Games for September 2022

Campaign Title: Tenacious Trailblazers

System: Forbidden Lands
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: Any experience, including new players
Duration: 12 weeks
Number of Players: 3-5
Game Description:
For over 300 years the Blood Mist engulfed the land, killing those who dared to walk at night and strangers in supposed safe places. With the Blood Mist receding 5 years ago, the Kin have started making tentative steps to reclaim their lands. It has not been as easy as they expected: the Mist has caused changes to the land, turning buildings into dust heaps and allowing dangerous creatures to take control. Knowledge of the lands have been lost to the unyielding sands of time with only scraps of legends remembered. A group comes together to explore the lands for themselves. Some seek safe places which their Kin can use to make new communities, some desire vengeance through banishing the monsters, some pursue the possibility of wealth and others delve to reveal the secrets hidden within the legends.

Rumours Abound!
The legend of Ensgroth hints at an anvil that can forge weapons that are unbreakable through mortal means. The Betharian fable whispers of stones imbued with magic. Qormusta’s myth may offer a glimmer of an insight that could change the world. Would these interest our group, or does survival take precedence in this perilous region? In this open-world survival game you are not heroes on a quest or mission, but raiders and rogues looking to flourish and thrive in a cursed land.

GM’s Note: This is a light and easy to learn system, and all relevant materials will be provided. We will be making characters together at the first session. You only need to bring yourselves, something to make notes on and a desire for exploration.

Campaign Title: A Cormyr Conundrum

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: Friendly for all
Player Experience: Any
Duration: 1 block +
Number of Players: 3- 5

Game Description:

The Forest Kingdom of Cormyr is now a rolling, green, and pleasant land, flanked by mountains and well fed by its own farms and ranches. Old, deep, and lush forests dominate the landscape and national character. A period of peace and relative stability has settled in following the dragon attacks 5 years ago and the territorial “disputes” with neighbouring Sembia and it remains a country under threat from many sides: • Nobles bicker over land rights and many plot against the crown. • Sembia, the merchant led country to East always seeks to extend it influence • The Cult of the Dragon seeks the downfall of the realm • The Zhentarim to the north are warlike and seek to increase their dominance. • The town of Tiverton to the North East was recently destroyed leaving the surrounding areas open to raiders and orc and goblin kind. The current ruler Regent Alusair Obarskvr rules with the aid of the Royal Wizard, War Wizards and Purple Dragoons. Adventuring has historically been frowned upon but adventurers can lend a tremendous amount of aid to the overstretched Cormyr military and Lady Alusair has been known to offer land and rewards in exchange for services rendered to the Realm. Each of you have now received a letter from an old companion requesting your help and calling in old favours. You have travelled to Cormyr to lend what aid you can. . .

GM’s note: A new Story with characters starting at level 2, it is intended to have a session zero to facilitate character creation and backgrounds.

Campaign Title: Battlestar Myriad 3

System: BRP
Genre: Sci-fi
Content Rating: 16+
Player Experience: All players welcome.
Duration: Multiple blocks, will depend upon interest
Number of Players: 4-7 (1 space available)

Game Description:

The Cylons hadn’t been seen or heard from for many years, which was why their attack on the 12 Colonies was so unforeseen and unplanned for. In the space of 24 hours, the Cylons wiped out millions of humans and destroyed the 12 Colonies.

The Battlestar Myriad and its fleet have now elected a governor, Professor Titus Justinian, and it is hoped that he can unite the divided humans of the ragtag fleet. After a round of promotions and the creation of a civilian police force, the Fleet is perhaps more organised than it has ever been. However, not everyone is supportive of the new Governor. The election highlighted that Captain Crolp and Captain Mallow have a very different view of how the fleet should be run and the current Governor’s ability to do that. The Hestian Hope, a surprisingly armoured ship amongst the civilian fleet’s rather dilapidated hulls, remains a problem.

There are still Cylons among them and they are now also aware that a separate faction of Variant Cylons exist. What exactly is their purpose and why is Dr Nereus so refusing to reveal who the other Cylons are? The fleet is still hunted and if they remain in one place then they risk being found by the enemy.

