Games for July 2023

Campaign Title: The Devil’s Backbone 23 – Its not the cards your dealt that’s important but how you play them!!!

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy “This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people (living or dead), actual events, tv, films or any official source material, is purely coincidental.”
Content Rating: Mild adult content, shallow humour, poor choices and misunderstood (by the DM) pop culture references.
Player Experience: All experience welcome (although full table at the moment)
Duration: Continuous
Number of Players: 6
Game Description:

Game Description: With the boat caught and some tarot cards dealt this new group of adventures are in for a good time. A rich noble woman with money to spend whats a band of “jobbing” adventures. Shes willing to pay good money and even provide a house, what more could a group want. All is going well until reality hits everyone in the face and it turns out not everything is what it seems, Elizabeth wanted a band to find the next champions on a long “dead” goddess. Turns out after green training level adventure, they are the champions and all hell starts to break loose. Turns out the Goddess Danu who sacrificed herself to pull The Morrigan into a frozen moment in time, is returning to this plane of existence and bring the destroyer of the world with her. Armed with the knowledge they need to find windows with no glass and items that hide from people, the group start off to geocash some quest items, easy peasy. The group quickly realise that the world might not be that simple, the first of the window frames is somewhere on the devils button, an island dragged into Hell and only returned 6 months ago.
With bagpipes in the air, a stolen dragon egg, and not a care in the world the group set off for adventure. With a recently rebooted china warforged, a kolbolt ranger with a prized dragon egg, 2 bards starting a band, a single minded paladin (now multiclassing into a Bard) and a warlock who needs to find the local Gambling Anonymous meeting, what could go wrong????? (just hold on dear reader and I will tell you)

One short boat ride on the HMS Ocardo and a hope onto the island, the group find the kolbot leader of the Hell Riders on their toy motorbike wearing leather jackets (bad boy kolbolts eye candy) , the party quickly sum up the problem and resolve it with their Ranger becoming the queen of this tribe, demanding presents as a dowry and then killing the leader, they did get a battered old window frame thought. The dwarven bard soon realised the window is not empty but shows him a picture of himself and a quest item is collected. Next stop Neverwinter, where there is possibly a number of goodies for the group, a big city in the middle of a festival easy to hid and stay under the radar.
In the few short hours, they have been there they have:

  1. Got a summons from the Purple Wing club to the Warlock on debts owed
  2. Realised the friendly helper in their house is on the bad guys side and is here before them
  3. The window they are looking for has been stolen and not buy them (important fact)
  4. They have stollen a necklace artifact from the museum
  5. 2 of the party have entered the “Miss Neverwinter” Contest
  6. The local microbrew (with a manbun and overpriced bad lagers) is now going around investigating the BBEG without knowing it
  7. The current Miss Neverwintre with the cloak artifact has been kidnapped

With further artifacts to collect across various (randomly selected location by a DM who doesn’t know the full lore of Farun) I’m sure it will be fine.
Just the following to get answers on, who are “The Night Feathers”? What will the artifacts do? Will the release of The Morrigan cause the destruction of all? Will all the party be Bards before the next instalment? And will they ever find THE library (no not that library THE library) Stay tuned dear reader for the next instalment of the round up of this next chapter of the game

GM’s Note: We have a full table at the moment with no spaces

Campaign Title: Betamax Blues

System: Tales from the Loop
Genre: Contemporary
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any experience, including new players
Duration: 1 Block (to start with…)
Number of Players: 3-7

Game Description:

It’s 1984: Steve Jobs has launched the Macintosh personal computer; the World Fair is held in Louisiana; Los Angeles hosts the summer Olympics, and Daley Thompson’s Decathlon is wrecking the K and L keys of the ZX Spectrum. During the summer holidays, the kids leave the house after breakfast and return in time for tea, spending the day playing down the dumps, in the woods or at the beach.

September will soon arrive, and school will begin again. Hopefully the caretaker robot has been upgraded, maybe the class trip will be to the Loop rather than the sewage works and rumour has it that the playing field will be back in action after the magnetron ship incident. More importantly, you get to see your friends again, especially those that live in other parts of Cornwall.

