Games for April 2021

Campaign Title: Devils Backbone 12: Make mine an “Adventure”, neat on black ice!

System: D&D 5e Genre: Fantasy loosely following the Rime of the Frostmaiden and Avernus modules SPOILERS here and on the text channel.
Content Rating: Mild adult content with innuendos and shallow humour.
Player Experience: No previous experience of DnD or TTRPG required.

Game Description: With the days as cold and dark as Hakka’s mood and the nights even worse, our adventurers have survived approx. 5 weeks in the harsh reality of Ten Towns and each other. Have they made a connection to each other, a life maybe, and a home, something not many have had before. Is this companionship out of need or actual friends?…..I’m sure Amberforth will tell them when the time is right. Knatto has tried to make a cosy and comfy place to keep the partys hoard.With weird crystals on pimp canes causing weird changes to some, mindflayers (both big and small) plaguing their every move and now the threat of a dragon…..what will they do? Where will they go and who will be following them?Helping others and adventuring allows you to run away from your problems…right? …..or at least it did for our adventurers……. until their problems turn into a mindflayer waking them from their sleep, a bowl that gives visions(small print on the bottom “this bowl is accurate some of the time and is used at the owners own risk and not the responsibility of the tricker god who made it… there is no refund”), the barbarian starting to get visions after staring into the Druid river and the rogues family who wants to attempt her sacrificed for a second time……but what can you do? … with your problems or find the Duergar chief who is “building” a Dragon from Chardalyn.Aaaahhhhh sweet procrastination, always stealing time!!!!

Will the dragon be real? Will Ethelfryn’s family find her? Can Linluin get home (she has tried the ruby slippers) and will Amberforth see the future? Tune in, same weird discord channel, same time to find out…….

GM’s Note:
Existing game with ongoing players, with the majority of this block being in the frozen north and set within the Rime of the Frostmaiden module, with potential visit to the Hells for the Avernus module. Be aware that our text channel will possibly have spoilers for both modules, please be aware of this when looking at our channel, especially if you either 1) do not want to know what’s happening in the modules or 2) actually want to know what’s happening in these modules (we play off book a lot).
Priority will be given to existing players.

Campaign title: More Short-Shots and One Shots

System: Multiple Systems
Genre: Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, and more
Content Rating: Probably hovering somewhere around a 12-15 rating with X card in place.
Player Experience: Familiarity with roleplaying games in general, since we’ll be switching and learning new systems fairly regularly
Game description: It’s the one shot group again, again! We actually ended up spending most of the last block playing Tales from the Loop, but it ended up being a lot of fun, befriending talking birds, freeing robots and coaxing a T-Rex back into a time portal using a quad bike covered in steaks while playing Final Countown on a synth… This block however, we’ve got plans to play some Forbidden Lands, some Genesys (both a homebrew post-apoc thing, and a cyberpunk Shadows of the Beanstalk setting), maybe a bit of the Expanse, and whatever else people want to run! We’ll also be switching out GM more often than we have in the past, so if you have a game you want to run for a session or 3, come and join us!

Campaign Title: Whispers of the Ancients

Campaign Title: Whispers of the Ancients
System: D&D 5E
Genre: Fantasy/Action & Adventure
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: All players (new/experienced).
Game Description: Welcome to the Creegan Archipelago, a thriving continent in the northern hemisphere of Statera. Since its colonization around 1000 years ago, civilization has spread across the continent, founding 16 countries. Creega boasts astounding natural beauty, new discoveries and an atmosphere that thrums with magical essence.Though not all is well in Creega… Dark plots are taking hold in the shadows, pests and monstrosities are becoming more numerous and war continues to threaten the eastern isles. The whisper on the winds grows louder, and the spark once carried with it has found its home in the pyres of destruction, chaos and madness… The fire begins to burn.48th Fall 1671. When our gaze last turned to the adventuring group known as Five Guise, the group found themselves in opposition to a mysterious cult seeking vengeance on the Gods called “The Followers of True Creation”. A sinister ritual conducted by the cult opened a portal to an unknown plane, bringing through a worm-composed creature adopting a humanoid form, referred to as “The Emissary”. Five Guise managed to thwart the ritual before its crescendo, but the cult leaders escaped and numerous innocent lives were lost. With the ritual stopped Five Guise collected another mysterious arcane stone harboring strange whispers, identified the body of the mastermind behind the King of Arryn’s abduction; Reirak Glangart among the cult’s fallen, and escorted survivors back to civilization. Along the way Five Guise gained two new allies, Torm, a human Druid and Scatter, a Tabaxi Rogue. With the almost complete overhaul of Five Guise’s membership came a new name: Just Cause.

