Games for January 2022

Campaign Title: The Kazakov Defection

System: Call of Cthulhu 7e (World War Cthulhu: Cold War)
Genre: Horror
Content Rating: 16+
Player Experience: All players welcome.
Duration: 12 weeks
Number of Players: 4-6
Game Description: Istanbul is at the centre of both a world of espionage and a world of occult horror. The SIS agents were originally sent to Istanbul to locate and assess whether Vadim Kazakov was a genuine defector to the West, but their true mission (as agents who are also members of Section 46) was to discover what had happened to the Brotherhood of the Skin.

The Brotherhood are known to flay their victims skin from their bodies, but someone has killed them. They have now encountered agents of several mythos entities and a Deep One. They have been followed, attacked, and watched. Every step seems to uncover further disturbing plans, both in the Cold War and the occult. Can they unravel the mystery and complete their mission before whatever terrible plans there are in progress come to fruition?

GM’s Note: Ongoing game. Current players will have priority for places.

Campaign Title: The lonely shore

Campaign Title: The lonely shore
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy with a touch of lovecaft ish horror
Content Rating: Probably best for a mature audience
Player Experience: Any type of player,
Duration: At present one block,but open to potential extension.
Number of Players: 4 to 6
Game Description: During the summer season, the town of Salt Light is a pleasant if quaint seaside resort on the Dragons claw peninsula. It is popular with artists who are drawn there by the desolate beauty of the dunes and scholars and mages visiting the nearby famed Imperial Arcane Institute (and associated archaeological sites). The seafood is also excellent.

Winter is an entirely different matter however, and everyone who can leave does so. To miss the ferry is to be stranded in a strange and isolated place with limited resources.

You found yourself one of the last visitors left in the town hoping to catch the last ferry of the season up the coast, but it never arrived.

Can you wrangle very unhelpful wizards ,handle defiantly not cursed books and are up for an exiting crab fight ? If so you may still get out alive…….

GM’s Note: I’m a new GM so please forgive rough edges. Ongoing game. Current players will have priority for places

Campaign Title: Devils Backbone 15 – It’s Sandra’s all the way down!

System: DnD 5e
Genre: Fantasy – Very loosely based on Descent into Avernus and Rime of the Frostmaiden – those books are certainly on the DM’s bookshelves getting increasingly dusty.
Content Rating: Mild adult content, shallow humour, poor choices and misunderstood pop culture references.
Player Experience: All experience welcome
Duration: Always just one block
Number of Players: 6
Game Description: Identity Crisis are happily contemplating the quiet, oddly food abundant life in what is left of the frozen north, wondering why there is a small wooden box decorated with flowers and small beads on the table, maybe it was always there.

Vellynne seems impatient and why is Nimsy so calm about Trevor the fisherman disappearing ‘just like the others’ hoping he turns up dead or just like he was before – what was he before?

Meanwhile, Cantrips and Violence are continuing their charm offensive deep down in Hell, (not the basement – honest). After denying the helpful guidance of a certain 5 headed Dragon Deity by killing the level headed Metal Tortle Priest, there’s nothing to worry about her champion vanishing after taking the blood of the groups warriors.

The heroic group rallied and tried using the differing time streams to bug out to the Prime material plane to their advantage – other than bringing themselves to the attention of Asmodius – Grand Lord of Hells this went without a hitch. Surely carrying out a seemingly innocent favour to the Lord of Deception could never go wrong. All they had to do was ask the one true honest priest they had ever met to be at a place of the Lord of all Lies choosing, no big deal in return for a night of drinking and a lie in.

With both Devils and Angels describing the group as ‘Not the Worst People they’ve met’ what is next for the intrepid group? Rescuing the occupants of Fort Knucklebones by killing at least 1/10th of the occupying force and running away after a superior devil takes command. Why are the wasps being so aggressive? Why has the angelic sword suddenly allowed itself to be touched? Why do Were Hippo’s exist? Why do the Hag’s make our intrepid hero’s dream of killing children in a funhouse? More importantly – where is Jeff and does he have dry trousers?

Campaign Title: The Sowing of Fire (Blood Harvest II)

System: 5E
Genre: Fantasy/Spellpunk/Urban
Content Rating: 18+
Player Experience: All players welcome
Duration: 1 block
Number of Players: 6 (preference given to current players)
Game Description: The Gateless grow bolder, building on the impact of the Blood Harvest massacre and feeding on the discontent of the general populace with the reaction of the guilds. Their leader, only known as the Hammer, steps out of the shadows and calls the downtrodden to join their cause, with no quarter to be given to the oppressors until the locks that hold together the guild system have been unlocked. And they seem to have the power to back up the threat, if the fire that rained over the Statue of Agrus Kos is any indication.

Members of a taskforce whose sole job is to stop the Gateless menace, our heroes continue to pursue a number of leads, looking to get a glimpse of what it is that the Gateless are really trying to achieve and what roles goblin gangs, mutated beasts, rogue inventors and a neighbourhood guardhouse play in this plot. And they better do it fast, as the Guilds won´t take this quietly.

GM’s Note: The adventure uses the Ravnica D&D setting as a backdrop. This is a continuation of a previous block, but new players are welcome to apply. Run online until Jan 19th

Campaign Title: The Floating World

System: Modified BRP
Genre: Historical Fantasy (Feudal Japan)
Content Rating: Mature Content
Player Experience: All welcome, although the focus is usually heavy on character roleplay over stats and rules.
Duration: Ongoing
Number of Players: 3-6 (2 slots available)
Game Description: The year is 1 Kanry? (November 1603 by the Western Calendar), first year of the rule of Emperor Ieyasu Tokugawa. His attempt to besiege the city of Osaka was stymied, and the political situation in Honshu is beginning to shift.