You play kids in the 1980s, who are between the ages of 10 and 15. Living in Cornwall near the Loop, a giant particle accelerator built in the 1960s, strange things seem to happen. The adults seem oblivious to these occurrences and so it is up to this group of kids to explore and investigate the weirdness associated with the Loop. This game uses a simple d6 system where embracing the innocence of childish days leads to mysteries and adventures. You have a favourite 80s song (June 1984 and prior), and hobbies (AD&D club anyone?) as well as the impressive lack of health and safety rules that allows tall enough 13 year olds to dirt bike over the Cornish landscape.

GM’s Note: This is a role play heavy game with no official combat and no player character deaths. Materials and lashings of d6 dice will be provided, and the first session will focus on character creation. The first half of the block Helen will GM and the second half Ed H will GM.

Campaign Title: Old-school adventures in Alfheim

System: Old-School Essentials (Advanced Fantasy), aka Basic/Expert D&D+
Genre: Fantasy
Content rating: Mature
Player experience: All levels of experience welcome
Duration: Open-ended
Number of players: 4–6

Game description:

Alfheim: a continent on the edge of chaos. To the north, cold-hearted Elves make their first forays into the wildlands of Skar. The central Kingdom of Grey finds itself thrown into a power struggle after the strange disappearance of King Henryk. And from the desolate south come rumours of an ancient, reptilian threat…

But life goes on for ordinary folk – and the extraordinary. On the road to the village of Brandonsford, bold adventurers chance upon each other. Perhaps they have all heard the stories, repeated in taverns across the kingdom, of the Black Wyrm – and have come to seek their fortune.

This campaign takes place on the continent of Alfheim, a borrowed but very barebones setting that players and GM alike will have the opportunity to shape as the story moves from local to regional, continental and cosmic threats. The system being used is Old-School Essentials (Advanced Fantasy), a restatement of the 1981 Basic/Expert edition of Dungeons & Dragons, incorporating and adapting some elements (e.g. classes) from later versions of the game. This is probably D&D at its simplest, with mechanics and skills taking a backseat to player agency.

GM’s note: All materials will be provided, and there’ll be a session 0 to go through expectations, lines and veils – and roll some d6s!

Campaign Title: Ravenloft: Into the Mist (Season 4) Alfheim

System: DnD 5e
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror
Content Rating: 16+ Player
Experience: All players welcome, no experience required.
Duration: Multiple blocks
Number of Players: 5-7 (currently full)

Game Description:

The situation in Vallaki has now been resolved perhaps permanently. The actions of the players has attracted the attention of the Dark Lord Strahd Von Zarovich. He has invited them to his home, the castle fortress of Ravenloft, ostensibly for dinner. But what does he have in mind, and will the players survive their first encounter with the castle and its terrifying residents? Ravenloft is a horror-based DnD 5e campaign, based on the Curse of Strahd adventure. At present there are no available places.

Campaign Title: Battlestar Myriad 6

System: BRP
Genre: Sci Fi
Content Rating: 16+
Player Experience: All players welcome
Duration: Multiple blocks
Number of Players: 4-7 (1 space)

Game Description:

The Cylons hadn’t been seen or heard from for many years, which was why their attack on the 12 Colonies was so unforeseen and unplanned for. In the space of 24 hours, the Cylons wiped out millions of humans and destroyed the 12 Colonies. A small fleet of human ships has survived against the odds, but its challenges are not over.

The fleet has made it to Kobol and discovered the origin of the colonies, but have now been directed towards a new goal by the AI guardian of the vaults of Hecate. She has given them a path towards the fourteenth colony. However, more trouble and disturbing events are uncovered as they start on their new journey. In particular, the spectre of Helena Cain and the Pegasus looms over them, including the mysterious Lt Phorein who was rescued from the space station at Kobol.

Who can be trusted? Is another despair squid waiting for them or is it just giant isopods that they need to be wary of? Is a ship’s computer worthy of being given a second chance? And where did Colonel Grant Wilson end up?

GM’s Note: This is an ongoing game and priority will be given to existing players. So say we all!

Campaign Title: The Guilds of Emberwatch Part 3

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any experience
Duration: Ongoing
Number of Players: 4-5

The mighty Darkwater delimits the eastern boundary of the Realm – the other side belongs to exiles, orcish warlords, and, according to stories, legendary monsters. Emberwatch, formerly an outpost guarding the only bridge across the river, is now the third largest city of the Realm and commonly referred as the Gateway to the Peaks. Adventurers from other major cities flock to cross the Darkwater to seek treasure or fame, but more often to find death in obscurity. This is, at least the official story told in taverns across the Realm.

