Games for July 2019

Campaign title: TORG: The possibility wars (Part 1)
System: TORG Eternity
Genre: Multiple
Players: Full
Game description: The Gaunt Man and his high lords have invaded Core Earth’s reality. Each of their realities has spread across the face of the planet, transforming things, places, and even people. Giant’s walk the streets of London while dinosaurs and Lizard-men roam across New York and California. The cyber-pope surveys his domain through the GodNet from his throne room in Avignon. The people of Egypt run from Dr. Mobius’ forces, while the people of the Indian sub-continent struggle to keep hope alive, when attacks from vampires, werewolves, ghosts and worse are commonplace. In Moscow, the techno-demons of Tharkhold rule with brutality and maliciousness, while in in east-asia the Japanese Kanawa mega-corporation fight against the a strange virus that turns its victims into raging cannibals.

The Delphi council, an international organization dedicated to repelling the High Lords from Earth have recruited Storm Knights, people capable of manipulating possibility energy, to travel across the globe and help defeat the reality raiders. You are joining the ranks of these brave souls. Can you help win the possibility war!

GM’s notes: At it’s heart, TORG is a game about cinematic, dramatic action and the deeds of heroes. When thinking of a character you should create someone that has a reason to stand up and fight and WILL.
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Campaign title:
Wait for It (Part 5)
System: Savage Worlds (Deadlands: Reloaded)
Genre: Weird Western
Players: Full
Game description: The summer of 1882 swelters to its close, heralded by the dark, looming, storm clouds enveloping the ruined city of Vicksburg. Passengers no longer lounge on board the New Dynasty paddle steamer, which lies shattered across the altar of Garret Kane’s ambitions. The rotten stench that gurgles up from the bottom of the Mississippi River grows stronger with every new disease unleashed on the valley by the Shattered Khat. Whatever they intend, before their stars align, Kane will thwart them and forge a future of his own choosing as Xin Huan and the Cult of the Bloated Woman look on with joy. Everyone knows you get nothing if you wait for it, wait for it, wait!

There is one person who knows how the game is played, the art of the trade, how the sausage gets made. ‘Talk less, smile more’ are words to take to heart should they be begged to join the fray. Even the Royal Court know to tread lightly when they walk in Memphis, as do the men and women in black dusters. Nor are they the only ones to hide in the shadows of the once plagued city.

With such diametric’ly opposed foes arrayed against them, our passengers will need to find some compromise, hold their nose and close their eyes. Maybe they can solve one problem with another and win a victory for the Southerners, in other words—a quid pro quo. Hate the sin, love the sinner, but they’ve all got a cause to fall for.They dreamt of a brand-new start, but they dreamt in the dark for the most part; dark as a tomb where it happens. They are there in the room where it happens.GM’s Note: Deadlands is an alternate-history Western, with mad science, voodoo, card-sharp wizards, and horrors from beyond. This continues ‘The Room where it Happens’ campaign, suiting new and old players alike.

Campaign Title:
The Devil’s Backbone 6: Skin it? Cure it? Stick it on the Wall? (Part 6)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy with maritime and treasure-hunting elements
 Players: Full
Game Description: The archipelago known as the Devil’s Backbone – the near mystical winding string of islands has always called to the adventurous or those with something to hide. Some seek fame, some seek power, some just wanted to get away from their wife’s nagging.

Through a series of mostly unwitnessed events and increasingly improbable outerwear, the fresh faced passengers of the Sycorax have forged a certain reputation in the islands and the name Cantrips and Violence may certainly not go totally unrecognised. Certainly, by the Ducks pulling the strings from the shadows.

Having thwarted a drunken Necromancer’s plan to make a Felinodragonagon (a dragon stuffed into a dragon stuffed into a feline dragon) and pillaged ALL the treasure from the gold loving monkey mage, will they ever get time to relax at The Prancing Mindflayer or will fate continue to push them to become Paragons of the Isles? Will they ever find out where that Quaken was released?

