Games for April 2019

Campaign Title: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (Part 2)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Urban Fantasy Adventure
Players: Full
Game Description:
Welcome to Waterdeep, the City of Splendours and Jewel of the Sword Coast!

A group of adventurers was formed after accepting a quest from an renowned author to find a missing friend. This led them into the heart of a conflict between warring underground factions and rewarded them with a permanent home in the North Ward – a 4-storey tavern called Trollskull Manor.

Since then, they have uncovered an infestation of mind-devouring monsters, eccentric equines, new gangs trying to carve out turf, murders, mysteries, necromantic farmers, and made a host of friends (and enemies) from every echelon of Waterdeep society.

Despite the outward appearance of chaos, things in the city begin to settle back to their usual rhythm; new business opportunities, new quests, and new friends to be made every day.

However, beneath it all, rumours spread of a stone that holds a secret. Old powers that lay in hiding and new powers recently formed all have designs on the stone and what it could mean for their vision of the City of Splendours.

Then, during the Spring Solstice, the Lady Mage of Waterdeep declares a grim prophecy:


GM Notes: New GM, so please be kind. Continuation of on-going campaign, so preference given to existing players. Characters starting at Level 3/4 and should finish at Level 6. Downtime activities and out-of-session text roleplaying are encouraged.

Campaign Title: The Devil’s Backbone 5: ‘Release the Quacken!’ (Part 5)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy with maritime and treasure-hunting elements
Players: Full
Game Description:
The archipelago known as the Devil’s Backbone is a long and winding string of islands, most of which are uninhabited, and some even unexplored. They are a draw for for adventurers and those on society’s outskirts who believe the islands are full of secrets. Do you have what it takes to make it in the race for fame and fortune and face the islands’ treacherous dangers?

The game will focus on treasure hunters, fortune seekers, romance novels and machiavellian duck overlords. It will use official and unofficial D&D published material as a basis for parts of the story. The game will follow character development through the heroic tier levels (5-10).

GM’s Note: While new players are very welcome, priority will be given to continuing players from the previous block.

Campaign title: If You Stand for Nothing, Then What Do You Fall For? (Part 4)
System: Savage Worlds (Deadlands: Reloaded)
Genre: Weird Western
Players: Full
Game description:
The summer of 1882 won’t last forever. Much like the idle days spent on the New Dynasty paddle steamer, the days of summer are numbered. Passengers, no longer content to play cards and watch the scenery pass them by, find themselves stuck up a river without a boat, or paddle, to their names.

Having opened doors that were previously closed, those inquisitive souls have learned just how tangled a web they’re caught up in. Something’s rotten in the Mississippi Valley, and it ain’t just the pustules popping on your neighbours fevered flesh. A grand game is being played out, with numerous players with different goals. Soon our passengers will have to decide what pieces they are, and are not, willing to sacrifice and pray the road to Hell ain’t paved with their good intentions.

While they decide on their next move, the Sisterhood of the Shattered Khat fortify their fevered death-grip on the river with newfound allies. The Red Sect take advantage of the stretched resources of the area, plotting ways to apply Presidential pressure while the Confederate and United States of America negotiate a volatile truce. Meanwhile, a showman and his assistant arrange the menu, the venue, the seating, on the stolen New Dynasty paddle steamer and vampires cloister themselves away so their plans stay in the shadows. As dark as it might get, our passengers still have options and only they can answer that age-old question: If you stand for nothing, then what do you fall for?

They dreamt of a brand-new start, but they dreamt in the dark for the most part; dark as a tomb where it happens. Someone else was in the room where it happened.

GM’s Note: Deadlands is an alternate-history Western, with mad science, voodoo, card-sharp wizards, and horrors from beyond. This continues ‘The Room where it Happens’ campaign, suiting new and old players alike.

Campaign Title: New Lands, Old Problems (Part 2)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description:
The island of the gods, lost to the aeons and the calamity that was the corruption. Discovered and settled by a fledgling nation trying to be better than the fractious continent left behind. A group of strangers seeking adventure, renown, lost friends and answers are thrown together in a ship wreck. Asked to protect a cleric on his way to investigate plague to the west they successfully delivered him over a long journey and aided him in cleansing the town of what was revealed to be a hag’s poison. Our group have come far from where they started having lost one friend already to the island’s mysteries. They have helped where they can and made some advances toward their individual goals. It is for our group to decide what path they travel next though, and as they begin to scratch the surface of what this new land holds they can only find how much more there is to discover in a new nation dealing with the same old problems of monsters, money and more.

