Games for October 2019

Campaign Title: Pirates of the Catachromean (Part 1)

System: Savage Worlds

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Players: Full
Game Description:

Catachrom is truly unique in the galaxy. At first astronomers thought it was just a fuzzy nebula, but upon closer inspection it was revealed to be a fully artificial solar system wrapped in a thick, protective atmospheric blanket – like some mad artist’s ultimate installation; an orrery on a 1:1 scale. Both the Bah’kon Interstellar Empire and their rivals, the Samrajya Principality, sought to take over this miracle for themselves, but were quickly confounded by their inability to pilot large, capital-class ships into the atmosphere without being destroyed.

The solution? Colonists. Seventy years have gone by and Catachrom is now a scale model of a different sort; a proxy war between the two superpowers fought by their colonies. Out of this vacuum of power came a spark of independence that had long been thought stamped out by both sides. Some colonists broke away, free from the fear of obliteration, and established their own lives under Catachrom’s gentle embrace. These pirate states prey on the superpowers for their livelihood, and have become a thorn in the sides of the fleets.

It’s easy to make your fortune with a solar skiff and a stolen gun – so come on, will you live the rest of your short days under the imperial yoke? Will you slave away in the celloleum refineries or crew the fleets of the oppressor? Or will you take your ship, take your crew, plunder their hoards and spit in their eye? In Catacromean space, the rules have changed, and it’s time to make your mark.

GM’s Note: The game will be straddling Deluxe and Adventurer’s Edition rulesets for Savage Worlds while I get my head around the newest edition and wait for a print copy of the core rules.

Campaign Title: The Devil’s Backbone 7:  No Moustaches please, we’re heroic! (Part 7)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy with maritime and treasure-hunting elements
Players: Full
Game Description:
The archipelago known as the Devil’s Backbone – the near mystical winding string of islands has always called to the adventurous or those with something to hide. Some seek fame, some seek power, some just wanted to get away from their wife’s nagging.

Go on holiday they said, it’ll be fun they said. The floating resort known as Tranquil Shores now lies wrecked at the bottom of the ocean along with Cantrips and Violence’s hard earnt prize money. Before heading off to do battle with the mighty Quaken, an elderly Yampy monologued about challenging the rulers of hell – surely that must be the end of the insane necromancer and the Brotherhood of the Blue Wave?

Will C&V survive their trip to the asylum and just get on with quietly running their pub?

Will they find out where Wednesday keeps disappearing to?

Will Reuben make a good wall display?

Who knows for sure?

The game focuses on treasure hunting, heroic acts, duck evasion and the never ending search for basements.

GM’s Note: While new players are very welcome, priority will be given to continuing players from the previous block.
*your experience may differ.

Campaign Title: Crystal Seas Part 10 – The Courts of Summer’s Song (Part 10)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description:
The influence of the Feywilds now spreads far into the craggy wilderness of Torindor, the cloying mists providing passage for those that seek either refuge or chaos within the Material plane, or for those that seek answers within the Fey realms themselves…

Cadence, Duke of Summer’s Song, brings some unusual harmony to the Feywilds, his people somewhat free from the discord typical of the plane, the majestic fort above the town of Emberhold his seat.

But Cadence now appears to be out of rhythm with his people, detached and accompanied only by those that assist him to orchestrate his realm, the doors of his keep behind fortified bars, the sounds of constant festivities heard beyond them. The leadership of the Silvertree Knights, once guardians of Torindor, rest somewhere within, attempting to entreat with Cadence and his chorus of courtiers for aid.

The edges of that realm now look set for ruin as wildfires plague the outer woodlands and dark spirits spread their grave miasma. It is evident that Mirabethim, Matron of the Long Night, plays her own part here, can all be resolved before her dark finale?

GM’s Note: Crystal Seas is an ongoing campaign set in a homebrew world. Current or rejoining players will have priority but new players are welcome – note that the given setting will be somewhat unfamiliar to the current party at the start of the block. The party is presently level 11 and new players will join to match.

