Games for January 2020

Campaign Title: Beyond the Gate

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fiendish Fantasy Adventure
Content Rating: Mild Adult Content with X card in place
Players: Full
Description: It was just a few short years ago that you started on the Intern Success Pathway at the newly minted Acquisitions Incorporated franchise in Baldur’s Gate and, having survived acid baths, accidental cloning, limb displacement, and the quarterly performance reviews, you have been elevated to the heady heights of Sub-Intern. With the A Team temporarily absent from this multiverse, Omin Dran, CEO, Founder and Benign Overlord of your auspicious organisation, turns to his most competent geographically convenient team to deal with a Scale 3 Apocalyptic Event™? currently affecting the nearby shining city of Elturel. To be clear, it’s gone. The whole city, including the new Elturian franchise. Vanished. Vamoosed. Vaporised. Weird, huh? And really bad for business. We’d already ordered the stationery and everything. I wonder if we could get our deposit back… Anyway, it’s bad. Find it, fix it and don’t forget to invoice them up the wazoo for the inconvenience. If you can’t manage that, at least recover Lulu – she is essential to Phase 3 of our expansion plans and a significant investment risk. The accountants are getting twitchy. This is the first step of the first part of a long trip to a distant land called Opportunity. Or Hell. I forget which. Maybe both?

GM’s Note: Interim campaign for the existing Scratching To Get Out group using Baldur’s Gate: Decent Into Avernus and the Acquisitions Incorporated supplement with sandbox homebrew. Start Level 6, 1 Uncommon & 1 Common Magic Item. Milestone XP.

Campaign Title: Whispers of the Ancients

System: D&D 5E
Genre: Fantasy/Action & Adventure
Content Rating: Mature
Players: Full
Game Description: Welcome to the Creegan Archipelago, a thriving continent in the northern hemisphere of Statera. Since its colonisation around 1000 years ago, civilisation has spread across the continent, founding 16 countries. Creega boasts astounding natural beauty, new discoveries and an atmosphere that thrums with magical essence.

Though not all is well in Creega… Relationships with Creegan natives can prove delicate, a war is brewing in the eastern isles and many problems can arise in a land that has remained untouched since the dawn of time. The wind carries a voice thats influences are growing. Times may soon be set to change for this flourishing continent and Statera as a whole…

The year 1671 Post Divine Unity. Creega is 16 days into Fall. You are a lucky recipient of a highly desired ticket to the Creegan Gladiator Championship Final in the Dwarven volcanic city of Khuramunz, in Arryn. The atmosphere is buzzing. Floods of people from many locations and cultures flock to Khuramunz, even the King of Arryn is to make an appearance. Smells of fried meats and sweet delights fill the air. Jovial chatter, chants and song echo through the halls of this hollowed out volcano. It is here that our adventurers meet and out story begins…

CGA Letter

GM’s Note: Experienced DM (roll20) and player but my first homebrew world, campaign and face-to-face DMing experience. Open world with an abundance of freedom to players + an overarching story that I hope will run through multiple blocks. I relish backstory (liaise with me and lets make your idea happen). Ample opportunity for players to explore backstories and carve places for themselves within the world and narrative.

Campaign Title: The Age of the Stones (2nd Chapter)

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: 15 rated (X card system)
Players: Full
Game Description: Every town, village and hamlet has a Stone at its heart – a towering monolith of grey whorled rock that keeps the creatures that roam the wilds at bay.

Every generation or so a Stone will touch one of its wards, empowering them with a boon; powerful magics, physical prowess or contact with otherworldly beings, such that they may go fourth into the wilds and protect civilisation where the Stones cannot reach. These individuals are known as ‘Guardians’. The Stones physically mark Guardians, so as to make their nature known to all.

