Games for July 2021

Campaign Title: The Floating World

System: Modified BRP
Genre: Historical Fantasy (Feudal Japan)
Content Rating: Mature Content
Player Experience: All welcome, although the focus is usually heavy on character roleplay over stats and rules.
Duration: Ongoing?
Number of Players: 3-6
Game Description: The year is 1 Kanry? (September 1603 by the Western Calendar), first year of the rule of Emperor Ieyasu Tokugawa. The delicate political situation in post-Sengoku Japan was not helped by Ieyasu’s betrayal and murder of the Emperor only months earlier. Osaka, domain of the Toyotomi Clan, is one hold-out against recognising the new order, but with Ieyasu’s army encamped outside, and a brutal gang war erupting over control of the city’s underworld, the stage is set for a group of nothings-and-somethings to tip the balance in their favour. As the curtain rises on this play, will you champion the downtrodden, defend the mandate of heaven, or take advantage of the chaos?

GM’s Note: This is a returning campaign, but there’s no need to have played the previous sessions: everything you need to know can be summarised by “it’s all gone a bit pear-shaped”. Your character should ideally have some buy-in to care about the situation in Osaka: perhaps you have family there, perhaps you’re a minor noble with a lot to lose, or perhaps you simply smell opportunity. I’ll be on hand to help you with character design if you need it! (Also, preferably, they should have a penchant for the theatre!)

Campaign Title: The Devils BackBone 13 – A Shanty of Ice and Fire

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy loosely following the Rime of the Frostmaiden and Avernus modules SPOILERS here and on the text channel.
Content Rating: Mild adult content with innuendos and shallow humour.
Player Experience: No Previous experience of D&D or RPGs required
Duration: Until Hell freezes over or the Rime thaws from 10 Towns (1 block)
Number of Players: 6 with returning players
Game Description: Yampy thought it would be a cold day in Hell before C&V could thwart his plans – but strange frost rimed winds are blowing across the plains of Avernus. The Despicable Union of Companions Killing Saviours (D.U.C.K.S) may have shown themselves be the GREATEST evil, but has their temporal plane waddling machinations unwittingly interweaved the destinies of the Heroes of the 10 erm 6 Towns and the absentee landlords of the Prancing Mindflayer? More importantly – Why does Popsicle look smug all of a sudden?

Despite struggling with numerous “Identity Crises”, the group in the Frozen North managed to housetrain the pet baby Dragon of the crazed Duergar Chief and just about deal with the bigger one enough to leave more than one town standing. After finding out that one of the groups long lost Dad wasn’t imprisoned in one of the most isolated prisons on the continent they’ve decided to pop round for tea. Just a simple trip through the Underdark, past the angry fish people to find the library that doesn’t hang around waiting to be found – at least they don’t have to pack a map! Hopefully after the (possibly) happy family reunion they’ll get back to the surface and bask in the glory of catching the biggest fish in town. The fact that they’ve stolen from an Ancient White dragon’s hoard and being actively hunted by mindflayers (cute and otherwise) surely won’t slow them down in finding out why the Rime is getting worse, dealing with the refugees and the strange behaviour of the kobolds. The Frost Giant haunting the Barbarians visions will barely be an inconvenience though an ex girlfriend showing up in town may be their undoing. Maybe, she’ll be the one they finally leave alive for questioning!

Fortunately, their actions are guided by a divination expert whose predictions are correct 60% of the time – every time!

Meanwhile on the dusty lower planes, Eliora has shown that Hell Hath No Fury like a woman who has her chicken stolen. Ebb has been viciously drained of life and V&C are close to gaining the fabled Chair of Power. After risking it all and gaining 9 rods of Adamantium in a brutal fight against Fiona’s minions will C&V use her vehicles to take the fight to her or will they Kaer too much to use non theologically friendly modes of transport. Having claimed the sacred weapon of General Azuriel will everything end up Peachy or are they simply playing into Mr Giggles hands?

More importantly is Tiamat sulking as one of her many heads simply isn’t en flique in the material plane any more? Or have the D.U.C.K.S been Trolling her on Twitter? Was Popsicle always in the front of the van?

GM’s Note: Existing game with ongoing players, This block will swing back and forth much more than previous, so it may be a more confusing on the channel than normal.
Be aware that our text channel will possibly have spoilers for both modules, please be aware of this when looking at our channel, especially if you either 1) do not want to know what’s happening in the modules or 2) actually want to know what’s happening in these modules (we play off book a lot). Priority will be given to existing players.

Campaign Title: The sacrifice makes the streets run red

System: VtM V5
Genre: Horror, personal horror, political horror
Content Rating: Adults only.
Player Experience: New players, dedicated weekly players, seasoned role-players.
Duration: 8-12 weeks
Number of Players: 3-5
Game Description: Accept no substitutes, Chicago is the city of vampires. The crown jewel of The Ivory Tower has changed the status quo and a new Prince rules Chicago. Political scene of Chicago will be moved once again with the arrival of Lasombra, enemies of the Camarilla since it’s beginning. Whispers in the night say they might even petition to enter the Camarilla, but at what price?

GM’s Note: This game will go through The Sacrifice chronicle that is presented in the Chicago by Night book. The game will then expand based on the player choices made in the chronicle. No knowledge of the setting and the system is requred as I will explain everything as we go along, plus give small handouts throughout the game and have NPCs as guides if needed.