GM’s Note: This is a continuation of a game begun last block so previous players will be given priority but new players are of course welcome! The setting is a homebrew with the opportunity for exploration, setting up business, back story development and whatever you’d like to go for really! the number 1 rule is that everyone has the opportunity to have fun! As of writing the players are currently lv3 and a full long form pitch giving more world background can be found here;

Campaign Title: Beyond the Skies We Know (Part 2)
System: Powered by the Apocalypse
Genre: Fantasy exploration
Players: Full
Game Description:

Wizards and Walruses. Necromancers and Unicorns. Spirits and, of course, a Magic Carpet. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for our bold adventurers – following a song into lands unknown, befriending plants, releasing souls and discovering new planes. Where will they go from here? Will they seek new skies in the world they know, or will they follow the Unicorn through the dimensions, to realms hitherto unimagined…?

GM Notes: Disclaimer – I run very rules-light/narrative-focused games, with a heavy emphasis on character interaction and development. The PbtA system leans into this, so come prepared to dive into the story, with less mechanical crunch than you may be used to from DnD and more traditional systems.

As a matter of course, I have safety tools at my table, and will do my best to discuss with players ahead of time to make sure any uncomfortable topics are avoided in-game. We’re here to have fun!

(I am unsure how long this game will run. I’m willing to extend it as long as there is continued player interest and more story to follow…)

Campaign Title: Velocity (Part 2)
System: BRP Modified
Genre: Sci-fi/Space Opera/Cyberpunk
Players: Full
Game Description:
The year is 2715, 70 years after humanities first interstellar war against the Devourer and the fall of the Millennium Federation. The survivors look to rebuild on the fringes of the ruined civilisation, creating a rush for the technology, territory and resources left behind by the conflict.

You are a member of the ARC R.A.C.E. team. A group of scientists, engineers and soldiers that forges the path for others to follow. With its revolutionary Dark Light Drive, AI and access to alien technology, ARC is the guiding light of humanity.

During the Vespa 151 expedition the team managed to recover the ARC research vessel, the Seshat, and rescue the colony hostages but not with-out consequences. The alien bug like Salara have awoken to find their nests pillaged. Tens of thousands of their kin murdered and others subjected to mind control by the cybernetically enhanced Atlas Authority.

With their puppet army the Atlas Authority have initiated a clandestine war against the Varun League. Redirecting and stifling the local militias ability to defend the frontiers fledgling human colonies. With their base in Devourer territory nearly operational soon a full-blown invasion will be launched.

To make matters worse the Keeceeka are on the move. Their fleet has breached the borders of human space and is heading towards the sectors main population centers. Are they also under control of the Authority as feared? What could stop them if they were?

Unfortunately for the team, answers may not be forthcoming. Hunted and isolated on the desert world of Shorken, they are surrounded by threats both obvious and unknown. They need to find a way to get back to ARC. It may be the only thing that can stop the sector descending into chaos and all-out war.

GM’s Note: Velocity is a space opera in the Millennium setting. Players will be human but BRP has the flexibility to create anything from cartographers, to pilots, to soldiers. Cybernetic and Bionic upgrades allow further tweaks with companion AI adding yet another layer of play.

Campaign Title: Tales from the Crystal Seas (Part 8)
System: D&D 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Players: 1 Place
Game Description:
After laying undisturbed amongst the ice sheets of the Bonepeak Mountains, the Cavalier once again soars skywards. With sails and hull freshly repaired, and the Astral Engine purring quietly within it’s bowels, it’s new crew continue their journey eastwards towards the fabled Godsmount. The source of Heartstone nears, and with it the corruption that has wracked the Selathril guardians, long turned against the realm they were made to protect.

Yet even now, within the lowlands of Torindor, the crystalline monoliths continue to stir, the power of the planes themselves spilling forth. An ancient conflict left unfinished escalates within the Feywilds, the Courts themselves now warring to determine the future of the city of Tel’Anarath.