The game focuses on treasure hunting, heroic acts, charcuterie and somehow, upholding the local political rulers.

GM’s Note: While new players are very welcome, priority will be given to continuing players from the previous block.

Campaign Title: The Age of the Stones (Part 1)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description: Every town, village and hamlet has a Stone at its heart – a towering monolith of grey whorled rock that keeps the monstrosities that roam the wilds at bay. Where a stone stands, nothing unclean will venture.

Every generation or so a Stone will touch one of its wards, empowering then with a boon; powerful magics, physical prowess or contact with otherworldly beings, such that they may go fourth into the wilds and protect civilisation where the Stones cannot reach. These individuals are given many names, but ‘Guardian’ is by and large the most prevalent.

The Stones always mark Guardians such that there is no avoiding their fate. Wild hair & skin colourings, animalistic body parts, missing or warped limbs, eyes that blaze with arcane power. It is always obvious that you are in the presence of a Guardian.

At the northern edge of the kingdom lies the Pablos Basin, an area settled barely a generation ago. The pass into the Basin was opened when the Dread wyrm Minras the Unrelenting was defeated by the band of Stone-touched known as the Opal Crusaders, at great cost to themselves. This fertile new land has seen rapid expansion due to a fresh quarry of the Stone discovered within. Thousands have flocked to the Basin looking for a new life, including many of those empowered by the stones; crusaders, exiles, missionaries, hirelings or explorers, each seek to carve out a new opportunity for themselves on the frontier.

GM’s Note: First time GM, so I may be a little rough around the edges. My plan is for this to be a nice fun romp in my generic fantasy homebrew world. I’ve got enough content to fill at least a block and I’m quite flexible with where you want the adventure to lead you. We’ll be starting at Lvl 1 or 2 (depending on player experience) & using milestone levelling. Character generation via any of the methods in the PHB (roll at the table), we’ll roll up as a group in the first session. I’m also happy if you want to craft a custom background with 2 skills and 1 tool proficiency.

I’m fine with all official content & Unearthed Arcana content on request. Get as creative as you like with you like with your marks. They’re there for flavour so won’t have mechanical benefit. Also think about the town / village you are from. Each village is realtively isolated to many unique cultures have arisen. The only constraints are that there will be a stone there and usually very few Guardians.

Campaign Title: New Lands, Old Problems (Part 3)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description: The island of the gods, lost to the aeons and the calamity that was the corruption. Discovered and settled by a fledgling nation trying to be better than the fractious continent left behind. Our heroes have saved the town of Vinmere from a hag’s poison. A conspiratorial trail pointing to an old ‘acquaintance’ of one member. In order to prove themselves to the law keepers they have ventured into the untamed wilds of the Panglassian Hills and in the ruins of a settlement delved into a barrow, as well as facing a trial from a god. Successfully earning the brand of a champion. With historic accounts of the ancient corruption and artefacts to report on, plus helping a hippy herbalist escape a fey like creature they returned to town only for fire to break out at the law courts. Apprehending a suspicious individual making for the gates questions abound about what deeper motives may be at play here… is it politics? money? mimics!? They’ll have to work together and find out in a new land suffering from the same old problems.

GM’s Note: This is a continuation of a game begun last block so previous players will be given priority but new players are of course welcome! The setting is a homebrew with the opportunity for exploration, setting up business, back story development and whatever you’d like to go for really! the number 1 rule is that everyone has the opportunity to have fun! As of writing the players are currently lv4 and a full long form pitch giving more world background can be found here;

Campaign Title: Ravens Purge (Part 1)
System: Forbidden Lands
Genre: Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description: It was over a thousand years ago the human came across the sea, led by their Raven God, who then divided the land in half; the humans to the south and the rest of the Kin in the north, separated by the great dividing mountains. The balance was short lived however and humanity spread north in waves, at first to settle peacefully, but later to conquer. Ravaged by war, overrun by demons and cursed with mists of blood, the northern lands became known as the Forbidden Lands.