The party of guardians known as the Crystal band have defeated Minras, the continally reborn black dragon, who once ruled the entirity of the vast Pablos basin. Minras’ medallion, actually a seal of unknown function, has been broken by the spirits that dwell within the Stones. Now the Crystal Band head towards the Lode, a huge deposit of The Stone that lies near the center of the Basin. Ultimately hoping for answers from the Masons, the custodians of the Stones, as to why the stones are calling to them.

GM’s Notes: This is a continuing campaign so priority goes to existing players. We’ll be starting the new block at around level 7. Due to other commitments I can’t guarantee I can run on the first weds of every month (I only missed 1 in the last block). Player run one shots have filled the gaps. My plan is for this to be a nice fun romp in my generic fantasy homebrew world. If all goes well we’ll run all the way to level 20

Campaign Title: The Devil’s Backbone 8 : Too Far South of Neverwinter

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy with maritime and treasure-hunting elements
Content Rating : Mild adult content, innuendos and shallow humour.
Players: Full
Game Description: Things are far from peachy in the mystical winding archipelago known as The Devil’s Backbone.

The Devil’s Bottom has been wiped……..  from the face of the World.

Morgan’s Ridge is overrun with refugees who may not be all that they seem.

To top it all off it looks like Jeff has been sent to hell whilst trying on new shoes.

The heroic band of adventurer’s known as Cantrips & Violence have flung themselves in pursuit of their cart driving barman. Unfortunately their trip to the hells has caused them to totally lose Hope (and Eryndir). 

Inadvertently finding themselves in the middle of Archduke Zariel’s latest bid to tip the balance of the bloodwar to the side of Law and Order (from a certain perspective) is just the first step on a path of good intentions.

It seems that the body shifting dypsomaniac necromancer Yampy has travelled  to the lower planes ahead of them with plans of his own. Having subverted at least one cult of the ArchDevil to venerate him, could he possibly have a chance of accelerating his own fall to power?

In a plane where the art of the deal can mean the difference between life and death can the balance be maintained or will the pebble start the avalanche?

The game focuses on treasure hunting, heroic acts, Jeff finding and the realisation that the basement is now above them.

GM’s Note: While new players are very welcome, priority will be given to continuing players from the previous block.

Campaign title: TORG: The possibility wars

System: TORG Eternity
Genre: Multiple
Content rating: 13+ (references to adult content, swearing)
Players: Full
Game description: The Gaunt Man and his high lords have invaded Core Earth’s reality. Each of their realities has spread across the face of the planet, transforming things, places, and even people. Giant’s walk the streets of London while dinosaurs and Lizard-men roam across New York and California. The cyber-pope surveys his domain through the GodNet from his throne room in Avignon. The people of Egypt run from Dr. Mobius’ forces, while the people of the Indian sub-continent struggle to keep hope alive, when attacks from vampires, werewolves, ghosts and worse are commonplace. In Moscow, the techno-demons of Tharkhold rule with brutality and maliciousness, while in east-asia the Japanese Kanawa mega-corporation fight against the a strange virus that turns its victims into raging cannibals.

The Delphi council, an international organization dedicated to repelling the High Lords from Earth have recruited Storm Knights, people capable of manipulating possibility energy, to travel across the globe and help defeat the reality raiders. You are joining the ranks of these brave souls. Can you help win the possibility war!

GM’s notes:
1 – At it’s heart, TORG is a game about cinematic, dramatic action and the deeds of heroes. When thinking of a character you should create someone that has a reason to stand up and fight and WILL.
2 – Continuing game, returning players have preference.

Extra reading:

Campaign Title: New Lands, Old Problems (Part 5)

System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: Rated teen (fantasy violence, reference to drugs and alcohol and any salacious details faded to black).
Players: Full
Game description: Amongst monsters, mysteries and the economy our heroes have done some good on the island nation of Sodalia by capturing the wizard Ventik. Guilty of poisoning a town and generally being a bit of a [expletive]. Heading West to catch up with friends a juicy offer is in to join an expedition to an underwater city beneath the lake. What relics and answers await!?