GM Notes: Crystal Seas is an ongoing D&D campaign set in a homebrew world. Continuing players will have priority but new players will be welcome and will join the party at level 10 or 11. Game will likely be ‘mid-chapter’ at the start of the new block, and I’ll be looking to discuss where people would like to bring the game and their characters when moving forwards.

Campaign Title: Adventures in the Hyborian Age (Part 4)
System: Conan 2d20
Genre: Sword & Sorcery (Fantasy)
Players: 1 Place
Game Description:
Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, a mighty band of warriors arose from the remnants of a great battle, destined to travel the lands seeking fame and fortune.

Their adventures so far have taken them from the barren deserts of Shem to the frozen north of Vanaheim. They discovered ancient cities and travelled to unknown lands in dark dreams, chasing ancient sorcerers. Many foes have fallen in their wake and much treasure and renown have been claimed as their reward.

But there are many more adventures that await before the known world becomes aware of their legend!

By Crom!

GM’s Note:
All materials required to play the game will be provided, players do not need to own any of the Conan 2d20 rulebooks. Your imagination and a handful of d20s is all that will be required!

This is a continuing adventure though new players are welcome.

Campaign Title: HHOHC:AB – A Summer Harvest (Part 3)
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Genre: High Fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description:
2nd Quarterly Press Release Herbs, Hordes and Ore Harvesting Company: Arabel Branch.

With the chill of winter behind us, the franchise has been building a name around town. Members have shown strength when faced with corrosive situations and risen to defend against enemies of the Wintercrest festivities.

Contacts have been made with neighbouring franchises, local law enforcement and the Issac Hiloar Brewery. The company is also proud to announce a partnership with Corrin Porridgepot of ‘By Hammer and Hand’.

The winter has claimed two members.
Lance Constantine
Hector Dusade
They will be sorely missed. A commemoration plaque is due to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

We are happy to announce the launch of our intern program and welcome our youngest trial member: Juan, of Doveport

Notable mentions from local people:

‘They cleared the keep as requested and made a mock of an officer. 5*’ Cpt.Y.Assa (Arabel Town Guards)

‘I have watched as the Arabel HHOHC branch has gone from strength to strength. I am pleased to have them on my road.’ C.Arin (Market Road)

‘I am sorry my sweet and tasty Remeal that we cannot be in each other’s arms tonight.’ H.Annah (Hiloar Brewery)

$$$ Are you a Driver, Ranger, Forager or Alchemist? $$$ Apply NOW $$$ Limited positions available $$$

GM’s Note: Sandbox campaign set in Faerun. A focus will be placed on developing and resolving player character backstories and relationships with a backdrop of hunting, gathering and crafting. This is a continuing campaign with character backstories carrying through, new players however are welcome.

Campaign Title: Seekers from the Swamp (Part 4)

System: D&D 5e
Genre: High fantasy
Players: Full
Game Description:
The stormy Lucidian Ocean crashes furiously against the rocky coasts of eastern Tal’Dorei, chewing inlets into the coastline and waving vast banks of impenetrable fog across the waters. Most ships that brave the tempests dock at the port town of Stilben, doing brisk trade with the burgeoning republic. The city is nestled in the sticky depths of the K’Tawl Swamp, and the lingering stink of marsh water and sulfur mingles with the humidity and the ever-present buzz of insects to produce an air of misery around Stilben’s outer districts.But all that is a distant memory for our heroes. Having escaped the nose-destroying stench of the swamp, sacrificing a beloved pet in the process, they have found themselves in a barren, desolate and strangely fragrant land. And even the Umbra Hills, scarred by an almost-forgotten conflict and still heaving with demons and undead, were a welcome change.Things seem to be finally looking up. In completing a mission for the Relic Seekers, they find themselves the unlikely owners of a wizard’s tower, complete with butler service, priceless library and mysterious artifact. The only slight problem is location. But have they really escaped the political machinations of the Weavers? Only time will tell…
GM’s Note: The game is set in Matthew Mercer’s Exandria setting, popularized by the Critical Role stream. No familiarity with it is assumed, though I am aiming for a similar style of game. It is a continuation of the previous block’s game, so existing players will have priority, but newcomers are welcome and would start at a level comparable to the party.