At the heart of the conflict is an unassuming theatre troupe, who aren’t really too sure how they got here, let alone how they’ll get out. As they travel onwards to the ruins of Kyoto, perhaps they’ll find some answers.

GM’s Note: This is a returning campaign – new players are welcome, and I’ll talk you through anything you’re unsure about.

Campaign Title: A Grindhouse Double Feature: Scholars of Salt / Stories of Sydra

System: 5E
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: 15A
Player Experience: All players welcome
Duration: 1 block
Number of Players: 4- 6 (1 slot free)
Scholars of Salt 17 years ago: The air shimmers, and upon the cliffs of Saltmarsh a thin tower of white stone appears from nowhere, then another and more and more forming a tangled mess of spires majestic, arcane and magnificent.

Nearly 2 decades after the appearance of the Candlekeep library of the arcane above the fishing town of Saltmarsh, the region has found a new equilibrium. The Town and the Library have their own niches to fill and broadly keep themselves to themselves.

The discovery of a potentially rich vein of mythrill near to the town now threatens to upset this balance. Some of the library and town see this as an opportunity to revitalise the town’s economy and as a source of a vital resource for magical research. Others see it as yet another disruption to their way of life, remembering a simpler time when the crown’s attention was far to the north and an enterprising businessman could make his fortune through hard graft (and maybe a little grift) on the open seas.

But uncertainty breeds opportunity, and individuals with the wherewithal to seize it with both hands can stand to make their own legends in times like these

Stories of Sydra Times of trouble bring many things with them, including the opportunity for fame, fortune, maybe even some thrilling heroics. So is the life of the collection of misfits, miscreants and malcontents that call themselves adventurers.

Having travelled far Stone to the town of Argent, our heroes foiled a plot to awaken some deep evil beneath, and for their troubles find themselves called upon to ply their dubious trade in further perilous circumstances. But given the sudden presence of a Province army, tensions rising across all nations of Sydra, and throw in the many mysteries of this world barely glimpsed and only hinted, there are sure to be…complications.

GM’s Note: This block will have 2 separate low level Dungeons and Dragons 5E campaigns from 2 DM’s, alternating based on story beats. One is a homebrew setting leading off from the previous block, the other a mash up of Candlekeep Mysteries and Ghosts of Saltmarsh official modules, starting out from scratch.

Campaign Title: Whispers of the Ancients

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Fantasy/Action & Adventure
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: All players (new/experienced)
Duration: Full block+
Number of Players: 3-5 (2 slots free)
Game Description: Welcome to the Creegan Archipelago, a thriving continent in the northern hemisphere of Statera. Since its colonisation around 1000 years ago, civilisation has spread across the continent, founding 16 countries. Creega boasts astounding natural beauty, new discoveries and an atmosphere that thrums with magical essence. Though not all is well in Creega… Dark plots are taking hold in the shadows and war continues to threaten the eastern isles. The wind carries a whisper that grows ever louder… The spark once carried with it has found its home in the pyres of destruction, chaos and madness… The fire slowly burns…

Tasked with a holy quest by angels on behalf of the Gods themselves, the adventuring group known as Just Cause have travelled far to stop The Cult of True Creation, a mysterious cult that seeks vengeance on the Gods for ancient wrongs. Entrusted with forbidden knowledge, Just Cause learned that the cult may be seeking to free a powerful ancient being known as Ululate, whose origin dates back to Statera’s creation, from its demiplane prison. In addition, the magical stones they’ve guarded and that the cult have been using in their rituals are pieces of the Appratu Aurorae; remnants of tools that the Gods once used to sculpt and create the multiverse before sundering and scattering them.

In their quest to discover the cult’s new location, Just Cause travelled to the Star Mountains in Olinon. The group sought the Nebulra Forge, a legendary magical forge that could enable creation of powerful magical items and, critically, components needed by their wizard allies to complete a powerful magical contraption that could locate their cultist adversaries. After an arduous journey and with the help of an inquisitive noble they saved from the clutches of a crazed, resentful vampire, Just Cause at last located the forge. Though their work is not yet over. A white dragon named Gorgandr, the Frost Eternal, lairs beneath the mountains. Gorgandr’s icy power has suppressed the lava plumes beneath the mountain that power the Nebula Forge. If Just Cause wish to use the forge they must first deal, in one way or another, with Gorgandr…

GM’s Note: Ongoing game. Current players have priority but welcome new players. We have space for at least 2 new player. Homebrew world and campaign. I relish backstory (liaise with me and let’s make your idea happen). Freedom for players to explore, develop backstories and establish themselves within the world and narrative.

Campaign Title: Psycho Beach Party

System: They Came from Beneath the Sea
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror, 1950s b-movie horror silliness, MST3K
Content Rating: Family friendly
Player Experience: New players welcome
Duration: A block, possible change to a ’60s b-movie horror silliness in a sister game for next block
Number of Players: 3-6
Game Description: The game “They Came From Beneath the Sea” is a Storypath game with a fresh mix of comedy and horror. Players take roles of characters in the 1950s horror movies, with a high level of meta-gaming. This means that some of the special powers the characters have at their disposal are things like “Cheap Set” to escape the monsters, “Kill the Extra” to evade character death or even “Scene missing” to get out of any sticky situation they find themselves in. As movie characters, each character also has few one-liners they can use to help with their dice rolls, all to ensure good fun at the table. 1950s America is a world of Coca-Cola, diner bars, and fresh emergence of Rock and Roll and monsters that hid beneath the sea level. Nuclear families and nuclear power plants are all that can help stop the Commies get their hands on the secrets that lie beneath the sea.

GM’s Note: The game will start with a pre-written jumpstart to help people get familiar with the system, followed by either character creation or new stories with the prewritten characters. The game will start on 19th January.