According to those on the other bank of Darkwater, the Realm is a remnant of an evil empire. Three centuries ago, Emperor Alfric the Purifier exiled all non-humans beyond the Darkwater. His edicts have never been formally repealed. Even if elves and dwarves walking the streets of Emberwatch no longer draw open hostility, the old wounds have not healed. In particular, the dragonborn took into their possession Sladefort: an ancient fortress on the eastern coast. From there they plot revenge on the descendants of Alfric.

A party of adventurers left Emberwatch two months ago to bring relief supplies to an outpost of exiles deep in the Peaks. They barely remember this time as they have firmly established themselves as citizens of Warlton Keep, a prosperous city in the Peaks ruled by a mysterious baron. There they became entangled in a web of intrigue involving ancient draconic artifacts and they feel they are now close to retrieving at least one of them.

Will they succeed? And if they do, what will they do with the artifacts? Keep them safe? Destroy them? Take them to Sladefort to let the dragonborn exact their revenge on humans? Or maybe just sell them to the highest bidder?

DM’s note: This is an ongoing campaign and current players have priority. Please note that despite using D&D 5e mechanics, it is a dark fantasy campaign with much intrigue, morally grey NPCs, encounters where running away is the only way to survive, and some mature content. The PCs are currently at level 6.

Campaign Title: Whispers of the Ancients

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Fantasy/Action & Adventure
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any.
Duration: Full block+
Number of Players: 3-5

Game Description:

Welcome to the Creegan Archipelago, a thriving continent in the northern hemisphere of Statera. Since its colonisation around 1000 years ago, civilisation has spread across the continent, founding 16 countries. Creega boasts astounding natural beauty, new discoveries and an atmosphere that thrums with magical essence. Though not all is well in Creega… Dark plots are taking hold in the shadows and war continues to threaten the eastern isles. The whisper on the winds has morphed into a murmur and the fires of destruction, chaos and madness burn steadily.

Tasked with a holy quest by servants of the Gods themselves, the adventuring group known as Just Cause have travelled far to stop The Cult of True Creation, a mysterious cult that seeks vengeance on the Gods for ancient wrongs. Entrusted with forbidden knowledge, Just Cause learned that the cult may be seeking to free a powerful ancient being known as Ululate, whose origin dates back to Statera’s creation, from its demiplane prison. In addition, the magical stones they’ve guarded and that the cult have been using in their rituals are pieces of the Appratu Aurorae; remnants of tools that the Gods once used to sculpt and create the multiverse before sundering and scattering them.

Most recently, following another successful mission to thwart the Cult of True Creation in the jungle nation of Heromia, Just Cause returned to civilisation with another relic secured. Additionally, the group liberated Balshor’s long lost brother, Buck, from servitude to his hobgoblin slavers that decimated the Faelee clan over a decade ago. Since then Buck has begun his recovery and sets his sights on a new lease of life in the continental capital of Gullsete. However, Just Cause’s success was not without consequence. The Cult retaliated with an attack on their wizard’s tower safehouse containing the powerful scrying device the group have used to track the cult. The attack claimed the life of one of their close wizard allies. With the tower in ruins, Just Cause followed up on an untimely invitation to attend an emergency meeting of The Golden Council of the Creega Archipelago, a council of rulers and nobles representing all of the continent’s nations. At last, Just Cause found themselves at the forefront of the continent’s official response to the Cult of True Creation and were tasked with an important mission. The Cult have been making concerning movements in the wasteland tundra nation of Averfall, home to many of the continent’s nomadic natives. Just Cause once again set off to liberate a town seized by the cult, and prevent them from gaining access to the Marble Bastion, a magical fortress that houses legendary magical items including The Timekeepers Hourglass, a device capable of controlling time itself… a likely disaster if stolen by the cult.

GM’s Note: Ongoing game. Current players have priority but welcome new players. Homebrew world and campaign. Group at level 14 and approaching endgame campaign arc.