With 10 days to go there was downtime to craft magic items and a journey to the frontier village of Grace. There’s no rest for the morally agnostic though and certainly not in a village under attack from vampires! Chasing them into the Deep Wood our heroes dodged pit traps, went through umber hulks and got trampled by a stampede of giant goats. Eventually finding the ‘Old One’ members were magically charmed into friendship while other magically beat him to death. With the clock ticking on getting back for the expedition shadows move in shadowy ways. Why was there a broken cage in the vampire’s lair? Ventik seemed to suggest he was working on commission? Why are tensions flaring in the capital!? In a new land suffering from the same old problems.

GM’s notes: This is a continuation so returning players will have preference. The setting is a homebrew with the opportunity for exploration, setting up business, back story development and whatever you’d like to go for really! Number 1 rule is that everyone has the opportunity to have fun! As of writing the players are currently lv7 and a full long form pitch giving more world background can be found here:

Campaign Title: Pirates of the Catachromean, or; Professional Pirates

System: Savage Worlds
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Content Rating: Teens+
Players: Full
Game Description: In the Catachromean System, you could make a name for yourself as a doctor, a banker, a soldier, a spy… But have you considered the benefits of piracy?

Sail to foreign shores! Work in exotic locales! Meet the natives! Be your own man/woman/cat/bug/crab/worm-thing and get a full share of the riches that await you!

You only have to contend with the implacable Sinhana, the zealous Bah’kon, or the ruthless and cut-throat exiles of Deramju – minor obstacles in your inevitable path to glory and wealth!

So come on, leave the ice-mining or fuel-refining to lesser minds; the dead star of Catachrom calls your name and offers her jewel-encrusted hand – will you take it, or live out the remainder of your days a mere cog in a vast machine of war?

GM’s Notes: This is a continuing game from last block, priority will be given to returning members. The setting is 100% homebrew, but I try to keep the entry barrier low: if you like pirates, sci-fi, or both – you’ll be fine!

Campaign Title: Ravens Purge

System: Forbidden Lands
Genre: Fantasy
Content Rating: Up to the players, but likely mature
Players: Full
Game Description: In a ravaged land, only recently released from the scourge of the Blood Mist, a party of mismatched adventurers travel eastwards trying to find fame and fortune.

Their exploits are many, including winning a goblin wolf race without a wolf, wrestling a mighty ogress and liberating her captives, freeing a dwarf’s hot-air balloon from the clutches of a tree, and running away from a wedding after a feud which the party’s hafling had ended by poisoning one of the guests!

Recently they left the tranquil home of the druids after solving the riddle necessary to open a chest containing the Gift of the Sea, only to have to chase down the druid thief who had taken it earlier. They have found themselves in the home of Zertorme, a potential powerful ally who might help them acquire the legendary Stanengist Crown.

Now they are set to lay claim to a stronghold and begin the task of gathering the parts of the crown of which they have come to know. They just need to quickly pop up into the mountains in the north and kill a dragon and take it’s hatchling! After all, Zertorme has promised a fire breathing minotaur if they can bring this back to him.

There is much more to uncover in the next season of the Ravens Purge!

GM’s Note: This is a continuing campaign so priority goes to existing players but new players are welcome if there is space.

Forbidden Lands is an open-world survival roleplaying game; you’re not heroes sent on missions dictated by others — instead, you are raiders and rogues bent on making your own mark on a cursed world. You will discover lost tombs, fight terrible monsters, wander the wild lands and, if you live long enough, build your own stronghold to defend.