It was 5 years ago that the Blood Mist finally lifted — as quickly and mysteriously as it had arrived — and people were free to travel again without needing to fallback to the safety of their homes at night when the mists rose and stole away anyone foolish enough to still be outdoors. Now that the Forbidden Lands are accessible once again, the legend of Stanengist has begun to stir. The power, knowledge and value of the elven crown are the key to the Forbidden Lands, be it to save the land or to assume control over it.

GM’s Note: Forbidden Lands is an open-world survival roleplaying game; you’re not heroes sent on missions dictated by others — instead, you are raiders and rogues bent on making your own mark on a cursed world. You will discover lost tombs, fight terrible monsters, wander the wild lands and, if you live long enough, build your own stronghold to defend. The system is light and easy to learn — all materials will be provided to play; the players only need to bring themselves and a desire to explore! More information on the system can be found at

Campaign Title: Beyond the Skies We Know, (Part 3)
System: Powered by the Apocalypse (a Simple World hack)
Genre: Fantasy/Misc
Players: Full
Game Description: Having followed the Unicorn through the dimensions, the party found themselves in Wonderland. Events unfolded more or less as you might expect, give or take a workaholic Bandersnatch, a Red Queen intent on bending the spirits of the world to her will, and a group of disgruntled D&D playe- I mean – gods.

Trees were licked, souls were nibbled, minds were warped. The Heart of Wonderland suffered a cardiac arrest, the Cheshire Cat Bus reluctantly took up duty as a taxi service, and a pawn was saved from certain gigantification. Several marbles were in fact harmed in the making of this roleplaying game, but their spirits were set free… maybe… so it’s probably ok.

Now, the time has come to leave Wonderland and emerge, as from a fever dream into waking. But what will await our intrepid adventurers beyond these surreal skies? Will they confront their dissident gods? Or will they merely shove them back into their own dimension and carry on to brighter adventures? Find out, in the next, bewildering block of Beyond the Skies We Know…

GM’s Note: This is a very rules-light game, with a lot of space for wild improvisation. Come prepared to dive into the chaos, with less mechanical crunch than you may be used to from DnD and more traditional systems. As one player put it, “join us for a tale of hilarity and confusion, with a sprinkling of seriousness. And a lot of innuendos.”

I run with safety tools at my table, and will do my best to discuss with players ahead of time to make sure any uncomfortable topics are avoided in-game. We’re here to have fun!

Campaign Title: Scratching to Get Out (Part 1)
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Genre: Action Adventure and others?
Players: Full
Game Description: The Trove shoreline glistens in the afternoon sun.

A half-orc sailor sits on the pier, pipe in hand, bottle sparkling with condensation by his side. He laughs as the children play in the water, a tortal child splashing at the pale tiefling making castles in the golden sand. The sea eagles screech overhead casting pale shadows over the scene.

It is a time of unprecedented peace. It is calm in the Crystal Islands to the nearby North; where myth and mystery blossoms and where the rare ones thrive. South to the Wild Planes: land of beasts and uninhabited nature and even further to ancient cities: all is well. West to the mountains and the metropolises: Each day is charmed. And the East the farming and country living has never seen such a harvest.

But something is happening, whispers of Hags taking children, of merfolk being found butchered on the beaches, of things stirring in the night…


The Adventure starts on the coast of the Trove and here players will meet and go on their first missions together. At first this will be a “Monster of the Week” situation, there will be plot threads to follow, but nothing intense to begin with, because: this world is built around you…

I want your backstories, your input and ideas to help build out this world and direct the course of events. I want to know what sort of game you want to experience and tailor it to you. This will be RP heavy, so detailed backstories and consistent RP is essential, playing to character weaknesses etc. This is Your sandbox, lets play together.

GM Notes:  Levels 2+
Due to work pressures I may not be able to make every session this summer. I will let you know when I know if I cannot run a game and then it will be your choice if you want to cover, play games or take the evening off yourselves. I’m still a fledging DM and this style is new to me so bear with me: I’m learning too.  A small group should help make sure everyone has space to breathe, I want strong characters so In-Character chat is not stifled.

