Joining the Guild of Adventurers

We welcome everyone with an interest in roleplay gaming no matter what your experience is. Please contact the Chair for a membership form if you would like to join or pop onto our Discord server and say hello.

We currently play in Abingdon on a Wednesday night, but hope to be able to offer more venues in the future.

When you contact us, we will ask you what kind of games you may enjoy playing and then place you in one of our games when a space is available. All new members are offered two free sessions so that you can see if you enjoy playing with us. If you want to continue, then you’ll be invited to become a full member after your two free sessions.

We run games in blocks of 12 weeks, but we can often find seats in a game mid-block. Some players may prefer to wait until we begin a new block to join. We currently operate a waiting list for anyone wanting to join at the start of a new block. You can find out more about the block structure, voting at the start of a new block and how we pitch new games here.

Most of our members play Dungeons and Dragons, but we also offer several other gaming systems and you can see what we’re currently playing on the Current Games page.

If you’re coming to the club for the first time then we will ask you to arrive five minutes early so that we can give you a quick introduction to the club and take you through the venue safety procedures. You will be contacted by your group’s Game Master (GM) in advance to discuss joining the game and you may wish to bring a set of polyhedral dice, pen/pencil and a notebook but that is entirely optional.