Campaign Title: Oxford By Night

System: Vampire The Masquerade 5th Edition
Genre: Dramatic Horror
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: No knowledge of system or setting required. Newcomers to RPGs welcome. Preference will be given to current players.
Duration: 1 block+
Number of Players: 7
Game Description: After centuries of stability among Oxford’s vampire clans under his reign, the Prince of Oxford has disappeared, along with all of the eldest vampires living in the city. Now, under the shadow of night, the disparate clans use the chaos to fight for dominance. The situation creates both challenges and opportunities for the ambitious children of the night.  All the while, new outside threats emerge, as hunters, and other supernatural entities seek to use the conflict to strike against their hated enemies. And more dangerous than anything else, the threat of discovery by humans rises every night.

Following the election of a new Prince and successful negotiations, hostilities between the carmarilla and the anarchy of the has ended in a tenuous treaty, and a plan to liberate London. However a shocking assassination threatens to tear the new piece apart. Meanwhile both the werewolves and the fey have made their presences more acutely known and in the midst of this chaos, a strange entity stalks the streets of Oxford with murder on its mind. Will the coterie survive, or be destroyed like so many others.

GM Notes: Vampire The Masquerade is a game of gothic horror, putting the players in the role of Vampires, caught in the balance between their human and vampiric natures. This campaign will run using the most recent version of the game (5th edition). The game is a balance of horror, drama and action. Knowledge of the system or setting are not required (in fact this campaign will contain some substantial changes to the established lore).

Campaign Title: Whispers of the Ancients

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Fantasy/Action & Adventure
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: All players (new/experienced).
Duration: Full block+
Number of Players: 3-6
Game Description: Welcome to the Creegan Archipelago, a thriving continent in the northern hemisphere of Statera. Since its colonization around 1000 years ago, civilization has spread across the continent, founding 16 countries. Creega boasts astounding natural beauty, new discoveries and an atmosphere that thrums with magical essence.

Though not all is well in Creega… Dark plots are taking hold in the shadows, pests and monstrosities are becoming more numerous and war continues to threaten the eastern isles. The whisper on the winds grows louder, and the spark once carried with it has found its home in the pyres of destruction, chaos and madness… The fire begins to burn.

In recent memory the group known as Five Guise found themselves in opposition to a mysterious cult seeking vengeance on the Gods called “The Followers of True Creation”. A sinister ritual conducted by the cult opened a portal to an unknown plane, bringing through a worm-composed creature adopting a humanoid form, referred to as “The Emissary”. Five Guise managed to thwart the ritual before its crescendo, but the cult leaders escaped and numerous innocent lives were lost. With the ritual stopped Five Guise collected another mysterious arcane stone harboring strange whispers, identified the body of the mastermind behind the King of Arryn’s abduction; Reirak Glangart among the cult’s fallen, and escorted survivors back to civilization. Along the way Five Guise gained two new allies, Torm, a human Druid and Scatter, a Tabaxi Rogue. With the almost complete overhaul of Five Guise’s membership came a new name: Just Cause.

Presently, having made a visit to a powerful mages tower and gaining a potential means to locate their cultist adversaries by using a magical contraption called the Astra Viewfinder, Just Cause have travelled to the Great Harvest fields of Olinon. The group head towards the Star Mountains in search of a legendary forge know as the Nebula Forge to craft powerful items and components to help build the viewfinder. Though their quest may not be so straight forward…

GM’s Note: Ongoing game. Current players have priority but welcome new players. Homebrew world and campaign. I relish backstory (liaise with me and let’s make your idea happen). Freedom to players to explore, develop backstories and establish themselves within the world and narrative.

Campaign title: Even More Short-Shots and One Shots

System: Multiple Systems
Genre: Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, and more
Content Rating: Probably hovering somewhere around a 12-15 rating with X card in place. Player Experience: Familiarity with roleplaying games in general, since we’ll be switching and learning new systems fairly regularly
Duration: 1 block
Number of players: 4-6
Game description: It’s the one shot group again, again, again! Last block we did some Star Wars Edge of the Empire, and a fair amount of Forbidden Lands. Well, that was until a bit of a disaster in an orc castle… Since then, we’ve done some legally distinct PbtA Avatar, and some Werewolf the Apocalypse! Don’t quite know what the plan is next, but I’m sure it’ll be just as eclectic.

Campaign Title: HHOHC:AB – A 4th Summer Harvest

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Content Rating: 16 (Contains fantasy violence and references to alcohol/inebriation)
Player Experience: New players and experienced welcome
Duration: 12 weeks
Number of Players: 4-6
Game Description:
7th Quarterly Press Release Herbs, Hordes and Ore Harvesting Company: Arabel Branch

HHOHC: Arabel – CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE – due to staff shortages/deaths

PSA – Have you noticed any white and purple spiders around your house, workplace or person? Ash in your beef hash? A ripple in the tipple? Please contact your nearest HHOHC healthcare professional for FREE*advice and chrono-independent medication.

*included with a signed 1 year internship to the HHOHC

$$$ Are you a Driver, Ranger, Forager or Alchemist? $$$ Do Not Apply NOW $$$ No positions available $$$ MORE RED RAVENS $$$

GM Note: Sandbox campaign set in Faerun. Focused on developing and resolving PC backstories and relationships with a backdrop of hunting, gathering and crafting. This is a continuing campaign with character backstories carrying through and characters carrying through, new players however are welcome. I have confirmed that they are all staying mind.