Campaign Title: The Age of the Stones (2nd Chapter) (Part 2)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description:
Every town, village and hamlet has a Stone at its heart – a towering monolith of grey whorled rock that keeps the creatures that roam the wilds at bay. Where a stone stands, no monstrosity will venture.

Every generation or so a Stone will touch one of its wards, empowering then with a boon; powerful magics, physical prowess or contact with otherworldly beings, such that they may go fourth into the wilds and protect civilisation where the Stones cannot reach. These individuals are known as ‘Guardians’. The Stones physically mark Guardians, It is always obvious that you are in their presence.

Under instruction from the Masons, the secretive keepers of the Stones, the Crystal band have travelled more than a month into the Pablos basin. On this fresh northern frontier, our heroes have had many encounters with the townsfolk and creatures within. Most notably ‘the prince’ and his draconic minions who increasingly threaten the people of the basin. Poisoning water supplies, as well as laying both seiges & traps, the prince threatens the basin and possibly beyond.

GM’s Notes: This is a continuing campaign so priority goes to existing players. We’ll be starting the new block at level 5.

Due to other commitments I’ll be missing: 23rd Oct, 30th Oct & 4th Dec, during the previous block player run one shots have filled the gaps.

This is my first full campaign, so I may be a little rough around the edges. My plan is for this to be a nice fun romp in my generic fantasy home-brew world. If all goes well we’ll run all the way to level 20.

Campaign Title: Scratching to Get Out (Part 2)
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Genre: Action Adventure and others?
Players: Full
Game Description:
A chilling breeze blows up from the south, waters churn and writhe. Dark clouds can be seen and the promise of a dark Autumn dawns.

Things are stirring in the dark.

The Ember Wars left the world wounded and the scars is starting to itch.

They say the undead have been seen in greater number then in years past.

Creatures move in the Wilds: packs of beasts move feral through the gloom.

Societies stir, creeping with corruption old and new.

Dragons, long since unseen are spied from the distance.

New races are blooming and adjusting to the new world, but an old world struggles with the unknown.


The Adventure has started the party, aka the stone cold pack of wierdos, set forth. The world is wide, full of questions and history, but as some of the party run towards something others are running away…

I want your backstories, your input and ideas to help build out this world and direct the course of events. I want to know what sort of game you want to experience and tailor it to you. This will be RP heavy, so detailed backstories and consistent RP is essential, playing to character weaknesses etc. This is Your sandbox, lets play together.

GM’s Notes:  Levels 3+

Due to work pressures I may not be able to make every session this summer. I will let you know when I know if I cannot run a game and then it will be your choice if you want to cover, play games or take the evening off yourselves. I’m still a fledging DM and this style is new to me so bear with me: I’m learning too.  A small group should help make sure everyone has space to breathe, I want strong characters so In-Character chat is not stifled.

Interim campaign for the existing Scratching To Get Out group
Campaign Title
Beyond the Gate
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fiendish Fantasy Adventure
Players: Full
Game Description: It was just a few short years ago that you started on the Intern Success Pathway at the newly minted Acquisitions Incorporated franchise in Baldur’s Gate and, having survived acid baths, accidental cloning, limb displacement, and the quarterly performance reviews, you have been elevated to the heady heights of Sub-Intern.

With the A Team temporarily absent from this multiverse, Omin Dran, CEO, Founder and Benign Overlord of your auspicious organisation, turns to his most competent geographically convenient team to deal with a Scale 3 Apocalyptic Event™? currently affecting the nearby shining city of Elturel.

To be clear, it’s gone. The whole city, including the new Elturian franchise. Vanished. Vamoosed. Vaporised. Weird, huh? And really bad for business. We’d already ordered the stationery and everything. I wonder if we could get our deposit back…

Anyway, it’s bad. Find it, fix it and don’t forget to invoice them up the wazoo for the inconvenience. If you can’t manage that, at least recover Lulu – she is essential to Phase 3 of our expansion plans and a significant investment risk. The accountants are getting twitchy.