A further mystery faces the group with regard to Major Costa and his miraculous ability to heal, which apparently also comes with a Six who only he can see. Is he a hidden Cylon, as Colonel Byron thinks? The fleet has many dangers to face, but humans are a resourceful group, if only they can stop fighting amongst themselves for long enough to pull together.

So say we all!

GM’s Note: Ongoing campaign. Priority given to returning players.

Campaign Title: The Floating World

System: Modified BRP
Genre: Historical Fantasy (Feudal Japan)
Content Rating: Mature Content
Duration: Ongoing
Number of Players: Full

Game Description:

Winter descends on Japan as 1 Kanry? (1603 AD) draws to a close on a country less united than ever. Warlords feud and brood from their fortresses, planning campaigns for the coming year, as ‘Emperor’ Tosho’s grip reaches out from his new capital in Edo to crush his enemies. Up above, there is unrest in the Heavens as ancient grudges between gods and spirits are reignited by the actions of human warfare.

Unlikely heroes though they are, a theatre troupe has braved the ruins of Kyoto; faced the ghosts of the past and present, and emerged more powerful – though not without cost. They now set their sights to the east, to Edo, though it’s a long journey up the Tokaido and there’s worse than enemy soldiers lurking by the dark roadsides.
Sometimes, they actually manage to put on plays!

GM’s Note: This is a returning campaign – no spaces left, sorry.

Campaign Title: The Devils Backbone 20 (we miss counted before) – A winters Tail

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy “This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people (living or dead), actual events, tv, films or any official source material, is purely coincidental.”
Content Rating: Mild adult content, shallow humour, poor choices and misunderstood (by the DM) pop culture references.
Player Experience: All experience welcome (although full table at the moment)
Duration: One block (which in C&V years is 48 months)
Number of Players: 6 (full)

Game description:

Following the “redemption” of the Fallen Angel Zuriel and the rescue of the mighty Quaken, although Yampy did get away. Cantrips and Violence find themselves back home in the safe and secure Morgans ridge. Wait why is there a smell of burning wood, (check for signs of bonfire night?) and why has the friendly and usually helpful Polly (Cleric of the town) burning down his temple? Oh no…………… we did a bad thing!!!! However, at the same time but in another dimension completely, Identity Crisis have travelled around the Island in the Feywild that they have found themselves on. Collecting Orbs, trading with Fairy Frogs (maybe buying their children), collecting the queens favour and one of the party becoming a Thain, and finally finding the prison that the princess is kept within. Following an absolutely accurate vision from the bowl, Identity Crisis travel to the north of the Island where there is absolutely no Skeletons, the wizard/cleric reassures you. Those, of they are not skeletons, their bone dancers totally different thing. The last orb collected from the Zombies and the Pink Armadillo they shaved earlier, they need to get this resolved. They return to the mystical and only half corporeal camp of the Silverhillians, battered, bruised, “orbs” attuned to them and is the Githyanki Barbarian growing pink fur? After a nights sleep and some healing they are ready to take the cleansed orbs back to the Princesses prison. After an easy travel they find themselves facing their new mortal enemy, the mighty, the deadly, the cutest little mind flayer ever The H’unch, the totally normal human (cough Vampire) Lord Volron and the princess.

The obvious battel ensues, with the princess killed, resurrected as spectral minion to the warlock of the party and then killed again, the queen of the Fey less than happy removes the favours she bestowed, but the Barbarian does have a new sword. After returning to the Mortal Plane they find Vellynne waiting she has transport from them to the mist-stroud abandoned frost giant fortress in the sea of floating ice. They need to go to collect a book “the Codicil of White” rumoured to have many amazing spells including one to open the carve passage to the city of Ythryn, where they may be able to resolve this issue and return the frozen north to its normal cold climate. They also need a small family heirloom stolen from Vellynne, which has been stolen, Professor Skant a sentient orb that has the personality of a professor within it.