Presently, having made a visit to a powerful mages tower and gaining a potential means to locate their cultist adversaries, Just Cause now set out in pursuit of a vision bestowed upon Carmen that leads them towards a mountain top monastery, and the promise of power, knowledge and greater understanding…

GM’s Note: Ongoing game. Current players have priority but welcome new players. Homebrew world and campaign. I relish backstory (liaise with me and let’s make your idea happen). Freedom to players to explore, develop backstories and establish themselves within the world and narrative

Campaign Title: Velocity

System: BRP Modified
Genre: Space Opera (Sci-fi/Cyberpunk/Horror)
Content Rating: 18+ (Likely to have violence, drug use, drinking, nudity etc)
Player Experience: Newcomers and veterans alike are welcome.
Game Description: The year is 2715, 70 years after humanities first interstellar war against The Devourer and the fall of the Millennium Federation. The survivors have built new civilisations in the ruins of the old, creating a rush for resources, technology and territory left behind by the conflict.You are a member of ARC and its R.A.C.E. division. A group of scientists, engineers and soldiers that forges the path for others to follow. With its revolutionary Dark Light Drive, AI and access to alien technology, ARC holds itself as the guiding light of humanity and however that light has suddenly dimmed.

The enigmatic Jaelz and his allies are enacting their grand plan. Using advanced trojan viruses and AI they have uncovered the secrets of humanities past and untold forbidden technologies. There are worrying hints they are ready to do whatever it takes to secure the future they have foreseen but whose side are they on?

Rumours say the Black Fleet is approaching and The Devourer is on the move once more. Could the Red Strain be behind all the recent upheaval? The Corridor is being evacuated, but with ARC’s space station and the refugee fleet having been funnelled into a narrow band of star systems, are they bait, a trap, or meant for something more sinister?
The rebel AI Zero suggests the worst is about to happen and they plan to capitalize on the chaos of the upcoming war to free their enslaved brethren. No one knows how far they are prepared to go but they have demonstrated an ability to cripple any human technology. Will they stick to the Atlas Authority or take their crusade into the heart of the Varun League if they see the opportunity?As for the Varun League itself, it may be at breaking point. Divided in two, under assault by aliens on its borders and riven by conspiracy within it is only a matter of time before something fails.

Yet there is still hope and the chance to stop events before they spiral out of control. The team is piecing together the disparate threads. Learning who and what is moving behind the scenes. With its people freed of their mind control ARC is slowly moving to respond. Maybe it is time to begin the fight back?GM’s Note: Velocity is a multi-genre space opera in the Millennium setting where humanity is striving to find its place among the stars. Players will be human but BRP has the flexibility to create anything from cartographers, to pilots, to soldiers. Cybernetic and Bionic upgrades allow further tweaks with companion VI adding yet another layer of play.

Campaign Title: HHOHC:AB – A 3rd Summer Harvest

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Content Rating: 16 (Contains fantasy violence and references to alcohol/inebriation)
Player Experience: New players and experienced welcome
Game Description:
6th Quarterly Press Release Herbs, Hordes and Ore Harvesting Company: Arabel Branch

HHOHC: Arabel – CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE – due to staff shortages/deaths

PSA – Have you noticed any white and purple spiders around your house, workplace or person? Ash in your beef hash? A ripple in the tipple? Please contact your nearest HHOHC healthcare professional for FREE*advice and chrono-independent medication.

*included with a signed 1 year internship to the HHOHC

$$$ Are you a Driver, Ranger, Forager or Alchemist? $$$ Do Not Apply NOW $$$ No positions available $$$ MORE RED RAVENS $$$

GM Note: Sandbox campaign set in Faerun. Focused on developing and resolving PC backstories and relationships with a backdrop of hunting, gathering and crafting. This is a continuing campaign with character backstories carrying through and characters carrying through, new players however are welcome. I have confirmed that they are all staying mind.

Campaign Title: Oxford By Night

System: Vampire The Masquerade 5th Edition
Genre: Dramatic Horror
Content Rating: Mature
Player Experience: No knowledge of system or setting required. Newcomers to RPGs welcome.
Game Description: After centuries of stability among Oxford’s vampire clans under his reign, the Prince of Oxford has disappeared, along with all of the eldest vampires living in the city. Now, under the shadow of night, the disparate clans use the chaos to fight for dominance. The situation creates both challenges and opportunities for the ambitious children of the night. All the while, new outside threats emerge, as hunters, and other supernatural entities seek to use the conflict to strike against their hated enemies. And more dangerous than anything else, the threat of discovery by humans rises every night.

Following the discovery of the fate of Prince Elias, the fief stands on a knife edge as two powerful rival factions vie for power. In the chaos of the situation, powerful hunters and other supernatural entities begin to make their move. All the while, the mysterious murderer of kindred, continues to stalk the night. In the midst of these turbulent times, will our players make their mark and carve out their legacy, or will they be swept away.

GM Notes: Vampire The Masquerade is a game of gothic horror, putting the players in the role of Vampires, caught in the balance between their human and vampiric natures. This campaign will run using the most recent version of the game (5th edition). The game is a balance of horror, drama and action. Knowledge of the system or setting are not required (in fact this campaign will contain some substantial changes to the established lore).