The system is light and easy to learn — all materials will be provided to play; the players only need to bring themselves and a desire to explore! More information on the system can be found at

Campaign title: Seekers from the Swamp (part 7), and Adventures in Mundaan

System: D&D 5e
Genre: High fantasy
Content Rating: Mature
Players: Full
Game description: The Seekers from the Swamp have purged Westruun of its Weaver influence, pawned their ill-gotten wands, and rescued their companion from the depths of the Abyss. Reunited once more, our heroes strike another name off Lilwyn’s hit list and consider their next target – do they head East to Whitestone, to stop the corruption from spreading? Or do they head west to Emon, and wade into the entrenched Weaver stronghold to kill the virus at its source…

Meanwhile, in the land of Mundaan, a newly acquainted group of adventurers try to sleep in a cabin in the fey-enchanted wood of the Eldarain Valley as they process the events of the day. A crashed airship, a lonely ogre, a man-eating fungus, and a talking cat were all involved at various stages. Surely that’s enough strangeness to last for some time? Or at least until the Magipreneur conference begins in the nearby city.

GM’s Note: This is a continuing campaign so priority goes to existing players, but new players are welcome if there is space.

The Seekers from the Swamp is set in Matthew Mercer’s Exandria setting, popularized by the Critical Role stream. No familiarity with it is assumed, though it will aim for a similar style of game.

Adventures in Mundaan is set in a homebrew setting where the world is young, gods have only recently left the material plane, and wizards are only just starting to figure things out. It is loosely based on generic DnD lore with the clock wound back a few millennia.

The main part of this block, Seekers from the Swamp, has been put on hold for the time being with Adventures in Mundaan taking things over until the story can be picked up once more.

Campaign Title: Crystal Seas Part 11 – The Courts of Summer’s Song

System: D&D 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Content Rating: Mature
Players: Full
Game Description: Serenity has fallen upon the twilit streets of Emberhold. The remaining lanterns of the celebrations of the Festival of the Eternal Beacon flow distant upon the waters of the dormant Verse, as the melodic Chorus chime in the rise of new starts, events and opportunities.

Now the citizens and guests of the city only look to more sober things, for the festivities within the keep have been found to be but a dream of Cadence, Duke of Summer’s Song. Persisted by a quartet who themselves control Cadences wakeless slumbers from within, the dark servants of the Matron are set to drain the emotions of all guests entrapped within.

Emberhold’s own heroes have responded to the summons. The devout hermit Goril has been brought back to the city he shaped in ages past, aiming to rejoin and reinforce the spirit that secures the realm against the Wilds. The absent Impresario Razz waits in the wings, waiting on his own opportunity to take to the stage of Cadence’s mind, whilst the enigmatic Indigo already leads her own campaigns within the dreamscape.

Captain Caerthyna now readies her troops for a battle that may decide the very fate of the realm, for if Cadence, his keep and those it shelters fall before the Matrons schemes, then there is little left to stop her darkness from sweeping across this Fey realm.

GM’s Note: Note due to current party position I cannot take new players at this point, though rejoining players are more than welcome.

Campaign Title: HHOHC:AB – A 2nd Spring Harvest

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Content Rating: 16 (Contains fantasy violence and references to alcohol/inebriation)
Players: Full
Game Description:

5th Quarterly Press Release Herbs, Hordes and Ore Harvesting Company: Arabel Branch


If you or anyone you have been in contact with has been in proximity to black rot. Please contact your local aid station. They will be in a position to offer primary aid. Please see the symptoms below:
– Fungal growth around home, workplace or person
– Vomiting black fluid
– Stomach complaints
– Sudden mutation into abomination
– Cut to the back of the neck
– Arm band with a rampant red bird

Any and all blue herb growth is hereby requisitioned for use in production of a cure. Please collect any plants and take them to your local tavern or Hiloar Ale distributor

$$$ Are you a Driver, Ranger, Forager or Alchemist? $$$ Apply NOW $$$ Limited positions available $$$ NO RED RAVENS $$$

GM’s Note: Sandbox campaign set in Faerun. Focused on developing and resolving PC backstories and relationships with a backdrop of hunting, gathering and crafting. This is a continuing campaign with character backstories carrying through, new players however are welcome.