GM’s Note: We have a full table at the moment with no spaces

Campaign Title: Tabletop Tapas

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Action
Content Rating: 15
Player Experience: Any
Duration: 1 block
Number of Players: 3- 5

Game description:
A series of short campaigns lasting 2-4 sessions with the intent of trying out new homebrew settings and ideas, some of which are described below.
LAW & DISORDER Welcome to Dragon’s Claim, a city rife with crime, ridden with chaos and reeking of corruption. Where law abiding citizens fear to venture out at night and trouble lurks down every alleyway. Only the Aegis stand between the people and total anarchy – a shield of law and order against the magic missiles of malice and mayhem. You are officers of the Aegis, regarded by the brass as mavericks. Loose cannons who play by their own rules – and sometimes not even those – but you get results gods damnit! Unfortunately after a botched operation that destroyed half a city block, smashed the mayoral carriage and created a mountain of parchment work, you’ve been knocked down to traffic duty. Enduring the vicious mockery of your fellow officers, you bide your time until you can once again prove yourself to the chief and get back to prestidigitating these dirty streets!
The Grey Lands Here the dead have no rest , and the living no respite And lakes are given tides by the heartbeats of immense beasts beneath Here, one’s sanity is an ill fitting skin, waiting to be shed And courage is the armour of fools, soon rusted by verity Here the corpses of long dead gods are mined for fuel Their bodies the only thing that burns enough to give light Here into this world you were birthed, cold, and fearful And will likely remain forever so Here In the Grey Lands.
Harmonia It’s open stage night at the Kobold Ugly, where any and all are invited to perform on its sticky, mead-stained boards. Rumour has it that patron scouts sometimes come here with an eye peeled for potential and a bag full of coin. Fact has it that if you do perform you get free drinks. Either way, you’ve signed up to play and its too late to back out now.
GM Notes: New game. I’m pretty flexible as to what we do, so if players want to focus more on a longer campaign, or favour something more traditional no worries. Also happy for others to try running sessions and one shots of their own if they so desire.

Campaign Title: Ravenloft: Journey Into The Mists

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy/Horror Content
Rating: 16+ – Violence, Alcohol Use, Swearing
Player Experience: Any
Duration: 1 + blocks
Number of Players: 4-6

Game Description:
Since the dawn of time, the mists of Ravenloft have inspired awe and terror. Appearing, seemingly at random throughout the centuries, people, communities, even entire nations have been swallowed by them never to be seen again. Though many speculated, none knew the secrets and horrors that lay behind the veil of fog. Until now… After years of study, a scholar believes he has discovered way to locate the descending mists, and, more crucially how to escape from the realm behind them. He seeks a team of adventurers to enter the mists, to explore the lands behind them, and return with tales of what they’ve seen. And he promises great rewards for who take on the task.
The mists descend, the dread realms of Ravenloft beckon….Dare you brave the journey?
GM Note: Journey into the mists is a horror-based 5e D&D campaign that uses the Ravenloft campaign setting. Players of all levels of experience and none are welcome. I will be away on the 14th and 21st of September so the Campaign will start on the 28th

Campaign Title: A Growing Enigma (Blood Harvest 5) and Trouble at Bur Hollow

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Urban Spellpunk set in the Ravnica universe + Homebrew setting
Content Rating: 18+
Player Experience: All players welcome. This is a continuation of a previous block, new players welcome to apply but preference given to current players
Duration: ongoing
Number of Players: 4-7

Game description:
Blood Harvest: Having discovered the Who behind recent events, our heroes now venture into the depths of Ravnica to discover the Why, attempting to comprehend what could connect the mad scientist to the ancestral conflict with the Nephilim and the present conflict between guildless and the guilds, hopefully before the situation further deteriorates. Trouble at Bur Hollow: The lands around Briarwood have always been considered fertile and ripe for the picking – it’s strategically placed and rich in resources. But there are ancient entities in and around the Forest that are set strongly against change. It seems as if the land, its denizens and outsiders are destined to lock heads – no matter the cost. What will the heroes of this campaign discover and will they be able to settle tensions within the landscape before it’s too late?
GMs’ Note: We will be alternating campaigns and DMs, with around 3 weeks of the month reserved to the ongoing Blood Harvest campaign and 1 week for Trouble at Bur Hollow