This is the first step of the first part of a long trip to a distant land called Opportunity. Or Hell. I forget which. Maybe both?

GM’s Note: Interim campaign for the existing Scratching To Get Out group using Baldur’s Gate: Decent Into Avernus and the Acquisitions Incorporated supplement with sandbox homebrew. Start Level 6, 1 Uncommon & 1 Common Magic Item. Milestone XP.

Campaign Title: TORG: The possibility wars (Part 2)
System: TORG Eternity
Genre: Multiple
Players: One Space
Game Description:
The Gaunt Man and his high lords have invaded Core Earth’s reality. Each of their realities has spread across the face of the planet, transforming things, places, and even people. Giant’s walk the streets of London while dinosaurs and Lizard-men roam across New York and California. The cyber-pope surveys his domain through the GodNet from his throne room in Avignon. The people of Egypt run from Dr. Mobius’ forces, while the people of the Indian sub-continent struggle to keep hope alive, when attacks from vampires, werewolves, ghosts and worse are commonplace. In Moscow, the techno-demons of Tharkhold rule with brutality and maliciousness, while in in east-asia the Japanese Kanawa mega-corporation fight against the a strange virus that turns its victims into raging cannibals.

The Delphi council, an international organization dedicated to repelling the High Lords from Earth have recruited Storm Knights, people capable of manipulating possibility energy, to travel across the globe and help defeat the reality raiders. You are joining the ranks of these brave souls. Can you help win the possibility war!

GM’s Notes: At it’s heart, TORG is a game about cinematic, dramatic action and the deeds of heroes. When thinking of a character you should create someone that has a reason to stand up and fight and WILL.

Extra reading:

Campaign Title: HHOHC:AB – A 2nd Winter Harvest
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description:

4th Quarterly Press Release Herbs, Hordes and Ore Harvesting Company: Arabel Branch

We cordially invite all members to join us for the opening of the new Arabel Branch Headquarters on the 9th of Marpenoth. We will be joined by local hit sensation ‘Juvenile Life’ and minstrels. This is a formal dress event however, boots are advised.

A report has been received detailing recent success in the Town festival Dance and Fighting Competitions. Praise has been heard as far as Candlekeep. Calls for an in-company Dance club have been noted and teachers contacted.

Local competition has been fierce, and direct internal action is being formulated to combat it. An investigation by local market and security personnel has also been launched to prevent a potential monopoly forming. Fears, however are rising following recent revelations into links between agencies in the region. We can neither deny or CONFIRM involvement of the Red Raven Mercenary Company.

PSA – Have you noticed any fungal growth around your house, workplace or person? Rot in your pot? A rumble in the jungle? Please contact your nearest HHOHC healthcare professional for FREE*advice and blue medication.

*included with a signed 1 year internship to the HHOHC

$$$ Are you a Driver, Ranger, Forager or Alchemist? $$$ Apply NOW $$$ Limited positions available $$$ NO RED RAVENS $$$

GM Note: Sandbox campaign set in Faerun. Focused on developing and resolving PC backstories and relationships with a backdrop of hunting, gathering and crafting. This is a continuing campaign with character backstories carrying through, new players however are welcome.

Campaign Title: Ravens Purge
System: Forbidden Lands
Genre: Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description:
After travelling the wilderness, the group arrived at The Hollows, the peaceful-looking village a welcome sight to our weary band of adventurers. Things took a grim turn quickly, as they found themselves unwelcome in the first tavern they entered, the proprietor apparently taking issue with their short, bearded compatriot.

Over the coming days they discovered the uneasy tension between the village elder and the brewmaster — the aforementioned proprietor. Siding with the elder they upended the balance with some light arson before getting caught in the resulting riot. Now somewhat ostracised by the village they decided to move on, though of course not before investigating and then looting the local ancient tomb.

Wandering the wilderness again they sought information on where the beer deliveries had been going, hoping for a new respite. Along the way they found an ancient burned city, were attacked by harpies and taunted by an orc with a terrible accent, among other adventures.