Campaign Title: HHOHC:AB – An Autumn Harvest (Part 4)
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description:

3rd Quarterly Press Release Herbs, Hordes and Ore Harvesting Company: Arabel Branch

The season has brought with it challenging market conditions. The branch’s acquisition of a run-down stable and inn has been overshadowed by the gradual onset of suspicious growth and fungus throughout the region and strengthening competition from a rival company.

The branch has managed to garner a number of recommendations from customers and with them obtained their first tokens. Most notably awarded for the removal of a cyclops from a nearby hamlet. Tokens are expected within the next few days.

In other news, head office has been pleased to hear that animal members are being well represented. Furthermore, mention of the newest unnamed avian member has taken the office by storm and submissions for names have already been received. Owly McOwl Face is currently leading with 23 votes.

We look forward to continued operation and the steady expansion into new markets. Potentials include a number of book entries: ‘Wooden Staff Based Weaponry Of All Sizes’, ‘A Collection of Unclear Interplanar Bedtime Stories’, ‘101 Uses for Quagmire Mud’, ‘Juan Minute Science Factsheets’, ‘Step by Step Tattooing: A Beginners First Stab’ and a self-help guide ‘Unleash Your Inner Animal’.

$$$ Are you a Driver, Ranger, Forager or Alchemist? $$$ Apply NOW $$$ Limited positions available $$$

GM Note: Sandbox campaign set in Faerun. Focused on developing and resolving PC backstories and relationships with a backdrop of hunting, gathering and crafting. This is a continuing campaign with character backstories carrying through, new players however are welcome.

Campaign Title: Tales from the Crystal Seas (Part 9)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Players: 1 Space
Game Description: Within the lowlands of Torindor, the crystalline monoliths that give the seas their name continue to stir, the power of the planes themselves spilling forth unto the land. An ancient conflict left unfinished escalates within the Feywilds, the Courts themselves now warring to determine the future of the city of Tel’Anarath.

Within it all sits the isolated Imperial colony of Kilhold, it’s citizens working diligently to oppose these foreign invaders, whilst a small retinue of Magi continues their task of probing the planer boundaries, expanding upon their own powers as they seek to exploit the rifts across the land.

The time of Mirabethim, Matron of the Long Night will again come to the troubled land, and those that seek it’s defence must now make their plays – Look to combat her army of darkness directly, taking the fight to the foul entrances of the Shadowfell, entreat with the noble Fey Lords to seek allies, both new and old, or continue to unlock the mysteries of the lost city and its people, to discover the truth of the time of the ancients.

GM Notes: Crystal Seas is an ongoing D&D campaign set in a home-brew world. Continuing players will have priority but new players are more than welcome and will join the party at level 11.

Campaign title: Seekers from the Swamp (part 5)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: High fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description: The stormy Lucidian Ocean crashes furiously against the rocky coasts of eastern Tal’Dorei, chewing inlets into the coastline and waving vast banks of impenetrable fog across the waters. To the west, the K’tawl swamp threatens to overcome the unwary traveller with its exotic aroma. Much further, the Umbra Hills, lost among the other foothills of the Cliffkeep Mountains, stand barren — although at least some of the danger that once lurked here has now been put to rest.

The party find themselves in Westruun. New relatives and old enemies mix and mingle to give the city its ineffable quality. The Margrave has organised a tournament of wits ands kills. The Margrave… the Margrave must die, for such is the price of corruption. Will Tommy survive these restless days and nights? What of the master craftsman Karlgrum Thuumstone? Will the party be celebrated as heroes or chased from the city like dogs? Only time will tell.

GM’s Note: The game is set in Matthew Mercer’s Exandria setting, popularized by the Critical Role stream. No familiarity with it is assumed, though I am aiming for a similar style of game. It is a continuation of the previous block’s game, so existing players will have priority, but newcomers are welcome and would start at a level comparable to the party.