Campaign Title: Scholars and Salt (4th block)

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: 15
Player Experience: All experience welcome
Duration: ongoing
Number of Players: 4-6 (1 free slot)

Game Description:

The Great Library of Candlekeep and the fishing village of Saltmarsh exist awkwardly side by side since Candlekeep appeared on the cliffs above the town on a stormy night over a decade ago. The mages mostly keep to themselves and Saltmarsh has recently been revitalised with the establishment of a mythrill rich mine nearby. Of late however the relative peace has been interrupted by the emergence of 2 potential threats to the town: The apparent resurgence of the piratical sea princes, long thought vanquished but now suddenly armed with elemental magics, and the coming together of local Sahuagin clans. Of these are linked is still a mystery to be solved. Our party of both brave and off adventures have ingratiated themselves with the town and library, gaining feral cats, tiny dragons, gold and a few insights into their own natures in the process. They have discovered threats to the town that originate both from the skies and the seas as well as the outer plains, but the path to combat these threats is yet to be uncovered. DMs notes: this campaign is a mash-up of the ‘Candlekeep mysteries’, ‘Ghosts of Saltmarsh’ and ‘Princes of the apocalypse’ official campaign modules. There’s lots of opportunity for adventures both nautical and magical, we’ll see where the mood takes us! If you’ve read/played these modules before in might dampen your fun, but I’ll leave it up to you. I’ll be running (mostly) stock 5e, anything official goes, starting the block at lvl4, standard array / point buy with a free feat (but limited to one at character creation). Preference will be given to returning players, but there is at least one free seat and the story is still gaining steam!

Campaign Title: Whispers of the Ancients

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Fantasy/Action & Adventure
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: All players (new/experienced).
Duration: Full block+
Number of Players: 3-5

Game Description:
Welcome to the Creegan Archipelago, a thriving continent in the northern hemisphere of Statera. Since its colonisation around 1000 years ago, civilisation has spread across the continent, founding 16 countries. Creega boasts astounding natural beauty, new discoveries and an atmosphere that thrums with magical essence. Though not all is well in Creega… Dark plots are taking hold in the shadows and war continues to threaten the eastern isles. The whisper on the winds has morphed into a murmur and the fires of destruction, chaos and madness burn steadily. Tasked with a holy quest by angels on behalf of the Gods themselves, the adventuring group known as Just Cause have travelled far to stop The Cult of True Creation, a mysterious cult that seeks vengeance on the Gods for ancient wrongs. Entrusted with forbidden knowledge, Just Cause learned that the cult may be seeking to free a powerful ancient being known as Ululate, whose origin dates back to Statera’s creation, from its demiplane prison. In addition, the magical stones they’ve guarded and that the cult have been using in their rituals are pieces of the Appratu Aurorae; remnants of tools that the Gods once used to sculpt and create the multiverse before sundering and scattering them.

Having used a legendary arcane forge to craft magical lenses needed by wizard allies to complete a powerful scrying device, Just Cause were at last able to use the device to locate The Cult of True Creation. Just Cause gazed upon the sight of the cult ringleader, a man named Reaghan Hewen, in conversation with a senior member of guard in an unfamiliar tavern. Reaghan sought to gain access to somewhere, and his wishes were granted by blackmailing the guard. The guard in question strongly resembled a man responsible for crippling Badur during his military days in a war between Galivak and Tirene. Armed with this information Just Cause headed for Areshdjeba, the capital of the desert nation of Tirene. Having tracked down the guard and and attempted to ambush Reaghan and the cultists before they gaining access to a sared tomb within the city, Just Cause find themselves locked in pursuit of Reaghan to stop him from escaping yet agian, and concluding his nefarious desires with the sacred tomb…

GM’s Note: Ongoing game. Current players have priority but welcome new players. Homebrew world and campaign. I relish backstory (liaise with me and let’s make your idea happen). Freedom for players to explore, develop backstories and establish themselves within the world and narrative.