Finally they have arrived at another village, Grindbone, only to discover the grizzly reasons behind the name. How long will they stay and what fates await them on their further travels? Are the rumours of a powerful artifact lost in the ancient past just that, or part of a bigger tale?There is much more to uncover in the next season of the Ravens Purge!GM’s Note: This is a continuing campaign so priority goes to existing players but new players are welcome if there is space.Forbidden Lands is an open-world survival roleplaying game; you’re not heroes sent on missions dictated by others — instead, you are raiders and rogues bent on making your own mark on a cursed world. You will discover lost tombs, fight terrible monsters, wander the wild lands and, if you live long enough, build your own stronghold to defend.The system is light and easy to learn — all materials will be provided to play; the players only need to bring themselves and a desire to explore! More information on the system can be found at

Campaign Title: A Company of Adventure
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e
Genre: Epic High Fantasy
Players: One Space
Game Description:
After centuries of peace darkness has begun returning to the land. Evils that were long thought vanquished have stated to awaken and at the centre of it, an ancient horror of unfathomable power begins to stir.

In the midst of this, a small group of unlikely heroes have found themselves in ownership of a derelict Guild of Adventurers. Can they push back the darkness and, much more importantly, restore the guild to its former (highly profitable) glory?

This campaign is set over many in-game years (with in-game time passing between sessions), and utilizes the Downtime system to illustrate what happens during this time.

GM’s Notes: This is a reboot of a campaign I had run earlier. This campaign is set in an original setting. Players will have the opportunity to create their own nations/cultures/deities which will be incorporated into the wider setting and story (or if they prefer, they can use per-existing ones).

Campaign title: Seekers from the Swamp, and Other Stories (part 6)
System: D&D 5e (and others)
Genre: High fantasy (and others)
Players: Full
Game description:
From the stormy Lucidian Ocean in the east to the Ozmit Sea in the west, the continent of Tal’dorei is home to many peoples. Champions rise and fall, scoundrels dwell and secret societies flourish. All of that is as it should be… but there’s a dark undercurrent to recent developments, a lingering stench, a thread of commonality.

Our heroes have travelled to Westruun in pursuit of this darkness. What they found was oppression and squalor — which soon turned to chaos and rioting. The party’s desperate attempts to reunite have been repeatedly frustrated, but it is only a matter of time before they or the gloomy city prevail. What will they do next? Only time will tell.

GM’s Note: The first part of this block is set in Matthew Mercer’s Exandria setting, popularized by the Critical Role stream. No familiarity with it is assumed, though I am aiming for a similar style of game. It is a continuation of the previous block’s game, so existing players will have priority, but newcomers are welcome and would start at a level comparable to the party.

The second part will consist of a series of shorter games, with GM duties rotating between the players.

Campaign Title: New Lands, Old Problems (Part 4)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description:
The island of the gods, lost to the aeons and the calamity that was the corruption. Discovered and settled by a fledgling nation trying to be better than the fractious continent left behind. Learning of the criminal organization known as The Wretched the newly established mercenaries consisting of 3 dwarves, a gnome and a dragon born (The Tall Order) began tracking down a school ‘friend’ suspected of instigating the mass poisoning of a nearby town.

While keeping their heads low they met the Goliath known as Music, who agreed to join them on their quest. Directed to Harvale, they were subject to a murder investigation, killed some BIG spiders and faced another left over trial from the gods. After removing some ghosts for The Wretched and meeting their boss an all too familiar voice was heard indicating the hunt was coming to a close.

With options before them to capture this mad wizard, whether turning the criminals against him or just to take the whole damn lot of them down, it’s starting to sound a lot like new lands and old problems…

GM’s Notes: This is a continuation of a game begun last block so previous players will be given priority but new players are welcome! The setting is a homebrew with the opportunity for exploration, setting up business, back story development and whatever you’d like to go for really! Number 1 rule is that everyone has the opportunity to have fun! As of writing the players are currently lv5 and a full long form pitch giving more world background can be found here