, the adventuring group known as Just Cause have travelled far to stop The Cult of True Creation, a mysterious cult that seeks vengeance on the Gods for ancient wrongs. Entrusted with forbidden knowledge, Just Cause learned that the cult may be seeking to free a powerful ancient being known as Ululate, whose origin dates back to Statera’s creation, from its demiplane prison. In addition, the magical stones they’ve guarded and that the cult have been using in their rituals are pieces of the Appratu Aurorae; remnants of tools that the Gods once used to sculpt and create the multiverse before sundering and scattering them.

Most recently, after finally finding themselves at the forefront of the continent’s official response to the Cult of True Creation, Just Cause were tasked with an important mission within the wasteland tundra nation of Averfall, home to many of the continent’s nomadic natives. The cult had seized the town of Kori, using it as a base of operations for other devious plots taking place in the tundra. Just Cause were to travel to Kori and help liberate it. Following a resoundingly successful attack of coordinated chaos involving pixies, a giant badger and a hastened, oversized dwarf, Just Cause liberated the town and captured the leader of the cultist sect; Balmore Ironsack… Kalow’s brother. After conducting interrogations Just Cause set their sights on the Marble Bastion, a magical fortress that houses legendary magical items including The Timekeepers Hourglass, a device capable of controlling time itself… Just Cause hope to catch up to the cult in the frozen wastes and stop them before they gain access to the Bastion, and in doing so prevent a likely disaster…

GM’s Note: Ongoing game. Current players have priority but welcome new players. Homebrew world and campaign. Group at level 15 and approaching endgame campaign arc.

Campaign Title: The Persephone Extraction

System: Night’s Black Agents
Genre: Modern action/horror
Content Rating: Teens or thereabouts; horrors are predominantly fictional
Player Experience: Suitable for new players and old
Duration: Most likely around 2 blocks
Number of Players: 3-5
Game Description: You were a shadowy soldier in those fights, trained to move through the secret world: deniable and deadly. Then you got out, or you got shut out, or you got burned out. You didn’t come in from the cold. Instead, you found your own entrances into Europe’s clandestine networks of power and crime. You did a few ops, and you asked even fewer questions. Who gave you that job in Prague? Who paid for your silence in that Swiss account? You told yourself it didn’t matter. It turned out to matter a lot. Because it turned out you were working for vampires. Night’s Black Agents is a rules-modest investigative action game, where you play former spies fighting a vampire conspiracy.

GM’s Note: Suitable for any players; a love of modern spy fiction is a plus.