Campaign Title: Moondrop

System: Torg Homebrew
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any experience (my first time GM’ing Torg so we’ll learn together!)
Duration: Potential for multiple blocks
Number of Players: 4-6 (spaces available)

Game Description:

In the age before memory, the moon shattered as the gods of humanity died and the world was ravaged by cataclysm. The survivors clustered around the only safe places, the old temples, and sites of power, Sanctuaries. 3000 years later in the year of the three stars a comet heralded the fall of the Moondrop’s. Remnants of the dead god’s powers and consciousness. Giving those who found them a chance to become their champions and restore them to power.

Having met the enigmatic Wen in a train crash and being gifted their Moondrop’s the group have gained access to the fertile lands of the Golden Crescent. Bribing their way through border city of Glimmermoor and using their fake travel papers to sneak into Ebonstown, the capital of the Ebonsova territories.

However, the path forward has been shrouded in uncertainty. Befriending the leader of the city underworld has led to grave robbing and meeting The Bone Collector. Warnings of dark deeds, missing persons and creatures stalking the darkness has resulted in the group becoming adversaries to a cult of Hush, Nightmare Champion of skinwalkers.

With the aid of the Head Librarian and her clandestine mission the group have tracked the cultists to the ancient city baths. Infiltrating The Fleshworks brothel beneath them in the hope of finding the cultists lair. Now face to face with their foe the next few hours will decide the fate of the champions, the city and maybe the Golden Crescent itself.

GM’s Note: Ongoing game with horror elements, mature content, political intrigue, feuding families, moral questioning, and player character choices having a big impact on the world.(edited)

Campaign Title: Scholars and salt (7th and final-ish block)

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: 15
Player Experience: All experience welcome
Duration: ongoing
Number of Players: 4-6 (currently full)

Game Description: The Great Library of Candlekeep and the fishing village of Saltmarsh exist awkwardly side by side since Candlekeep appeared on the cliffs above the town one stormy night over a decade ago. The mages keep to themselves, and Saltmarsh has recently been revitalised with the establishment of a mythrill rich mine nearby. An equilibrium has been found between the town and library. However, The Piratical Sea princes have revealed their hand and moved against the neighbouring naval town of Seaton, striking a heavy blow. Now Saltmarsh lies undefended from threats both above and below the ocean.

Our party may be the most effective fighting force that Saltmarsh has to bear to protect itself from the Pirates of old and their Sahuagin allies.

DMs notes: this campaign is a mash-up of the ‘Candlekeep mysteries’, ‘Ghosts of Saltmarsh’ and ‘Princes of the apocalypse’ official campaign modules. There’s lots of opportunity for adventures both nautical and magical, we’ll see where the mood takes us! If you’ve read/played these modules before in might dampen your fun, but I’ll leave it up to you. I’ll be running (mostly) stock 5e, anything official goes, starting the block at lvl5, standard array / point buy with a free feat (but limited to one at character creation). Preference will be given to returning players.

Campaign Title: Waterdeep – Dragon Heist

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: mild adult content
Player Experience: none required
Duration: somewhat open-ended, likely at least 2 blocks
Number of Players: 3-6

Game Description:

A heavily homebrewed take on Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. The adventure is set entirely within the titular city of Waterdeep, a heaving metropolis in which the PCs are small fish in a large pond who accidentally stumble into a power struggle between the city’s various quarrelling factions. There will be a heavy emphasis on roleplay, investigation, and (as the adventure goes on) heists.

Waterdeep is a major city, a centre of trade an innovation. The vibe is roughly Renaissance Florence or Venice, a city of rough-and-tumble politics with burgeoning guilds competing with the established power of clannish noble houses and their internecine feuds. The aesthetics are slashed doublets, bombasted hose, shoulder capes, and a rapier on every hip (however much the City Watch might disapprove of seeing them ever drawn).

The published adventure uses the Forgotten Realms setting, which I’ll use as a vague guide (which is to say I’ll default to FR unless I think of something more interesting when asked lore questions). Just don’t expect any undue reverence for the Ed Greenwood canon! Rampant rewriting, erasure, and genderswapping of beloved Realms® characters is to be expected.

GM’s Note: Not at home to powergamers or murderhobos! Once groups are decided I’ll send players further info for character creation and similar. July 6th will be a session 0 to finalise character creation and establish relationships between the PCs Dice can be provided if needed!